Mon Apr 20 1:24am
Everybody Loves RaymondFather Knows Least(Season 2, Episode 1) NIK

When Ally (Madylin Sweeten) develops a stubborn streak, Debra convinces Ray to attend parenting class, where they learn a behavioral technique that works on both the child and her grandparents.

Mon Apr 20 2:00am
Everybody Loves RaymondBrother NIK

Ray (Ray Romano) takes his depressed brother (Brad Garrett) for a night out, during which---surprise!---they bond. Debra: Patricia Heaton. Frank: Peter Boyle. Marie: Doris Roberts.

Mon Apr 20 9:12pm
Everybody Loves RaymondTalk to Your Daughter(Season 6, Episode 19) TVLAND

Ray tries to explain the birds and the bees to Ally, but she throws him for a loop when she instead asks about the meaning of life. Of course, Ray hasn't a clue and quickly runs for cover. To make matters worse, Frank, Marie and Robert come over and offer (more…)

Tue Apr 21 1:24am
Everybody Loves RaymondMozart NIK

Ally's piano lessons with Marie (Doris Roberts) strike a note of regret in former player Ray, who signs up for a refresher course. Ray: Ray Romano. Debra: Patricia Heaton. Robert: Brad Garrett. Frank: Peter Boyle.

Tue Apr 21 2:00am
Everybody Loves RaymondGolf(Season 2, Episode 2) NIK

Ray is feeling aces when a doctor prescribes more time on the links as a means of alleviating stress. Debra: Patricia Heaton. Kevin: Kevin James.

Tue Apr 21 8:00pm
Everybody Loves RaymondA Vote for Debra TVLAND

Debra runs for president of the governing board at the twins' school, but Ray isn't so sure he wants her to win because it'll mean he will have to spend more time taking care of the boys at home while she attends meetings. Parker: David Hunt. Carrie: Eliza (more…)

Tue Apr 21 8:30pm
Everybody Loves RaymondCall Me Mom(Season 6, Episode 20) TVLAND

Ray persuades Debra to call Marie “Mom,” but when she does, Marie's reaction isn't at all what Debra expected. Lois: Katherine Helmond. Debra: Patricia Heaton. Marie: Doris Roberts.

Tue Apr 21 9:00pm
Everybody Loves RaymondMarie's Vision TVLAND

Marie drives everyone crazier than usual after she gets glasses and starts pointing out personal flaws that she can now see clearly. Also, Robert gets back together with Amy and invites her to Thanksgiving dinner. Amy: Monica Horan. Marie: Doris Roberts. R (more…)

Tue Apr 21 9:30pm
Everybody Loves RaymondBaggage TVLAND

Ray and Debra become locked in a battle of wills over who should put away a packed suitcase that has been sitting on the landing for two weeks. When Frank and Marie learn of the standoff, they each offer their own ways to resolve the conflict. Frank: Peter (more…)

Wed Apr 22 1:24am
Everybody Loves RaymondAnniversary NIK

At his parents' 40th-anniversary party, Ray (Ray Romano) learns that they were once separated for more than a year. Uncle Mel: Phil Leeds. Amy: Monica Horan. Marie: Doris Roberts. Frank: Peter Boyle.

Wed Apr 22 2:00am
Everybody Loves RaymondWorking Late Again(Season 2, Episode 3) NIK

Debra (Patricia Heaton) tries to convince Ray to set up an office in their house. Sportscaster Pat O'Brien appears as himself. Andy: Andy Kindler. Dave: Dave Attell.

Wed Apr 22 8:00pm
Everybody Loves RaymondThe Cult TVLAND

Robert, distraught over a feud between Marie and Debra, joins a support group. But the family fears it's a cult, so they work to free him from it. Judy: Sherri Shepherd. Mariann: Susan Yeagley. Gerard: Fred Stoller. Robert: Brad Garrett.

Wed Apr 22 8:30pm
Everybody Loves RaymondCounselling TVLAND

Debra tries to convince Ray to go see a marriage counselor with her after she learns that two of their friends have gone. Pamela: Nancy Lenehan. Bernie: Tom McGowan. Linda: Maggie Wheeler. Debra: Patricia Heaton.

Wed Apr 22 9:00pm
Everybody Loves RaymondHomework TVLAND

Ray must address the school district's curriculum review board after he complains to Ally's teacher that Ally has too much homework and the teacher agrees with him. Miss Purcell: Kimberly Scott. Guy: Jerry Lambert. Silber: Diana Tanaka. Ally: Madylin Sweet (more…)

Wed Apr 22 9:30pm
Everybody Loves RaymondPet the Bunny TVLAND

As a challenge to himself, Ray writes an early eulogy for Frank in which he recalls a time when he watched his so-called tough dad pet a bunny. Unfortunately, Frank learns of it and vehemently denies that the event ever occurred. Meanwhile, Marie wants to (more…)

Wed Apr 22 11:30pm
Everybody Loves RaymondWho Am I?(Season 7, Episode 1) TVLAND

Ray thinks something is wrong with him after he returns from a night out with the guys and admits to Debra that he didn't enjoy it. She thinks it's a sign that he's finally growing up, but she's horrified when Ray says he wants to join his dad's lodge. Gia (more…)

Thu Apr 23 1:24am
Everybody Loves RaymondThe Children's Book(Season 2, Episode 4) NIK

Debra and Ray collaborate on a children's book, but the partnership doesn't seem to be destined for a happy ending. Debra: Patricia Heaton. Ray: Ray Romano. Ally: Madylin Sweeten.

Thu Apr 23 2:00am
Everybody Loves RaymondThe Gift(Season 2, Episode 5) NIK

Ray is giftless in Long Island after the rest of the family breaks tradition and buys Frank (Peter Boyle) presents for his birthday. Andy: Andy Kindler. Marie: Doris Roberts. Robert: Brad Garrett.

Thu Apr 23 9:12pm
Everybody Loves RaymondRobert Needs Money(Season 7, Episode 2) TVLAND

Ray and Debra give Robert $1000 to help him out after his pay is cut, and they are shocked by what he plans to do with the money. Robert: Brad Garrett. Debra: Patricia Heaton. Ray: Ray Romano.

Fri Apr 24 1:24am
Everybody Loves RaymondHigh School(Season 2, Episode 6) NIK

Cool Debra (Patricia Heaton) steals Ray's thunder at his high-school reunion when she hits it off with the "popular" gang while he chews the fat with the nerd herd. Scott: Bob Odenkirk. Warren: Brian Posehn.

Fri Apr 24 2:00am
Everybody Loves RaymondThe Letter(Season 2, Episode 7) NIK

When Marie (Doris Roberts) ruins Debra's Tupperware party, Debra decides it's time to confront her mother-in-law---via letter. Amy: Monica Horan. Helen: Nora Dunn.

Fri Apr 24 9:12pm
Everybody Loves RaymondThe Sigh TVLAND

Ray moves his things out of the master bathroom and into the kids' bath so Debra can have more space, but he soon regrets it when his dad and brother start teasing him and tell him that he is no longer king of his own house. Debra: Patricia Heaton. Robert: (more…)

Sat Apr 25 1:24am
Everybody Loves RaymondCivil War(Season 2, Episode 9) NIK

To spend time with his dad (Peter Boyle), Raymond enlists to participate in a Civil War battle reenactment. Debra: Patricia Heaton. Harry: John O'Donohue. Marie: Doris Roberts.

Sat Apr 25 2:00am
Everybody Loves RaymondMia Famiglia NIK

Frank's aunt (Argentina Brunetti) visits from Italy and works her Old World charm on the entire famiglia Barone. Anna: Stella Farentino. Uncle Mel: Phil Leeds. Cab Driver: Mike Batay.

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