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Madison Pettis

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Tue Mar 31 8:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesJake's Never Land Rescue(Season 2, Episode 106) DISNEY

Jake tries to prevent Never Land from disappearing. To do so, he must save the Forever Tree that is the source of magic throughout all of Never Land. Guiding Jake on his mission is Tinker Bell.

Thu Apr 2 8:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesPeter Pan Returns!(Season 1, Episode 49) DISNEY

Peter Pan returns to Pirate Island to find his lost shadow.

Fri Apr 3 11:50am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesJake's Mega-Mecha Sword; Tick Tock Trap; Hideout...It's Hook! DISNEY

Jake discovers a legendary sword that Hook tries to steal; Hook hires Brewster the Beast Trapper to capture Tick Tock Croc; Hook falls into the kids' hideout.

Tue Apr 7 8:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesCaptain Gizmo; Jake's Pirate Swap Meet DISNEY

Jake and his crew build a mechanical matey; Jake accidentally trades Cubby's very first map to Captain Hook.

Wed Apr 8 8:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesJake the Wolf; Witch Hook DISNEY

Jake turns into a wolf under a full moon when he disobeys a warning written on a gem; Captain Hook is turned into a witch when he angers the old Sea Witch's magic mirror.

Thu Apr 9 8:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesBucky's Treasure Hunt; Cubby's Tall Tale DISNEY

Bucky tunnels underground to help Jake recover a powerful ship's lantern; Cubby tells Captain Flynn a tall tale about buried treasure.

Fri Apr 10 7:30am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesGrandpa Bones; The Arctic Pearl DISNEY

Bones' grandfather arrives and leads Jake on a hunt for the treasure of a legendary pirate; Jake and his crew help their penguin pal Percy find his best friend.

Sat Apr 11 6:30am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesPeter's Musical Pipes; The Never Night Star DISNEY

Sharky and Bones join Jake's crew to find Peter Pan's secret treasure; Cubby conquers his fear of the dark so he can lead the crew to the Lost City of Gold.

Sun Apr 12 6:30am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesSleeping Mermaid; Jake's Mega-Mecha Sword DISNEY

Jake and his crew try to convince Captain Hook to help his old enemy, Queen Coralie, who is under a magical sleeping spell; Jake discovers the legendary Mega-Mecha Sword, but Hook tries to steal it.

Mon Apr 13 8:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesThe Sword and the Stone; Jake's Home Run! DISNEY

Jake stumbles upon a mysterious stone door that only his sword can open; Jake and his crew play baseball with Captain Hook.