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Critic's Notebook: ABC at TCA

Marve's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Few captive audiences present as treacherous a minefield as the Television Critics Association, whose members are conditioned not to applaud or otherwise act like fans on those rare occasions during a press tour when a pilot episode is screened for the entire group for the first time. (Those of us with long memories remember when such events have backfired, most notably in my experience with the ...
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April 17, 2007: Maybe He Didn't Do It

He killed Lem Dont you remember his body his face You think you could just forget that huh Dont you think he deserves to die for what he didThose words screamed at Shane Vendrell by Vic Mackey helped mold a scene that had to be the most powerful one of the entire series Wow You knew Vic was going to do something harsh to Guardo if he found him but wow I mean wow I know Im saying that word a lot right now but that one word wow really sums up the boldness the intensity the determination the shock the brutality the hatred I could go on forever trying to describe the meeting of Guardo and Vic but nothing could do it justice so I choose wowThis whole season you could see the anger in Vics eyes and you could smell the revenge coming but despite everything thats happened over the previous five seasons even my eyes were wide open in shock this time around Guardo hung by a rope getting brutally beating by Vic with a monstrous metal ch read more

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