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Crunching the Numbers: Food and Politics
04:47 — CBS News Elections Director Anthony Salvanto sits down with world famous chef and author Marcus Samuelsson at his Red Rooster restaurant to discuss th (more…)
Plastic, please: Food displays almost good enough to eat
04:35 — Across Japan, realistic-looking food displays are used by restaurants to demonstrate portion size and to lure customers. The fake food is becoming the (more…)
A juicy alternative for the health-conscious
03:35 — Plenty of Americans are on the juice these days. Juice bars are popping up all over, giving folks a new outlet to staying healthy. Nancy Giles gives u (more…)
Boiled peanuts: "Caviar of the South"
02:44 — South Carolinian Chris Bible is known as "The Peanut Dude." His boiled peanuts have made him a fixture in Charleston for the past nine years. Susan Sp (more…)
Historic L.A. cafeteria serves nostalgia
04:41 — It opened in 1935, billed back then as the world's largest cafeteria. Following decades of decay and declining business, Clifton's is getting more th (more…)
Marcus Samuelsson on diversity in professional kitchens
02:16 — In this web extra, the celebrity chef talks with Jane Pauley about how he was determined to open a restaurant that was "a little more democratic," and (more…)
Cloris Leachman: Vegetarian forever
05:07 — Even as the Oscar- and Emmy-winning actress kept us laughing on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," Cloris Leachman made sure she kept her five children fed (more…)
A cuppa joe one painter's favorite painting tool
02:45 — Graphic designer Gerard Tonti used to paint the old-fashioned way, until the day he became fascinated by his cup of green tea. Tonti talks with Anne W (more…)
Marcus Samuelsson: Keep dreaming big
01:47 — Web extra: Marcus Samuelsson came to America as a young man with $300 in his pocket. The celebrity chef, cookbook author and owner of Red Rooster Harl (more…)
Chef Marcus Samulesson rockets to culinary superstardom
04:43 — If there's a recipe for being a celebrity chef, Marcus Samuelsson has aced it. He has an international following, authored cookbooks, and bested the b (more…)
In the kitchen with Marcus Samuelsson
08:10 — For "Sunday Morning," Jane Pauley speaks with celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson on who inspires him and how the 9/11 attacks changed his perspective on (more…)
In the kitchen with Marcus Samuelsson
03:01 — Web exclusive: Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson speaks with "Sunday Morning" correspondent Jane Pauley on his career, his Harlem restaurant, and how 9 (more…)
Attention Husbands: Chef Marcus Samuelsson Just Planned Your Next Date
Plus: Samuelsson's go-to comfort food will make your mouth water.
Chef Marcus Samuelsson On Exploring His Past On CNN's 'Parts Unknown'
Chef Marcus Samuelsson talks about exploring his past on CNN's 'Parts Unknown.'
The Weirdest Thing Marcus Samuelsson Ate On 'Chopped'
Marcus Samuelsson talks about the strange items he's had to eat on 'Chopped.'
Chef Marcus Samuelsson LIVE
Award-winning chef, restaurateur and author Marcus Samuelsson sits down with Nancy to discuss his passion for food and his participation in this year' (more…)
Chef Marcus Samuelsson Weighs In On Danny Meyer's Tipping Ban
Chef Marcus Samuelsson talks about Danny Meyer's tipping ban.
Biscuits & Gravy! Bloody Mary Eggs! Your Ingredients for the Perfect Brunch
03:13 — Red Rooster chef Marcus Samuelsson joins TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones to share everything you need to make a perfect Sunday brunch.
Tropical Storm Isaac's Path Changes, Might Miss RNC
04:01 — Sam Champion on where the storm could hit as computer models suggest new tracks.
Fake Celebrity Discusses NYC Prank
03:31 — College student Brett Cohen hired paparazzi, bodyguards, camera crew to escort him around Times Square. Brett's "fans" scramble for pictures and autog (more…)
'America's Next Top Model' New Season Preview
03:36 — Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone, Rob Evans discuss changes to the hit show.
Team Challenge: Under the Sea – Marcus’ Fish in Shellfish Broth
00:53 — His team will need to make their own version of this tasty dish.
Under the Sea: Best Cooks
03:29 — Find out who made the best dishes for the solo challenge.
Team Challenge, Bring the Heat: Marcus' Spicy Pork Dish
01:12 — His team will need to make their own version of their mentor's dish
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