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First Trailer for Adam Sandler's 'Ridiculous 6' Lives Up to Title
By Dave McNary Netflix has released the first trailer for Adam Sandler € s spoof The Ridiculous 6 less than two months before its Dec. 11 debut o (more…)
Anchorman First Look 2
When his pals at work ask Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) what love is, he explains it to them with a song.
You Kill Me - Trailer No. 1
An alcoholic hit-man tries to turn his life around and gets a job in a mortuary where he meets a woman who is a relative of one his hits.
Hoot - Trailer
A Montana teenager moves to Florida and becomes inspired to help save a group of endangered owls from developers in this family comedy.
My Super Ex-Girlfriend - Trailer 01
When the ex-girlfriend is a jealous, controlling super hero, watch out!
Will Ferrells Best On-Screen Freakouts - Anchorman
Ron (Will Ferrell) is nearly incomprehensible when some bad news comes his way.
A-List Talent Turns Out to Raise Cancer Awareness
When it comes to cancer - conversations need to be had. That's the message Samuel L. Jackson is pushing as he hosts his annual charity gala 'One For (more…)
Jorge Garcia Joins Adam Sandler's Netflix Comedy 'Ridiculous Six'
Jorge Garcia has joined the all-star cast of Netflix's Adam Sandler comedy The Ridiculous Six. Sandler will star in the spoof on Westerns with Rob Sch (more…)
Will Ferrells Best On-Screen Freakouts - Old School
A misfired dart shoots Frank (Will Ferrell) in the neck.
Alex & Emma - Trailer
The trailer for Alex and Emma features Actors Luke Wilson and Kate Hudson, as well as scenes about bosoms, maids and tomato skins.
Will Ferrells Best Sports Movie Moments - Blades of Glory
Film Fixation: Will Ferrells Best Sports Movie Moments - B
Vacancy - Trailer No. 1
A young married couple becomes stranded at an isolated motel after their car broke down. They discover that the low-budget slasher movies theyre watch (more…)
Meeting Evil - Trailer No. 1
When John Fleton, a depressed suburban family man and recently fired realtor offers to help a stranger, Richie, John is sucked into a surreal, nightma (more…)
SNTV - Russell Brand Poses With Fans
Here's what's happening with your favorite stars like Paris Hilton, Diddy, Luke Wilson, and Russell Brand in the Celebrity Minute!
The Family Stone Trailer No. 1
Holiday family tensions reach unbearable proportions when an uptight girlfriend (Sarah Jessica Parker) is the Stone familys guest of honor.
Inside The DVD, The Family Stone
Catch some outtakes and line flubs from the set of the hit ensemble comedy The Family Stone.
Luke Wilson and Mary Lynn Rajskub Want to Make Legally Blonde 3!
Luke Wilson, who starred opposite Reese Witherspoon in the hit romantic comedy, Legally Blonde, and later sequel, believes a third film is a must. Mar (more…)
Luke Wilson Gambles His Shoes Away on Set
02:52 — James and Luke Wilson wager their shoes over whether Michael Caine appeared in third or fourth installment of the Jaws series.
Luke Wilson Is Ready for Legally Blonde 3
02:22 — After Mary Lynn Rajskub and Luke Wilson talk about Legally Blonde 2, Luke offers the big reason why they should green light a third.
Analyzing Adrian Grenier's Manscaping w/ Mary Lynn Rajskub & Luke Wilson
02:19 — James asks Mary Lynn Rajskub about her "Sex, Death and Bowling" co-star Adrian Grenier before it quickly moves to a discussion about manscaping.
'The View' Co-Host Whoopi Goldberg at New York Comic Con
04:14 — Whoopi joins Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D stars at NY Comic Con.
Olivia Wilde, Luke Wilson: ‘We Felt Lucky’ to Be in ‘Meadowland’
03:38 — The new film “Meadowland” follows a couple played by Olivia Wilde and Luke Wilson through the heart-wrenching aftermath of the kidnapping of their chi (more…)
Misty Copeland On 'The View': Subject of New Documentary 'A Ballerina's Tale'
04:12 — New documentary film A Ballerina's Tale documents rise of Misty Copeland.
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