Marc Warren

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  • Birth Place: Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
  • Profession: Actor
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Mon Dec 11 5:00am
That's So RavenThe Way We Were(Season 4, Episode 21) DISNEY

Raven and Chelsea throw Eddie a birthday party and invite his divorced parents, whom Eddie wishes would get back together.

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Mon Dec 11 5:30am
That's So RavenSoup to Nuts(Season 4, Episode 15) DISNEY

While trying to cope with Principal Stuckerman's new dress code, Raven has a vision about him falling because of her, so she decides to fake being sick and stay home.

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Mon Dec 11 11:00pm
BizaardvarkFirst!(Season 1, Episode 1) DISNEY

Two 13-year-old best friends, Frankie and Paige, write funny songs and create music videos for an online channel. In the opener, the girls doubt their talents when they struggle to come up with ideas for a video they think is good enough to present during (more…)

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Tue Dec 12 5:00am
That's So RavenCheckin' Out(Season 4, Episode 11) DISNEY

Raven encounters twins Zack and Cody (Dylan and Cole Sprouse) during a trip to the Tipton Hotel in Boston for a photo shoot promoting Donna Cabonna's new fashion line for boys; Chelsea tries to beat a paddleball record but has some tough competition in Sta (more…)

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Tue Dec 12 5:30am
That's So RavenPsychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy(Season 2, Episode 23) DISNEY

After watching a makeover show on TV, Raven gets a sloppy student to agree to let her redo his look.

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Wed Dec 13 5:00am
That's So RavenFive Finger Discount(Season 3, Episode 4) DISNEY

Raven sees Cory shoplifting in a vision, so she disguises herself as a security guard to stop him.

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Wed Dec 13 5:30am
That's So RavenTrue Colors(Season 3, Episode 9) DISNEY

Raven has her first ugly run-in with prejudice when she's denied a job because of her race. At the same time, Cory's initial reluctance to write a 500-word report about Black History Month is overcome after he daydreams about an encounter with Frederick Do (more…)

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Thu Dec 14 5:00am
That's So RavenStark Raven Mad(Season 3, Episode 1) DISNEY

Raven develops a crush on the football team's captain, but then a new girl arrives and causes trouble between the two; Chelsea and Eddie study the effects of depriving themselves of sleep for 48 hours.

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Thu Dec 14 5:30am
That's So RavenOn Top of Old Oaky(Season 3, Episode 15) DISNEY

Chelsea and a nature-loving buddy (Ricky Ullman) try to prevent the school from chopping down an old tree, but Raven has a vision that her friend's new pal isn't what he claims to be; Cory starts a band for a charity fund-raiser.

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Thu Dec 14 4:50pm
Wanted HBOSGe

A wimpy account manager is recruited into a secret society of assassins to avenge the murder of his estranged father.

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Fri Dec 15 5:00am
That's So RavenBoyz in Commotion(Season 3, Episode 13) DISNEY

Raven must convince a popular boy band to headline a school concert, or face the wrath of bully leader Bianca (Erica Rivera). Also: Cory and William operate a Web business.

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Fri Dec 15 5:30am
That's So RavenThey Work Hard for His Honey(Season 3, Episode 16) DISNEY

Raven, Eddie and Chelsea are assigned to run the student store, but the girls get stuck with all the dirty jobs when Eddie brings in his girlfriend to help out; Cory deliberately fails math so he can be privately tutored by a beautiful new teacher's assist (more…)

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Mon Dec 18 5:00am
That's So RavenArt Breaker(Season 3, Episode 12) DISNEY

Chelsea sculpts a life-size statue of Raven as a raven, complete with wings and feathers, for an art contest, but Raven accidentally smashes it; Cory and William create homemade milk and sell it at school.

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Mon Dec 18 5:30am
That's So RavenOpportunity Shocks(Season 3, Episode 2) DISNEY

A millionaire rents the Chill Grill and Raven sees it as the perfect opportunity to pitch new venture ideas to him. Jones: James Avery.

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Tue Dec 19 1:30am
BizaardvarkFirst!(Season 1, Episode 1) DISNEY

Two 13-year-old best friends, Frankie and Paige, write funny songs and create music videos for an online channel. In the opener, the girls doubt their talents when they struggle to come up with ideas for a video they think is good enough to present during (more…)

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Tue Dec 19 5:00am
That's So RavenThe Royal Treatment(Season 3, Episode 11) DISNEY

An exchange student from Shakobi bestows Raven with strange but meaningful gifts, all of which she accepts without realizing that they symbolize his very serious intentions towards her. Meanwhile, Cory must choose between friendship and money when his pet (more…)

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Tue Dec 19 5:30am
That's So RavenSweeps(Season 3, Episode 5) DISNEY

Raven acts like a total control freak in an effort to keep the annual community theater play from flopping on opening night.

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Wed Dec 20 5:00am
That's So RavenHizzouse Party(Season 3, Episode 18) DISNEY

Tonya and Victor leave Raven and Cory home alone and the kids throw a house party, not for social reasons, but to make money by charging admission. The cash is needed to replace Tonya's antique lamp, which Raven accidentally broke.

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Wed Dec 20 5:30am
That's So RavenTaken to the Cleaners(Season 3, Episode 3) DISNEY

Raven tries to undo the damage of giving Tonya's absent-minded law professor an angry letter he wasn't supposed to see. Meanwhile, Eddie's smart-aleck little brother hustles the kids and Victor in Ping-Pong. Rhonda: Macy Gray. Cory: Kyle Orlando Massey. Ch (more…)

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Thu Dec 21 5:00am
That's So RavenChef-Man & Raven(Season 3, Episode 20) DISNEY

Raven encourages Victor to enter a cook-off against his old culinary school rival.

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Thu Dec 21 5:30am
That's So RavenBend It like Baxter(Season 3, Episode 7) DISNEY

Raven poses as a Russian gymnast to impress a cute jock, while Cory pretends he's visually challenged for the benefit of a girl he likes at school. Jerry: Chancellor Miller.

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Fri Dec 22 5:00am
That's So RavenFood for Thought(Season 3, Episode 28) DISNEY

The mediocre school cafeteria gets remade into a fast-food court full of flashy franchises with names like Miles of Meat, Chicken Chunkies, Crispytown and Sugarville Express. As Raven, Eddie and almost all of their peers happily chow down, Chelsea raises c (more…)

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Fri Dec 22 5:30am
That's So RavenDog Day Aftergroom(Season 3, Episode 10) DISNEY

Chelsea goes against her better judgement when she helps Raven and Eddie land jobs as dog groomers working for an eccentric pooch lover named Claire (Kathie Lee Gifford). Meanwhile, the wool gets pulled over Victor's eyes by Cory, who's secretly making a p (more…)

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  • Birth Place: Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
  • Profession: Actor

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