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Javi Says There Is No Future for Him and Kailyn
01:49 — Is this the end of Kailyn and Javi's marriage?
Cole Shows Off His Wedding Ring
01:47 — Aubree gets a peek at Cole's wedding ring.
Aubree Asks Adam About the Father-Daughter Dance
01:33 — Adam's cheerleader asks him why he didn't show up to the father-daughter dance.
Miranda Fires Back at Leah
01:39 — Miranda gets a word in after Leah talks to Corey about Miranda's treatment of Ali.
01:10 — "Teen Mom 2" continues its 5th season as it follows Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn and Leah as they grapple with dramatic new situations that will impact th (more…)
Girls Talk
02:43 — Catch up with Chelsea, Kailyn, Jenelle and Leah before the new season!
02:05 — Teen Mom is back with a whole new group of moms. Follow Alex, Briana, Katie and Mackenzie as they navigate being teenagers and new moms.
Meet the Moms
03:34 — Sit down with Alex, Katie and Briana as they relive being on 16 and Pregnant and look forward to Teen Mom 3.
02:04 — This season of Teen Mom 2, we see our four girls growing up fast and having to deal with very adult responsibilities. Faced with incredibly tough chal (more…)
01:10 — "Teen Mom OG" will break the fourth wall, pulling back the curtain to reveal their relationships with the producers and crew, the challenges of raisin (more…)
The Adventure Continues!
03:35 — This might be their finale season but for Amber, Maci, Catelynn and Farrah, the adventure is just getting started!
Tell-All: Parenting
01:26 — Kailyn and Chelsea discuss the importance of making time for themselves, while also being involved parents.
You Don't Even Ask How I'm Doing
01:55 — A cranky call between Kailyn and Javi gets worse by the minute.
Adam a No-Show?
01:51 — Chelsea preps Aubree for her father-daughter dance, but Adam hasn't indicated if he's going yet.
A Tear-Filled Phone Call to Javi
02:12 — Javi's deployment is starting to take a toll on him and Kailyn.
David Calls the Cops On Barbara
02:39 — David hits up 911 when things get heated between him and Barbara.
Isaac Struggles With Javi's Deployment
01:56 — While Kailyn reads a bedtime story to her boys, Isaac gets sad about Javi being away.
Chelsea Tours a Wedding Venue
01:52 — Chelsea Tours A Wedding Veunue – See the future Mr. and Mrs. Deboer search for a wedding venue.
Jenelle Confronts Nathan
01:30 — Nathan accuses Jenelle of parental alienation.
An Uncomfortable Custody Convo
02:46 — Leah and Corey are bligated to talk about their custody arrangement when they bring Ali to the doctor.
Aubree Talks About Mommy Getting Married
01:08 — Chelsea's Mom asks Aubree about what it will be like to have a new "dad".
Leah and Jeremy's Dinner Date
01:59 — Leah and Jeremy go out to dinner to hash out their past.
Javi Opens up About the Miscarriage
01:34 — Javi apologizes for his behavior after Kailyn's miscarriage.
Chelsea and Cole Get Engaged
01:45 — Cole pops the question.
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