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Maria Shriver: Dad's Simple Expectation
Shriver talks about her father Sargent Shriver's simple expectation of her to be a good person.
Maria Shriver: Journalist, Author, & Former First Lady of California
Shriver on her choice to become a journalist, the unforeseen challenges of being a working mother, and giving her all to the First Lady role to take o (more…)
Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits to Fathering Staffer's Child
Reports say it was the final straw that prompted wife Maria Shriver to move out of the couple's home in California.
Arnold Schwarznegger and Maria Shriver's Divorce Almost Done
Arnold Schwarznegger's marriage to Maria Shriver is about to be officially over and the divorce should be complete by Christmas.
Maria Shriver: First Lady Focus On Women
Shriver talks about why her efforts to take on women's issues as the First Lady of California began, and what they developed into.
Maria Shriver: Women Need to Be "Clear but Firm"
Shriver on why it was important for her to learn to speak up for what she deserved.
Maria Shriver: Incredibly Driven Mother
Shriver talks about her mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver's work ethic and how it influenced her.
Maria Shriver: Growing Up a Tomboy
Shriver on growing up with four brothers and how her mother prepared her to take charge in a 'man's world.'
Maria Shriver: Having It All Over a Lifetime
Shriver on the life changes that led to a different kind of journalist career than she had it mind, and 'having it all' over the course of a life.
Maria Shriver: Poem to Live By
Shriver talks about the Mary Oliver poem that inspires her on a daily basis to a live a certain kind of life.
Maria Shriver: Admiration For Hillary Clinton
Shriver on her admiration for Hillary Clinton and why she'll be studied for years to come by both men and women.
Maria Shriver: Raising Modern Daughters and Sons
Shriver talks about how she's raised her children to be embrace all aspects all sides of their strength and sensitivity.
Maria Shriver: Learning to Have More Fun
Shriver talks about trying to have more fun with her children.
Maria Shriver: Fired With a Fax
Shriver on the shock of being fired from her beloved morning show, Walter Cronkite's reassuring encouragement, and learning how to move on in televisi (more…)
Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Divorce 'Biggest Failure,' Still Calls Maria Shriver 'My Wife'
The 67-year-old 'Terminator' star opened up to Howard Stern about life after his affair, and how the family is doing four years later.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Trying To Save Marriage With Couples Therapy
Arnold and Maria are taking steps to a reconciliation. The two are in marriage counseling to work through their issues and get back together. Yesterda (more…)
Maria Shriver: My Four Children
Shriver on how her children will always be her greatest accomplishment.
Maria Shriver: A Woman's Disease
Shriver on the Shriver Report, looking at the status of women and the issues that affect them most strongly like Alzheimer's and poverty.
Maria Shriver: Befriending Oprah
Shriver talks about her early friendship with Oprah in Baltimore and how Oprah was surprised with her work ethic.
Arnold and Maria Split After 25 Years
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver announce their separation on the heels of their 25th Anniversary.
Maria Shriver: Not Just a Feminist
Shriver on her gratitude to the many courageous women, feminist and otherwise, on whose shoulders she stands.
Maria Shriver: Bigger Than 'Women's Issues'
Shriver talks about the diversity of women's experiences and opportunites and the value of reframing women's issues as family issues.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Erased Maria Shriver from Official Portrait
When Arnold Schwarzenegger sat down for his official portrait as governor he was wearing a lapel pin featuring the face of his then wife, Maria Shrive (more…)
Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger Aren't Reconciling
Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger Aren't Reconciling Hey Everyone I am Diana Madison for Hollyscoop. If you lost sleep over the stories regardin (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Maria Owings Shriver
  • Birth Place: Chicago, IL
  • Birthday: November 6, 1955, Scorpio
  • Profession: Journalist, Author

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