Fri Sep 4 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesTiki Maskerade Mystery; The Tale of Ratsputin DISNEY

Jake and Hook team up to catch a thief when the Golden Tiki is stolen during the Tiki Maskerade; Jake and his crew search for a legendary creature known as Ratsputin.

Sat Sep 5 6:30am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesCaptain Hook's Hooks; Mr. Smee's Pet DISNEY

An octopus snatches Captain Hook's collection of hooks; Mr. Smee's pet chameleon Blinky goes missing.

Sun Sep 6 6:30am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesHook the Genie!; A Royal Misunderstanding DISNEY

Captain Hook is turned into a genie after stealing a magic lamp; Jake tries to settle a dispute between Queen Coralie and King Crab.

Mon Sep 7 6:30am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesThe Great Never Sea Conquest!(Season 3, Episode 62) DISNEY

Jake brings together the greatest Never Sea captains to battle an evil mer-witch who tries to take over the sea by awakening a legendary three-headed serpent.

Tue Sep 8 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesMer-Matey Ahoy!; Pirate Pinball DISNEY

Jake helps Finn the Mer-Boy stop an electric eel from causing a storm across Never Land; Jake and his crew seek a treasure that waits at the end of a life-sized pinball game.

Wed Sep 9 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesThe Golden Twilight Treasure; Rock the Croc DISNEY

Jake rescues a firefly from Captain Hook; Jake and his crew try to retrieve a map in a bottle that landed in the mouth of a crocodile.

Thu Sep 10 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesGrandpa Bones; The Arctic Pearl DISNEY

Bones' grandfather arrives and leads Jake on a hunt for the treasure of a legendary pirate; Jake and his crew help their penguin pal Percy find his best friend.

Fri Sep 11 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesMama Hook Knows Best!; Pixie Dust Away! DISNEY

Captain Hook's mother visits and learns he's been stealing treasure from Jake and his crew; Izzy spills all her pixie dust, so the gang travels to a hidden fountain to get more.

Sun Sep 13 6:30am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesJake's Royal Rescue(Season 2, Episode 66) DISNEY

Captain Hook captures Queen Coralie, the mermaid ruler of Neptune City, and Jakes tries to rescue her.

Mon Sep 14 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesJake and Sneaky LeBeak; Cubby the Brave! DISNEY

A sneaky pirate takes things that belong to Hook; Jake tries to help Cubby overcome fear by presenting him with some boots of bravery to wear.

Tue Sep 15 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesBucky's Anchor Aweigh!; The Never Rainbow DISNEY

Hook steals Bucky's golden anchor, which puts Bucky in danger of going over Never Falls; Jake and the crew help the Pirate Princess repair her broken rainbow wand.

Wed Sep 16 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesCubby's Mixed Up Map!; Jake's Cool New Matey DISNEY

Captain Hook tries to swap Cubby's map for a fake one; Jake helps some penguins find Never Land's legendary paradise where it remains winter all year.

Thu Sep 17 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesThe Sword and the Stone; Jake's Home Run! DISNEY

Jake stumbles upon a mysterious stone door that only his sword can open; Jake and his crew play baseball with Captain Hook.