Sun Nov 29 8:00am
How It's MadeChampagne Hoods and Foils; Pneumatic Delivery Systems; Espresso Machines; Pizza Ovens(Season 26, Episode 1) SCI

Included: champagne hoods and foils; pneumatic delivery systems; espresso machines; and pizza ovens.

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Sun Nov 29 8:30am
How It's MadeRacing Leathers; Evaporative Condensers; Wood Rocking Chairs; Wire Wheels(Season 23, Episode 12) SCI

Racing leathers; evaporative condensers; wood rocking chairs; wire wheels.

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Sun Nov 29 11:30am
How It's MadeCrayons, Wooden Kayaks, Lawn Mowers, Gold Chains(Season 7, Episode 7) SCI

Included: crayons; wooden kayaks; lawn mowers; gold chains.

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