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Road to Redemption, Round 1: Cowan vs. Wong
07:49 — Chefs Wong and Cowan battle in the Road to Redemption, Round 1.
Comfort Food by Marcus Samuelsson
04:53 — Marcus Samuelsson showed Erica Hill how to make his favorite comfort food, "Mac n' Greens."
Margaret Cho On Transitioning from Comedy to Music
03:11 — Margaret Cho on her new album, American Myth.
David Schwimmer Was Seth's Commencement Speaker at Northwestern
01:02 — David Schwimmer and Seth's Northwestern memories.
Something's up With Trump's Latest Hillary Attack Ad
01:29 — Donald Trump seems to have taken some liberties with Hillary's quotes in his new political ad.
David Schwimmer Talks the People V. O.J. Simpson
04:17 — David Schwimmer on playing Robert Kardashian.
Wine Tasting With David Schwimmer
04:58 — David Schwimmer has been training with a sommelier for his new show Feed the Beast, so Seth put his wine knowledge to the test.
Margaret Cho Remembers a Sweet Prince Encounter
00:43 — Cho recalls running into Prince at the Golden Globes.
Bernie Wins Oregon, Megyn Kelly Says Trump's Hair Is Real
04:19 — Seth Meyers' monologue from Wednesday, May 18.
Margaret Cho Used to Be a Phone Sex Operator
05:36 — Margaret Cho on how her phone sex past inspired her new music.
Anniversary Guy: Star Wars Episode I -The Phantom Menace
04:26 — Seth gets schooled by a Phantom Menace superfan.
Sir the Baptist Performance:"Raise Hell"
03:56 — Sir the Baptist performs "Raise Hell" on Late Night with Seth Meyers.
Jokes Seth Can't Tell: Janet Jackson Pregnant, Midsummer Night's Dream Lesbian
03:41 — There are just some jokes that sound wrong coming from Seth.
Connie Britton and Seth Make Fried Chicken With Marcus Samuelsson
04:34 — Marcus Samuelsson brings his famous yardbird recipe to Late Night.
Make These Delicious Meatballs With Charred Tomato Sauce
04:17 — Chef Marcus Samuelsson from Streetbird and Red Rooster joins TODAY to make delicious meatballs with charred tomato sauce
Top Chef: Finale Part 1 Trailer
01:06 — The remaining chefs take their skills outside New York City to compete in the final challenges that will determine who takes home the title of "Top Ch (more…)
Talk to Al Jazeera: Marcus Samuelsson
Ali Velshi sits down with the Ethiopian-born, legendary chef to discuss his path to restaurant success
The Last Supper
Season 5 Episode 12:
Re-Mastered Recipe: Catfish Meatballs with Orzo
Season 5: Art Smith puts his own spin on Marcus Samuelsson s Hamachi Meatballs
It's My Party
Catering to the desires of celebrity diners is essential to a Top Chef s career, and this week five Masters are put to the test. Carmen Gonzalez (Chef (more…)
Crunching the Numbers: Food and Politics
04:47 — CBS News Elections Director Anthony Salvanto sits down with world famous chef and author Marcus Samuelsson at his Red Rooster restaurant to discuss th (more…)
Plastic, please: Food displays almost good enough to eat
04:35 — Across Japan, realistic-looking food displays are used by restaurants to demonstrate portion size and to lure customers. The fake food is becoming the (more…)
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