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Casting About: Cumming's Going to Sci Fi's Oz

• Tony winner and newl-he-wed Alan Cumming has joined the cast of Tin Man, Sci Fi Channel's reimagined fantastical take on The Wizard of Oz. In the six-hour mini, Cumming will play Glitch, a character trapped in the Outer Zone (the O.Z., get it?) who's missing half his brain.• Kirstie Alley will star in And She Was, a Lifetime movie about a middle-aged screenwriter who starts passing off her work via her more demo-friendly, twentysomething nephew (Eric Christian Olsen).• Not "casting news" per se, but deal with it: Dancing with the Stars' Mario Lopez has joined Extra as a weekend-edition cohost and a daily show correspondent. read more

Here He Comes, Miss America Host Mario Lopez

Dancing with the Stars fave (and by "fave," I mean the voters' second-favorite dancer) Mario Lopez will host this year's Miss America pageant, to be held Jan. 29 in Las Vegas. I already know how this one ends: Zack casts the deciding vote not for girlfriend Leah Remini, but for Kelly. (It was on at the gym last weekend.) read more

The 2007 Horoscope Forecast for You and TV's Top Stars!

Robert Knepper, Isaiah Washington and Kyle Chandler

CAPRICORN • Dec. 22–Jan. 20Interested in impossibly strange or exotic people? Maybe, but does the answer lie in Palm Beach or Paris or Singapore? Although it doesn’t get rid of your un­certainty about the future, it’s important to explore the world and stay mentally stimulated. Don’t listen to too much advice or live too much in your own head, though, or you’ll lose touch with the fact that, in the end, the answer is right around the corner. Confidential to Masi Oka (Dec. 27, Heroes): Even though you think you have only five more minutes to get what you want, the fac read more

Mario Lopez Partners Up with the CW

More good news for Mario Lopez, who already has been spared having to display that garish Dancing with the Stars trophy in his home: Variety reports that the former Saved by the Bell beefcake has inked a talent holding deal with the CW, as part of which the network will either develop a starring vehicle for Lopez or cast him in a fall 2007 pilot. Hmm, a CW pilot? That Dancing disco ball is starting to look good after all.... read more

November 21, 2006: Diana Lubey

There are two types of NipTuck dream sequences The first is the kind used on most TV shows when a character is asleep and is dreaming or having a nightmare and we get to watch what theyre dreaming about The second is the kind weve been seeing more and more on this show and it usually involves Christian or Sean They either have a daydream or a hallucination theyre just envisioning someone in the room and that certain someone talks to them and sometimes Christian or Sean talk back This happens to Sean quite often because of Escobar which confuses him when its the real thing Tonight it was Christian who had an ongoing daydream involving a collection of his former loves and lusts mostly lusts of course Not surprising since Christian seems to finally be in love and is moving in with his new fiance Michelle so he is literally saying goodbye to his infamous bedroom and figuratively saying goodbye to the women hes bedded in the room I was impress read more

Exclusive: An Inside Look at Dancing with the Stars from Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke, Dancing with the Stars

If anyone had told me a year ago today that I would be standing on Stage 46 at the CBS studios vying for my second championship on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, I would have asked them what on earth they'd been smoking! You can't imagine how exciting and what a whirlwind these last few weeks have been. Emmitt Smith and I have traveled a long road to get here — most of it via airplane! We were the only team that traveled to and from Los Angeles each week, back and forth from Emmitt's hometown of Dallas. (Not sure if you're aware, but he's a bit of a hero there, what with his three Super Bowl championships for the Cowboys and all.) I got the chance to experience the graciousness of Dallas' citizens, and let me tell you, when that city supports you, they really support you! But we were also read more

Mario Puts Dirty Dancing Rumor in the Corner

In an interview with E! News, Dancing with the Stars' Mario Lopez revealed that he has been offered a gig in Broadway's The Producers — one he won't take, though, seeing as "I really can't sing; I sound like a choking cat," he admits — and shot down a rumor that he will front a new Dirty Dancing sequel, saying, "Wow, that's news to me." Good, because I will be damned if anyone taints Diego Luna's legacy. read more

October 31, 2006: The Monster Mash

This show really knows how to take a theme and run with it.... And we’re talking marathon lengths. This Halloween checklist had it all: smoke on the floor, black lipstick, songs about witchcraft, and fangs. I thought for sure someone was going to dance to "The Monster Mash," but they proved me wrong. (However, they weren’t about having someone dance to Ghostbusters.) I guess you could say the show was a little excessive with its Halloween enthusiasm, sort of like a coworker who decorates his or her cubicle for every holiday imaginable... oh wait, I do that. OK, so I liked the Halloween cheesefest of an episode. It was different, and it made last night’s show stand out. And at this late stage in the season, when the shows can start blending together, that’s a good thing. One contestant who really got into the theme was Joey Lawrence. From his playful opening tango to The Addams Family theme song to his confident, heck-of-a-costume paso doble, Joey was on his game ... read more

October 24, 2006: Double Dancing, Double Standard

Monique Coleman has been all about girl power and “representing the women” these past two weeks, as she remains the last female star standing in this competition. Though she feels the female stars have been judged more harshly than the male stars this season, the more obvious double standard that the judges have been applying isn’t so much a male vs female thing as a Jerry vs non-Jerry thing. Their comments to Jerry Springer go something like this (and I’m paraphrasing): “Jerry, great job for just getting out there and trying. And bonus points for moving around a bit.” Their comments to everyone else: “Mario, good job and all, but be careful with the floppy arms.... Joey, well done, but watch the somewhat sloppy turns.” The judges admit that Jerry’s not doing the same level of dancing as the rest of the contestants, but then they go and give him all eights for his fox-trot, which he sort of walked through. Yes, Jerry is older than his com... read more

September 19, 2006: Monica Wilder

First things first AC Slaters got a nice ass Did I ever think Id type that anywhere I suppose thats what you get when you spend most of your time Dancing with the Stars and being Bold Beautiful I think youll all agree that Mario Lopez has aged quite well Whether I buy him as a plastic surgeon is a different story I did like that Marios character Dr Mike told Christian how hes able to look so good besides working out every day I dont eat And more dialogue I found extremely true Im 33 Basic metabolic rates slow down every decade after 30 Tell me about it I am always a Debbie Downer when my friends turn that age and I say to them Happy 30th get ready for back fat Cue Debbie Downer noise Thanks Debbie The first shot of Mario exercising at the gym was reminiscent of his Greg Louganis TV-movie You knew that as soon as Sean told Christian he didnt want to perform the liposuction Christian wanted hed seek help elsewhere Then lo and beho read more

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