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Top Model's Cassie: "I'm Not Bulimic"

Yeah, you read that headline right. And if you've been watching America's Next Top Model (Wednesdays, 9 pm/ET on UPN), this declaration from the recently rejected Cassie Ann Grisham might be a touch hard to buy. Let's examine the evidence: Cassie admitted to self-induced vomiting, saying, "If it makes me happy to do this, then they shouldn't have a problem." She also called boyfriend C.J. to inform him that Top Model's shrink confronted her about "you-know-what." C.J.'s telling response: "Do they want you to get help?" Hmm... Here, the 20-year-old Oklahoma native tells her side to TV Guide Online.TV Guide Online: Top Model seemed rough. Especially when Ann vandalized your low-carb brownies and then lied that it wasn't her.Cassie Ann Grisham: Ann and I are actually friends now. I'm frustrated with the show. I don't feel I was portrayed correctly. They took a few moments of frustration — where I was saying I was so unhappy, I read more

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