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She's a beauty: Lynda Carter

Question: I just saw Lynda Carter from the old TV show Wonder Woman in both Sky High and The Dukes of Hazzard (don't ask why I saw both those movies!) and my friend and I got to arguing about whether or not she was really Miss USA in the '70s? He says no, but I'm sure I've read that she was. Or maybe she just made it up to make herself stand out — can you clear it up?

Answer: I don't know where the blame lies for the confusion about Lynda Carter's pageant career, but I think a combination of careless reporting and lack of information about the finer points of pageantry are more likely culprits than out-and-out deception on Carter's part. First, the facts: Carter did win the Miss World USA pageant in 1972, having previously won t read more

Justice for TV's Wonder Women

Female comic-book characters have taken a beating on screen in recent years — and not just in the course of battling the bad guys. Despite big budgets and big stars, the dreary Elektra and the unintentionally campy Catwoman both failed creatively and at the box office.

Television hasn't done much better (at least not since the '70s when Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman was fighting for our rights in her satin tights). Birds of Prey, WB's mangled 2002 adaptation of a DC Comics series about a group of vigilantes, was plagued by cringe-inducing dialogue — "We ruled Gotham's nights and answered to no one but ourselves" — and cheesy special effects.

But on Saturday, June 4, two Birds of Prey characters, Huntress and Black Canary, get another chance on TV, headlining "Double Date," an exceptional episode of Cartoon Network's superhero cavalcade Justice League Unlimited. The script is by Gail Simone, who writes th read more

Wonder Woman Returns!

In the 1970s, Lynda Carter was fighting for your rights in her satin tights, at least on Wonder Woman, the show that made her famous. The 52-year-old former Miss USA is content with her own version of Paradise Island these days — raising her two kids in Washington, D.C. — but she does take occasional acting work, including a guest spot on Hope & Faith last fall. With the DVD of Wonder Woman's first season now in stores, we fired some bullet-like questions Carter's way — and she deflected them even without her magic bracelets. TV Guide Online: Uh, I'm one of those guys who drooled over you when I was a kid.Lynda Carter: I think that's very cool. You know, I like Wonder Woman, too. I thought she was the bomb, as my daughter would say. TVGO: Wonder Woman was kind of the full package, huh?Carter: What I was hoping for was that men would see that women could be a lot of things: She was beautiful, smart and read more

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