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Code Black - Take This To Our Graves
01:46 — Mike informs Angus that he can't tell anyone what really happened to Gordon.
Code Black - Control The Bleeding
02:05 — While the Trauma One team attempts to save Dr. Perrello's life, another team member is brought into the emergency room.
Code Black - Time of Death
03:29 — The Trauma One team is unable to save Dr. Perello.
Code Black - Staying, For Now
01:03 — Leanne tells Mike she plans on staying as ER director.
Code Black - Diagnosis of Exclusion (Behind The Scenes)
01:53 — The doctors are questioned following a violent incident inside the hospital that leaves two doctors gravely injured. Also, Neal and Christa make their (more…)
Elsa & Fred
00:51 — ELSA AND FRED is the story of two people who, at the end of the road, discover that it's never too late to love. After losing his wife, Fred (Christop (more…)
Code Black - Mob Patient
01:48 — A young man with ties to organized crime is brought to Angels Memorial with gunshot wounds.
Code Black - Gruesome Discovery
00:34 — Christa makes a gruesome discovery.
Code Black - Personal Prison
01:44 — Leanne forgives the man that accidentally killed her family.
Code Black - That's My Brother
01:15 — Angus' brother returns to Angels Memorial.
Code Black - Keep It Together
02:15 — Although they don't see eye to eye, Angus and Mike work together to save a man's life.
Code Black - Sparks Fly
01:24 — Neal and Christa share a passionate kiss.
Mona Lisa Smile Trailer
In the 2003 film Mona Lisa Smile, a Wellesley art professor in the 1950s introduces her students to feminism and encourages them to begin careers inst (more…)
P.S. - Trailer
A woman (Linney) is convinced that a college student (Grace) has the reincarnated soul of her dead boyfriend.
Welcome to Mooseport Trailer
Former president Monroe Cole (Gene Hackman) decides to run for mayor of small-town Mooseport, but he faces unexpected competition from a plumber (Ray (more…)
Code Black - What's Wrong With Her?!
01:11 — Carla loses consciousness after giving birth.
Code Black - Dangerous Ground
02:28 — The Trauma One team is forced to perform a dangerous procedure.
Code Black - Give Me The Gun
01:17 — Mario acts fast when a distraught man attempts suicide after his wife dies.
People's Choice Awards - Favorite Movie Actress
03:49 — Raza Jaffrey and Marcia Gay Harden from "Code Black" on CBS announce the award for "Favorite Movie Actress."
Mystic River - Trailer
01:13 — Three Boston friends with a dark secret are reunited when of their children is murdered.
Marcia Gay Harden’s Oscar Advice
Season 12 Episode 29 Show Highlight: Oscar winner, Marcia Gay Harden gives her sage advice to Oscar nominee, Patricia Arquette about enjoying the mome (more…)
After Show: Which Actor Intimidates Marcia?
Season 12 Episode 29: Part II: Marcia Gay Harden reveals the actor she felt most intimidated to work with. Hint: She s the Gold Standard.
Marcia Gay Harden Advocates for Brain Health
01:02 — Actress Marcia Gay Harden is starring in public service announcements to educate people how to take care of their brains as they age.
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