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Ellen: Looking Out For Number One Trailer
01:05 — Can Ellen ever take her therapist seriously again?
Ellen: Alone Again Naturally Trailer
01:27 — Ellen practices the art of being alone.
Ellen: Not So Great Expectations Trailer
01:01 — Only Ellen would sabotage her own mother.
Ellen: Joe's Kept Secret Trailer
01:03 — Joe's wealthy girlfriend grants a favor- with strings attached.
Ellen: The Promotion Trailer
01:09 — Taking advice from her mom gets Ellen blackmailed by her boss's nanny.
Ellen: The Hand That Robs The Cradle Trailer
01:01 — When she starts dating a younger man, Ellen tries to act more "hip."
Ellen: Pilot Trailer
01:04 — Ellen takes outlandish steps to correct a bad driver's license photo.
Ellen: The Pregnancy Test Trailer
01:05 — A home pregnancy test prompts Ellen, and Audrey to rethink their lives.
Ellen: The Bubble Gum Incident Trailer
01:09 — Paige seeks revenge at her and Ellen's 25th camp reunion.
Ellen: Harold And Ellen Trailer
01:03 — Who's afriad of father-daughter bonding?
Ellen: Give Me Equity Or Give Me Death Trailer
01:05 — Ellen decides to buy a home of her own-but at what cost?
Ellen: Secrets & Ellen Trailer
01:04 — Ellen comes clean with her grandmother.
Ellen: The Parent Trap Trailer
01:20 — Ellen orchestrates an elaborate plot to reunite with her parents.
Ellen: Moving On Trailer
01:02 — Moving creates more upheaval than expected.
Ellen: Reversal Of Misfortune Trailer
01:02 — By supporting their divorce, Ellen draws her parents closer together.
Ellen: The Class Reunion Trailer
01:02 — Ellen pretends to be a cardiologist to impress her old classmates.
Ellen: The Clip Show Patient Trailer
01:12 — Ellen tries her hand at entertaining an English patient.
Ellen: Ellen Unplugged Trailer
01:05 — An adolescent fantasy comes true.
Ellen: Fleas Navidad Trailer
01:11 — Rescuing an abandoned dog might be more than one woman can chew.
Ellen: Makin' Whoopie Trailer
01:10 — Ellen makes a lasting impression at a party.
Ellen: The Anchor Trailer
01:16 — Ellen grovels to win back the friendship of the embarrassing Audrey.
Ellen: The Soft Touch Trailer
01:17 — Ellen feels sorry for getting a car salesman fired and offers him a job.
Ellen: The Boyfriend Stealer Trailer
01:24 — Nobody believes Ellen when Holly's boyfriend makes a pass at her.
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