Marcel Vigneron



  • The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson "He's just so witty and funny. I like the way he makes fun of himself all the time because I kind of do the same thing. He's hilarious and so fun to watch, and I love his accent. "
  • Entourage "I think it's funny. I live in LA. I watch the episodes, and it's like, "Oh, I was just there yesterday." The show is kind of similar to my life to a certain degree, depending which episode. "
  • Top Chef "Just so I can watch the TV and laugh and say, "Oh my gosh, that didn't happen." They'll do things like, they won't show my dishes, and I have to watch it to keep them on their toes. They love making me look like an a--hole. "
  • True Blood "I think it's captivating and a pretty interesting show. It's entertaining. Vampires are super-hot right now. It's fun to watch. "
  • Archer "It's so funny. It's awesome. "

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