Madonna and Justin Timberlake's "4 Minutes" Video

The teasers may have left you wanting more, but the wait is finally over. And good lord, Madonna look ridiculously sexy in her "4 Minutes" video (how she can work it out in those boots is beyond us). Plus, with Madge and JT stripping down in a bathroom—does it get any hotter than that?! Watch it now!Your take: Who loved this video as much as we did? read more

Madonna Squashes Rumors About Her Marriage

Madonna & Guy Ritchie by Jon Furniss/

Is there trouble in the Material Girl's paradise? Not according to Madge.Despite speculation circulating in the press and blogosphere that Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie are splitting up — including news from British newspaper The Sun that the marriage "hangs by a thread" — the pop star's rep said in a statement that the couple remain "happily married." The rumors stem from Ritchie's absence from Madonna's United Nations fund-raiser in February and from her recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last week. The rep explained that the couple has been living in separate countries while working on individual projects — Madonna touring the U.S. to promote her new album and Ritchie in England finishing his new film and working on a Nike commercial — but "now are joyfully back together at home in London" where "all is well and wonderful."The couple have a son, 7-year-old Rocco, and Madonna has a daughter, 11-year-old Lourdes. They are also rasing a Malawi... read more

Madonna to Timberlake: Drop Your Pants

Madonna and Justin Timberlake by Kevin Mazur/

Never let it be said that Justin Timberlake isn't a man of class and distinction. In a provocative speech honoring Madonna at Monday's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, he recalled exposing his sexy back(side) to Madonna, and hinted that they had once shared a celebrity lover, according to People.His cheesy innuendo was unstoppable, citing Madonna's "shapely body of work," calling her "a woman on top... who fully enjoys that position." (Ack.)Apparently, while collaborating on Madonna's new album, Hard Candy, she offered him a Vitamin B-12 injection, which the helpful Material Medic administered herself, after asking him to pull down his pants. "I don't know what you say to that, so I immediately dropped my pants," Timberlake said. "She gave me a shot in my a-- and looks at me and says, 'Nice top shelf.' That was one of the greatest days of my life."He also referenced the famous (notorious?) Madonna-Britney kiss, saying that Madonna "found time to publicly kiss someone I... read more

Madonna-Justin Timberlake Duet: Hit or Miss?

Madonna by James Devaney/

I know this is a little far afield from TV Guide, but the first single from Madonna's new album leaked to the Web today, and, if nothing else, it's intriguing. "4 Minutes (to Change the World)" is a duet with the ubiquitous Justin Timberlake, and is produced within an inch of its life by the ubiquitous Timbaland. The good news: It has this incredible brass-band feel that reminds me how much I like Kanye West's taste in samples (think "Touch the Sky") and the movie Drumline. Plus, Justin says Ma-DON-na in this weird way that makes it sound like he's mocking her, counting his paycheck in his head. But that just might be my interpretation. What do you think of it? — Mickey O'Connor read more

Jolie Hailed as Humanitarian; Madonna? Not So Much!

Angelina Jolie by Dimitrios Kambouris/

In a newly released Reuters poll, Angelina Jolie was named the best celebrity humanitarian of 2007, for both her work as a U.N. goodwill ambassador and raising awareness of suffering in Africa. Shizahox's mom edged out Bono, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Bill Gates.Madonna, meanwhile, earned the least respect as a do-gooder, hampered by claims that she used her fame to circumvent Malawian adoption rules. As one voter in the poll said, "Madonna seems to do philanthropy the way she's done Indian culture, sex and just about everything — like a disposable fad." read more

Rock Hall of Fame Is Crazy for Madonna

Madonna by Kevin Mazur/

"Material Madge" Madonna on Thursday morning was announced as an inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as were John Mellencamp, The Ventures, Leonard Cohen and The Dave Clark Five. The five acts will get their due at a ceremony to be held March 10 in New York. To be eligible for this HoF, an artist must have issued their first single or album at least 25 years prior. (Frenching Britney and Xtina on stage? Merely icing on the cake.) read more

Madonna Could Get into a $120 Million Groove

Madonna by Dimitrios Kambouris/

Madonna is thisclose to ending a 25-year relationship with her vaguely British accent Warner Bros. and instead taking her material self to concert promoter Live Nation, where a 10-year, $120 million deal awaits her. The Wall Street Journal says Madge would get $17.5 mil up front, a $50 mil advance against three albums, and another $50 mil for the right to promote her tours (in trade for 10 percent of the gross). Analysts say Live Nation would need to sell 15 million copies of each of the three new albums to recoup that end of the deal. Mind you, my sometime subber Ben Katner is good for at least half of those CD sales. read more

The Top Models Get Extreme Makeovers

Episode Recap: "The Girl Who Goes Bald"— This week's recap by Ben KatnerWow, my first time subbing as's America's Next Top Model recapper, and I get makeover week. Scary. Be gentle with me, people.The episode starts out with Victoria saying for the umpteenth time that it didn't occur to her until recently that modeling might be a kick in the smarty-pants, and I'm not buying it. I mean, if she'd ever even considered trying out for this show, she'd have known that the wannabes, not to mention Miss Tyra, have major hate-ons for girls who don't sob openly about how walking down a runway in clothes you'd never see anyone wear on the street has been their dream since they were in utero.Meanwhile, Saleisha — clearly forgetting that once you say you won't you most certainly will — announces that she's not ever going to be in the bottom two. But in her favor, she does sob openly about her aspiration to pose for pretty pictures for the rest of her life. More on that... read more

Jew's That Girl: Madonna Converts... Sorta

Madonna by Jemal Countess/

Israeli newspapers are reporting that not only did Madonna ring in the Jewish new year with Israeli President Shimon Peres, she has decided she's an "ambassador for Judaism." This, despite the fact that, while she's totally into Kabbalah, she, um, isn't Jewish. Then again, she wasn't English when she decided to start talking like the Queen Mum, either. read more

Idol's Blake Makes a D-Pop-D-Deal, More Music Notes

Blake Lewis by Michael Becker/Fox

American Idol's first runner-up is the second to ink a deal. Just days after Idol champ Jordin Sparks jumped in with Jive, Blake Lewis signed with Arista, says the Reporter. Blake's first disc is expected later this year.... A sneak listen of the first track off Madonna's new album netted mixed reactions when the deejay at Thursday's Pop Rocks bash sprung it on the crowd. "Everyone cheered and was excited, but when it started playing, few were dancing," a source tells the New York Post. "[It]sounds almost exactly like Britney's 'Slave 4 You.' The response was tepid at best." read more

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