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Tue Jun 28 12:00am
FriendsThe One with Unagi(Season 6, Episode 17) NIK

An old gift from Janice (Maggie Wheeler) ruins Chandler's date with Monica; Rachel and Phoebe take a self-defense class; Joey finds a guy to pose as his twin for a get-rich-quick scheme. Gunther: James Michael Tyler. Joey: Matt LeBlanc.

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Fri Jul 1 11:30pm
FriendsThe One with Ross's Library Book(Season 7, Episode 7) NIK

Janice (Maggie Wheeler) invites herself to Chandler and Monica's wedding; Rachel befriends Joey's one-night stand (Kristin Davis); and Ross blows his “stacks” at finding his book shelved in the library's lovers' lane section.

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Sat Jul 2 7:00am
EllenEmma(Season 5, Episode 8) FX

Ellen discovers that Oscar winner Emma Thompson is a closet lesbian. Sean Penn has a cameo. Paige: Joely Fisher. Ellen: Ellen DeGeneres.

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Sun Jul 3 7:00am
EllenLike a Virgin(Season 5, Episode 9) FX

With Laurie poised to take the next step in the romantic relationship, a nervous Ellen flees. Holly: Kayla Murphy. Peter: Patrick Bristow. Paige: Joely Fisher. Spence: Jeremy Piven. Audrey: Clea Lewis. Ellen: Ellen DeGeneres.

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Sun Jul 3 9:30pm
Everybody Loves RaymondThe Letter(Season 2, Episode 11) TVLAND

When Marie (Doris Roberts) ruins Debra's Tupperware party, Debra decides it's time to confront her mother-in-law---via letter. Amy: Monica Horan. Helen: Nora Dunn.

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Mon Jul 4 5:30pm
Everybody Loves RaymondI Love YouNew(Season 1, Episode 2) CMT

Debra (Patricia Heaton) wonders why Raymond has such trouble saying "I love you" out loud. Linda: Maggie Wheeler. Bernie: Tom McGowan. Marie: Doris Roberts.

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Tue Jul 5 4:30pm
FriendsThe One with the East German Laundry Detergent(Season 1, Episode 5) TBS

Ross does laundry with Rachel; Joey uses Monica to get his old girlfriend back. Janice: Maggie Wheeler. Angela: Kim Gillingham. Bob: Jack Armstrong.

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Tue Jul 5 5:30pm
Everybody Loves RaymondStandard DeviationNew(Season 1, Episode 4) CMT

Raymond is smarting when he gets the results of an IQ test that he and Debra (Patricia Heaton) took as part of Robert's criminal-psychology course. Robert: Brad Garrett. Bernie: Tom McGowan.

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Sun Jul 10 7:00am
EllenAll Ellen, All the Time(Season 5, Episode 10) FX

Ellen gets a job at a talk-radio station, where she's harassed by the lecherous sports-show host (Kevin McDonald). Julie: Susan Norfleet. Ellen: Ellen DeGeneres. Paige: Joely Fisher. Joe: David Anthony Higgins.

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Sun Jul 10 8:30am
FriendsThe One Where Heckles Dies(Season 2, Episode 3) TBS

The gang disturbs Mr. Heckles (Larry Hankin) for the last time; Phoebe takes issue with Ross on the subject of evolution. Janice: Maggie Wheeler. Treeger: Michael G. Hagerty. Alison: Carolyn Lowery. Chandler: Matthew Perry.

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