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Zoe Saldana Spills On Her Husband's Big Moment
01:15 — The "Star Trek Beyond" actress opens up about husband Marco Perego becoming an American citizen. Listen in from 2016 Comic-Con.
Marco Rubio addresses RNC in video
01:08 — Former candidate and Florida senator Marco Rubio voiced his support for Donald Trump via video at the RNC.
Trump officially claims Republican nomination
03:23 — Donald Trump is now officially the Republican presidential nominee. The political outsider beat 16 other candidates, and two of his toughest rivals, T (more…)
Diego Di Marco Le Enseñó a Johnny Una Rápida Rutina de Verano Junto a Estas Dos Bellezas
04:51 — ¡Todavía estás a tiempo de tener ese cuerpo de verano que deseas! Diego Di Marco y sus dos guapas asistentes te muestran cómo tenerlo.
Do Trump's 'plans' Match GOP Vision?
08:32 — Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy and MSNBC's Rick Tyler join MSNBC's Tamron Hall from day three of the Republican National Convention, and speculat (more…)
How Zoe Saldana's Life Has Changed Since Having Kids
01:29 — Find out how the "Star Trek Beyond" star and her hubby Marco Perego are adjusting to family life! Watch.
Haley Barbour defends Republicans skipping GOP convention
04:08 — Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour says Republicans like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio are "much better off" campaigning for re-election in their home s (more…)
McCaskill: Trump Will Pick Pence Based On Looks
12:36 — Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., joins Morning Joe to discuss Donald Trump's possible VP picks and why he makes choices based on looks, Hillary Clinton's (more…)
Star vs. the Forces of Evil Volume 2
Star is back and armed with a new magic wand! Together with her best friend Marco, she meets more magical characters from Mewni and encounters even we (more…)
Star vs. the Forces of Evil Volume 2
Star is back and armed with a new magic wand! Together with her best friend Marco, she meets more magical characters from Mewni and encounters even we (more…)
Making Marco's Tall Tale Taller
03:01 — With over 100 known versions written of Marco Polo's story, researchers struggle to find the original tale embedded in hundreds of years of elaboratio (more…)
Marco Polo the Imaginary Governor
02:49 — Becoming the governor of a small town in China is a major part of Marco Polo's tale; his existence, however, is never noted in any Chinese records. F (more…)
Dirty Work: Cleaning a 50-Year-Old Cruiser Engine
01:47 — Marco Polo's half-century-old engines require special care. The crew explores the ship's mechanics, cleaning various parts before they power it forwar (more…)
Has Marco Rubio lost momentum following debate performance?
03:21 — Marco Rubio supporters acknowledge to CBS News that they have lost a bit of momentum after his debate performance. That comes as the Florida senator j (more…)
Donald Trump calls Ted Cruz "nasty"
02:41 — After getting into it with Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz set their sights on eatch other, with Cruz bashing Trump for flip-flopp (more…)
Is Nikki Haley endorsement gamechanger for Rubio?
07:24 — The battle for South Carolina heats up as SC Governor Nikki Haley endorses Marco Rubio while Ted Cruz dares Donald Trump to sue him over a campaign ad (more…)
Can Rubio or Cruz beat Donald Trump?
04:19 — The fight for second place in the GOP presidential race is heading up between Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz, ahead of the Nevada Caucuses. The Cr (more…)
Republicans talk tax returns before debate
02:24 — Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney suggested Wednesday that a "bombshell" is waiting in Donald Trump's tax returns. Trump responded (more…)
Donald Trump says he wants Ted Cruz one-on-one
01:04 — Donald Trump called for Marco Rubio to drop out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination following Super Saturday. Trump said he wanted (more…)
Marco Rubio pans Obama's call for higher capital gains taxes
01:30 — Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, argues penalizing successful people won't help those who aren't as well-off.
Rubio joins Romney on trail, fuels VP speculation
01:16 — Marco Rubio joined Mitt Romney on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania on Monday, fueling speculation the Florida Senator could be on the presumptive Re (more…)
Lost Dimension: Meet Agito, Marco, and Nagi Trailer
00:58 — Climb the enemy-filled tower, find the traitors in your team, and defeat The End to save the world in Lost Dimension! Visit all of our channels: Feat (more…)
Which Republican can ride momentum out of New Hampshire primary?
04:07 — With Donald Trump leading New Hampshire polls, the race is on for second place in the first Republican primary. Between John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Jeb (more…)
Can Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz stop Donald Trump?
07:04 — Ahead of the last GOP debate before Super Tuesday, Donald Trump is leading Marco Rubio in Florida, but losing to Ted Cruz in Texas. Do either of these (more…)
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