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'Marco Rubio Knew This Was Coming'
09:08 — Marco Rubio continues to face criticism for repeating the same lines about President Obama during the GOP debate in New Hampshire. The Morning Joe dis (more…)
Jeb Bush Needs New Hampshire Win
01:51 — Jeb Bush needs to compete with Donald Trump, but even morse Marco Rubio.
Marco Rubio Under Fire for Repetition After GOP Debate
02:44 — The New Hampshire primary is Tuesday, and the candidates are making a last-minute push through the Granite State.
Chuck Todd: ‘Nobody Gets Out’ of GOP Race After New Hampshire
04:02 — Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd tells TODAY that Marco Rubio had an opportunity to “take control” at the Republican debate Saturday night, but see (more…)
Rubio Gifted But Has No Record, Says Jeb
06:28 — Marco Rubio has received massive criticism for his performance at Saturday's Republican debate, but Jeb Bush says that isn't the Rubio he knows. Howev (more…)
The Scrotege & The BFF
02:02 — Chris takes his cousin and Scrotege, Marco to get body waxes, while Heather does his laundry with her BFF by-day and Were-Bag slayer by-night, Toni.
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