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Why don't the producers at ...

Question: Why don't the producers at Desperate Housewives just admit they stumbled badly when Rex was pinched out of existence for what amounted to minor offenses in this bent neighborhood? Rex's narration last Sunday reminded me anew of the snark and backbone he added to the plot, as a partner who rolled his eyes along with the rest of us when Bree climbed on her polished soapbox. Steven Culp's Rex is the only male lead struck down when his character could have added such delicious spice to the recipe. Why was Rex sent packing to the afterlife? Marc Cherry has said it was because Rex was modeled on his own late father. But this brand of logic could also lead you to conclude that his real mother (Bree) was an alcoholic who lusted after her sex-addicted sponsor who then bedded her manipulative son (Andrew/Cherry) who in turn embraced life on the streets as a hustler. Well, did Rex's demise enhance the storytelling? Offer insight into Bree or Andrew? Not that I could tell. In fact, it ... read more

Housewives Boss Eyes 2011 for Series Finale

In what is being touted as one of the year's biggest TV deals, Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has inked a four-year, eight-figure pact with ABC Television Studio (née Touchstone), Variety reports. The agreement keeps Cherry lording over Wisteria Lane through May 2011, at which time he anticipates wrapping up the story of Bree, Lynette et al. (ABC has also quietly negotiated deals with key cast members through '11.) "After seven seasons, it will be a good time to call it quits," Cherry tells the trade mag. "I don't want anyone else to run the show, and I don't want us to fade away." read more

February 18, 2007: The Little Things You Do Together

Those promos at the end of last week's episode were right. We finally got answers to so many questions involving Orson's past:— He was in a psychiatric ward in 1976 after the supposed suicide of his adulterous but religious father. (But now we know Gloria staged the suicide the same way she was trying to stage Bree's.)— Gloria had blamed Orson for her husband's death, saying Orson was supposed to watch out for him, but chose to go out with friends.— It was Gloria who killed Monique with Mike's wrench.— Orson buried Monique in the dirt while Gloria removed Monique's teeth (ouch).Ahh... closure, at last. I knew it would be good tonight since it was written by Marc Cherry and Joe Keenan. As discussed here before, Marc had to finish up Bree's story line earlier than originally planned due to Marcia Cross' pregnancy. I was very happy that Gloria ended up alive at the end. When Ida Greenberg found the bodies of Alma and Gloria lying on the lawn, I figured they were bot... read more

January 18, 2007: Oscar's Return

Hello, Office fans. The Office drunk with the red hair here with all the Golden Globe news for Dunder-Mifflin fans. Do not mourn our loss the other night, friends. Do not. No, we did not walk away with a statuette. But we did walk away with the hearts of millions! At least that's what I tell myself. Everyone was so excited to see us there. Even real movie stars watch The Office. And how bad can you feel dolled up in a designer gown?!This week's episode is about Oscar's return ("The Return"). How ironic that the Golden Globes and "Oscars" are both in the same week! If I tell you what happened that day you would not believe it. I had a hectic day of hair and makeup. (In all honesty, I went to someone new, and I kind of felt like I looked like Phyllis Smith and Rashida Jones in last week's episode, when they drove out of the beauty parlor.) Beauty can be stressful, especially because I am getting used to Meredith's minimal documentary-style makeup. I wore a copper-colored satin dress b... read more

Dixie Carter Dissects Desperate Housewives' One Tough Mother

Dixie Carter, Desperate Housewives

What did she know, and when did she know it? Such questions apply not only to Desperate Housewives' devious Gloria, but also to her portrayer, Dixie Carter. invited the veteran actress and stage star to take a long, hard look at her Machiavellian matriarch. I understand they're expanding your presence on Wisteria Lane in the weeks to come?Dixie Carter: Yes.... My shows are going to air up to the first of April. I'm just thrilled to be doing this. This is really an extraordinary role. And, of course, we have to be very secretive about what's going to happen. Everybody grabs me in airports or shops and says things like, "Is he going to kill you?" Of course they mean, "Is your son, Orson, on  Desperate Housewives going to kill you, his mother Gloria?" — but the read more

Desperate Housewives Preview: Bree Cooks Up a Surprise!

Alma seein' you, on Desperate Housewives.

We thought she was dead, but in the Nov. 26 episode of ABC's Desperate Housewives, we were shocked to discover that Alma Hodge (Valerie Mahaffey) was alive and well. And in this week's new episode (airing Sunday at 9 pm/ET), she's coming to Wisteria Lane to — what else? — wreak havoc. "Alma's reappearance has a huge effect on everyone," says series creator Marc Cherry. Especially Bree (Marcia Cross), who faints at the mere sight of her. But in typical Bree fashion, she quickly recovers and throws — what else? — a dinner party, so the neighbors can see for themselves that her hubby, Orson ( read more

Desperate Housewives Ponders More Rex Appeal

They're always in the shadow of their female costars, but the men of Desperate Housewives may finally be taking center stage. Executive producer Marc Cherry is considering a male narrator for a very special episode that would focus mostly on the men of Wisteria Lane. "The whole show would be told from a male point of view," Cherry tells TV Guide. The narrator will be DH's favorite dead husband, Rex Van De Kamp. "I was sitting in a makeup chair on the set of my new show, [ABC's mid-season series] Traveler, and my cell phone rang," says Steven Culp, who played Rex. "It was Marc. He told me he wanted me to be the narrator. I said fabulous. They could change their minds, but I hope not." Should Culp need any pointers, regular narrator Brenda Strong is available. "I'm waiting for the phone call from Steven saying, 'Oh, my god, is that what you do? It's a lot harder than I thought,'" Strong told the other day. "I, for one, am going to be really curious to see it."By Mary Murph... read more

September 24, 2006: Listen to the Rain on the Roof

Looks like Marc Cherry is keeping his promise: He's been in the media everywhere proclaiming that the show's quality will be back in tip-top shape, like it was in the first season. He deserves a pat on the back for cowriting a (for the most part) first-rate script with Jeff Greenstein (Emmy-winning writer/executive producer of Will & Grace - Jeff wrote the pivotal '80s flashback episode where Will first came out to Grace). I thought it was a smart thing to fast-forward to six months from the last time we saw them. This way they didn't have to deal with following up on the aftermath of the Applewhites' departure; also, Xiao-Mei's more pregnant and they could have Bree realistically able to say yes to Orson's proposal.Poor unlucky-in-love Bree. She went from one disastrous relationship to the next and then to the next. But tonight's biggest highlight for me was Bree experiencing her very first orgasm without even realizing it. I had been wondering what she was exactly referring to... read more

I just wanted to thank you ...

Question: I just wanted to thank you for the hard work you do giving us the chance to talk about television. The greatness of your columns is that you really discuss television, not spoilers. You present arguments, opinions and facts regarding every TV issue, and you let us be part of this debate. I look forward to your column every week. Though it is still very early to form a proper opinion on a lot of new fall series, what do you think about Brothers & Sisters? I have been reading that the show may be a little too depressing for Sunday night. My hope knows no limits regarding this show, since I think it has a flawless cast (especially now that Sally Field has joined it). Also, I would like to know your expectations for the new season of Desperate Housewives. It is true that in its sophomore year the show took a wrong turn, but I think that it can reach perfection once again. Answer: Gee, thanks for the testimonial. The main reason I can't discuss Brothers & Sisters with any ... read more

Enough with Grey's — where ...

Question: Enough with Grey's — where are the Desperate Housewives scoops?

Answer: Major prattle: As if Bree didn’t have enough to contend with, Wisteria Lane’s resident alcoholic is about to fall for a sex addict played by former Oz star Lee Tergesen. Of course, Bree won’t know he’s a sex addict until his sponsor shows up at her front door and tells her. Tergesen’s multi-episode arc kicks off on March 26. While we're dishing Bree, Marc Cherry has apparently scrapped plans to introduce a fortysomething character with a "Tom Hanks likability" that would have figured prominently both in Bree's romantic life and in next season's big mystery read more

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