Luke Wilson

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Luke Cunningham Wilson
  • Birth Place: Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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RUSHMORE is the story of a gifted, rebellious teenager named Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman), a 10th grader at elite Rushmore Academy. Editor of the s (more…)
Old School (Unrated) [2003]
Three men relive their carefree college years by killing off as many brain cells as possible in this over-the-top comedy. Mitch (Luke Wilson) returns (more…)
Rock Dog - Trailer
01:40 — For the Tibetan Mastiffs living on Snow Mountain, a dog's life has a simple riff: Guard a peaceful village of wool-making sheep from the thuggish wolf (more…)
3:10 To Yuma - Official Trailer
02:23 — A small-time rancher agrees to hold a captured outlaw who's awaiting a train to go to court in Yuma. A battle of wills ensues as the outlaw tries to p (more…)
Luke Wilson Gambles His Shoes Away on Set
02:52 — James and Luke Wilson wager their shoes over whether Michael Caine appeared in third or fourth installment of the Jaws series.
House Democrats Sit-In & Pig-Out On Snacks
03:59 — The politicians got plenty of food during their 26-hour gun control protest.
Side Effects May Include: Summer Edition
02:45 — James shares the hidden side effects of things you do and people you meet during summer vacation.
Roadies Season 1: Official Episode 4 Clip - Where's Rick?
01:00 — Bill and Shelli venture off in search of Rick.
Roadies Season 1: Official Episode 6 Clip - Post-Coital Waters
02:01 — Bill and Shelli discuss the future of their friendship.
Roadies Season 1: Official Episode 9 Clip - You Should Be Managing This Band
01:07 — Tom vents some of his frustrations with Bill to Shelli.
The Talk - Friday Preview, Feb 24th
00:20 — Friday's special guest is Alicia Silverstone.
Target Practice w/ Rob Gronkowski, Luke Wilson & Liev Schreiber
02:21 — Three celebrity guests throw footballs at a spinning target, with James strapped to the target.
Roadies Season 1: Official Episode 8 Clip - Get Connected with Where you Started
01:28 — Wes opens up to Kelly Ann about some of his hopes and dreams.
Beatboxing w/ Matt Damon, Will Arnett & Reggie Watts
02:06 — James has Reggie Watts join he, Matt Damon and self-proclaimed world's best beatboxer Will Arnett on the couch to make music.
The Talk - This Week
00:21 — This week's guests include Luke Wilson, Wolfgang Puck, Craig Robinson and Malin Akerman.
Roadies Season 1: Official Episode 5 Clip - Do Not Trust Mike Finger
01:06 — Wes calls out Kelly Ann over her latest love interest.
Who's the Biggest Flirt? w/ Luke Wilson, Trevor Noah & Laverne Cox
03:12 — After Laverne Cox tells James she's not the most subtle of flirts, Trevor Noah and Luke Wilson share some of their flirtation tactics, and James falls (more…)
The Talk - Wolfgang Puck's Oscar Fare
04:15 — Wolfgang Puck is here to dish out what he's serving at the Oscar's this Sunday.
Luke Wilson Is Ready for Legally Blonde 3
02:22 — After Mary Lynn Rajskub and Luke Wilson talk about Legally Blonde 2, Luke offers the big reason why they should green light a third.
Roadies Episode 2 Clip - My Own Style
01:40 — Phil and Shelli try to figure out who hid their cases.
Roadies Season 1: Official Episode 5 Clip - Find Janine
01:26 — Shelli tries get someone a ticket at the last minute.
The Talk - Cher
00:23 — Tuesday's special guest is the timeless legendary rock goddess Cher.
James Corden Can Be a Fullback
02:05 — Luke Wilson and Rob Gronkowski convince James that it might not be too late for an NFL career.
Will Arnett Is a THE 'Bourne' Superfan
02:08 — Will Arnett explains to James how excited he was to meet Matt Damon for the first time, and how meeting the the 'Bourne' star lived up to the hype for (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Luke Cunningham Wilson
  • Birth Place: Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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