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Marco Rubio Enters Race for Senate Seat
02:44 — Politics reporter Steven Lemongello breaks down Marco Rubio's re-election run.
Rubio On Why He's Running for Re-election
08:44 — NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell speaks with Senator Marco Rubio, R - Fl., about his decision to run for re-election, and what his position is on presumptive (more…)
Wash. Post: Rubio to Run for Senate
02:22 — The Washington Post is reporting that Marco Rubio has decided to run for a another Senate term, despite previously stating that he would not.
Rubio Considering Senate Re-election
04:00 — On Wednesday, Senator Marco Rubio explained how he is seeking re-election to his Senate seat. Rep. Alcee Hasting D-FL, former Florida State Rep. Ana (more…)
Fantasy Update: Marco Estrada (6/16)
00:38 — The Fantasy Baseball Today team looks at the Fantasy value of Marco Estrada this season.
Rubio Re-Runs, McCain Accuses, and Trump Hints at Divorce
02:46 — While Trump struggles through a tricky week, Stephen is surprised to see John McCain and Marco Rubio making headlines.
Will Rubio Run for Re-Election in Florida?
01:31 — Senator Marco Rubio, R - FL, is mulling a re-election bid for a second term, in spite of being adamant about not running again earlier this year. Chuc (more…)
Rubio Has a Change of Heart About the Senate
01:54 — Joy Reid details Senator Marco Rubio's about-face on whether or not he will being running for re-election in the Senate.
Rubio Visits Memorial in Orlando
01:25 — Florida Senator Marco Rubio visited a memorial in Orlando in the wake of the attack at Pulse nightclub.
Marco Rubio Considers Running for Reelection
01:23 — Senator Marco Rubio, R-FL, says he is open for running for reelection.
Rubio Says 'Homegrown Violent Extremists' Biggest Threat to US
00:45 — How did this happen? Sen. Marco Rubio says "Homegrown violent extremists" biggest threat to US.
Sen. Marco Rubio speaks about Orlando nightclub mass shooting
01:36 — Florida Senator Marco Rubio discusses the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub, and what federal authorities told him about the suspected shooter. Sc (more…)
FIFA 17 - E3 2016 Official Gameplay Trailer - E3 2016 EA Press Conference
01:38 — Check out new gameplay featuring James Rodriguez, Eden Hazard, Marco Reus and more. Subscribe to us on YouTube Gaming! (more…)
Rubio: 'Radical Ideology' Expanding Its Reach
05:14 — Florida Senator Marco Rubio speaks to Brian Williams about the horrific attack on a nightclub in Orlando and the growing fight against terrorism.
Rubio: 'We Stand for and With All Americans'
01:24 — Marco Rubio speaks about the massacre at an Orlando gay nightclub, saying he stands for all Americans "irrespective of their sexual orientation."
GOP Elite Meet at Romney Annual Summit
05:53 — Former adviser to Mitt Romney and Senator Marco Rubio Lanhee Chen talks with Alex Witt about Romney’s latest attempt to stop Trump with his annual ide (more…)
Why 2016 Is a Referendum On Trump
00:57 — How would the 2016 campaign be different if Hillary Clinton was running against Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio instead of Donald Trump? NBC's Carrie Dann rep (more…)
Why 2016 Is a Referendum On Trump
00:57 — How would the 2016 campaign be different if Hillary Clinton was running against Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio instead of Donald Trump? NBC's Carrie Dann rep (more…)
Christian Salas No Se Molesta de Que Marisela Siga Amando Al ‘Buki’
02:28 — Después de que Marisela asegurara que Marco Antonio Solis es el amor de su vida, la esposa del ‘Buki’ le respondió.
Who’s Left from the GOP to Support Trump?
03:06 — Steve Kornacki and Kasie Hunt discuss whether Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will eventually endorse Donald Trump. Steve Schmidt comments on a ‘clear dividi (more…)
Rubio 'Very Disturbed’ by Trump’s Judge Comments
00:35 — Sen. Marco Rubio reacts to recent comments by Donald Trump about the judge overseeing the case against Trump University.
Rubio 'disturbed' by Trump's Judge Remarks
02:20 — NBC News' Katy Tur reports on the increasing number of top Republicans - including former GOP presidential nominee Marco Rubio - who are speaking out (more…)
11:30 — Marco has a dark and terrible secret, which threatens the very survival of the entire Sealab crew. "What could it be?" you ask. Well, that's a fair q (more…)
Sinking Feelings
09:26 — Faith, loss of hope and Marco Polo. Guest Starring Alison Haislip.
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