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HBO's Entourage is expanding....

HBO's Entourage is expanding. In yet another sign of the boys' growing popularity, the show's third season (which launches in June) will consist of 20 episodes — six more than last year and more than double the Season 1 order. "HBO's happy with it, and they want to have as many episodes this year as they can," notes series creator Doug Ellin, who concedes that the increased workload "is pretty daunting." With production scheduled to begin in a matter of weeks, shouldn't Ellin be writing scripts instead of chatting with, well, me? Oops, wrong question. Um, can we have a wee bit of preview? "We're going to be dealing with Vince and the release of 'Aquaman,'" he reveals, "and whether it's going to take him to the next level, kind of a Leo status, or be a disaster." As for the matinee idol's romantic travails, he'll have "dozens" of girlfriends, says Ellin. "He's coming out of a relationship [with Mandy Moore], so he's hitting the single life a little harder read more

Any good guest stars besides ...

Question: Any good guest stars besides Mandy Moore on Scrubs this season?

Answer: Just Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines, but that's old news. Bill Lawrence tells me that "the biggest change people will see [when the show returns Jan. 3] is that the characters have aged. Instead of being young interns, now they're more teachers. So, Dr. Cox is more of an annoyed colleague than a boss." Other Season 5 highlights include J.D. moving in with Elliot, "but not as a romantic thing, because I'm not doing that anymore. And Turk and Carla are trying to have a kid." And getting back to Moore, Bill says Zach Braff's real-life love, who'll play (surprise!) a "serious" love interest for J.D., will get a chance to showcase her never-before-seen broad comedy chops. "We abused the hell out of her. We threw her off of buildings, over railings and just made a giant phy read more

Can you get some Scrubs scoop ...

Question: Can you get some Scrubs scoop for us at the Emmys?

Answer: Sarah Chalke revealed that Elliot's new hospital job "doesn't work out, so she goes to work at a free clinic and then maybe back to a real hospital." Also, Ed's Josh Randall will be back as her BF. Exec producer Bill Lawrence, meanwhile, said he's still working on getting Zach Braff's sweetie Mandy Moore for a guest stint, and he foresees the show going at least one more season beyond this coming one. Speaking of which, a reliable source (not Bill or Sarah) told me not to be surprised if Scrubs returns to NBC's lineup sooner (mid-October) rather than later (mid-season).

read more

They. Are. So. Lucky. Honestly,...

They. Are. So. Lucky. Honestly, heads were gonna roll if the finale faded out with Vince ditching "Aquaman." Ugh. It was bad enough that Eric was circling Ari's old job at the agency. To have our "It" boy quit a James Cameron movie and fire his best bud would have been too much, you know? Especially since we had to put up with him being all "I get to be a tool because Mandy Moore dumped me" for most of the episode. Thankfully, the proven wuss of "Queens Boulevard" backed out of backing out, so the movie's on, E's still on board and Ari is slowly on track to rebuilding the career he torched last week. Now if only he could sign someone other than The West Wing's chronically morose Richard Schiff and a brat who thinks of bailing on a project every time a girl gets in the way. Because if Vince doesn't grow up while shooting his comic-book breakthrough role, I may have to ask the HBO gods to refocus the show on Turtle's turning Saigon into a star instead o read more

Oh, Ari. What have you done? The...

Oh, Ari. What have you done? The car? Gone. The job? Vapor. The Batphone? Dead. All you have left is Lloyd! And as great as his "There's got to be a moment after..." speech was, he still sort of sucks as an assistant. Plus, he drives a prop car from The Fast and the Furious. This is so not good. Obviously someone wasn't paying attention — or paying for a Variety subscription — back when Ovtiz ditched CAA to start his own agency, huh? Even if the Gold-en god does manage to do the bootstrap thing, I hate to think what Terrence is planning to keep his client list intact. Though, honestly, he can have Vince. I'm done with that one, falling for Mandy Moore like a 12-year-old, getting all bitchy with the boys and now dumping "Aquaman" just because she wants to go back to her fiancé. Please! It's James Cameron! You don't quit a Cameron flick over a girl! And as Kate Winslet knows, you don't even quit over a crappy script. So, boyfriend, read more

Do you think Jeremy Piven's ...


Question: Do you think Jeremy Piven's performance on Entourage is actually Emmy-worthy, or does it just look like it is because he's sharing the screen with less-talented actors? Answer: Well, that's not very nice. But the answer is yes, he is Emmy-worthy, and if you doubt it, check him out this Sunday (Aug. 28), in what amounts to a tour de force for Piven and a major turning point for his character. If he somehow doesn't win the Emmy this year (for last year's admittedly, a weaker season of Entourage), he'll almost certainly take it home next year for the range he displays in this season's penultimate episode. (When I first watched it, I assumed this was the season finale, but there's one more to go, on Sept. 4.) I don't think you give enough credit to Entourage's ensemble, which makes the art of acting callow and stupid look easy. (Watch Joey to see it done badly.) In the Brooke Shields and Comic-Con episodes, Kevin Dillon was just brilliant in a very tricky role. I've always liked read more

OK, who's zooming whom here? Ari's...

OK, who's zooming whom here? Ari's lying to E. that James Cameron wants to can Vince. Vince is selling Ari a line about being obsessed with Mandy Moore to cover up for missing his physical. E. is telling Ari that Vince is having a breakdown in Napa just to screw him for lying about Cameron. And honestly, all I'm wondering is how Aquaman is ever going to make it to the big screen if the only acting going on is off screen. Criminy. Even Drama's denying his tapered-jeans whiteness for some whack OG ghetto-boy act to impress this rapper Saigon. Who, by the way, could finally give Turtle the cred he needs to get out from under his pot-and-PlayStation haze. Anyway, gone are the days when this was just about buddies behaving badly. Now the stakes are raised, careers are at risk and it's all over the woman who once recorded the line "Innocence is what I got. It'll take true love to hit the spot." Who knew? And even though I hated to see poor E. face th read more

Some thoughts from a typically...

Some thoughts from a typically busy summer Sunday of TV:

Six Feet Under
Truer words were never spoken than Ruth Fisher's weary, teary whine to her steadfast companion in the finale of Six Feet Under Sunday night: "This is Hell, George. Hell. I just want it to end."

So, my dear, did I. And thankfully, at last, Six Feet Under — an occasionally brilliant, nearly always maddening and, lately, just plain miserable series about living in the shadow of death — is behind us. In a nice twist, the show's final scenes actually seemed to embrace the possibilities of life — before the climactic montage of all the major characters meeting their eventual makers as Claire, bless her heart, drove off into the future. I couldn't imagine the show ending any other way than in a series of obituary cards, and I was amused that so many of the characters (especially Brenda) passed away looking as if they read more

OK, is everyone else totally digging...

OK, is everyone else totally digging that the actors playing themselves on this show are more entertaining than when they're actually acting? I mean, Mandy Moore? So cute. And Brooke Shields? Screw Tom Cruise, if those antidepressants are keeping her good moods stabilized, I say double up, honey! Besides, who wouldn't need a pick-me-up after filming that scene with Drama's woody, right? But as much as I'm devouring the fun these folks are having at their own expense, I think it's time someone spoke to Vince about the friction among his posse. Yes, Miss Moore is candy in our pockets, but these are your boys, son! Show the love and listen to them, for cripes' sake. On-set romances are hideous, they make for annoying US Weekly covers and nobody really cares unless one of the Friends or a newly purchased Cambodian baby is involved. Also — and this is a big one — get the hell away from that Terrence guy! Who cares if he's more polished than Ari and read more

First off, Melinda Clarke is not...

First off, Melinda Clarke is not married to Malcolm McDowell, or to the agent he was playing tonight. Which is a good thing, since we love Julie Cooper and hate that guy. Trying to steal Vince from Ari like that, and at the little Gold girl's bat mitzvah, no less! Of course, it's not like anyone on the guest list was on their best behavior. Don't these people know that the Beverly Hilton is a castle of class? Except when the annual Television Critics Association tour hits town, but that's a whole other column. Anyhoo, I have to say Mandy Moore's dropping that shocker about her broken engagement threw me as much as it did Vinnie, and probably for the same reasons. No good can come from these two getting back together; it totally kills our chances of Andy Roddick's making a cameo and really, the world only needs one Gigli. If that. Then again, James Cameron did turn Titanic into an Oscar winner des read more

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