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Fall 2007: 24's Prez Is in a Laughlin Mood

The newest pilot news, from Variety/the Reporter:• D.B. Woodside (24) has been cast as Marcus in CBS' Hugh Jackman-produced musical drama Viva Laughlin.• Marisa Tomei will topline CBS' The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud, the Oscar winner's first network series since appearing on A Different World 20 years ago.• Kate Burton (Grey's Anatomy) and Camille Gauty (Prison Break) have joined Fox's Supreme Courtships, playing a justice and her ambitious clerk, respectively.• Real-life football wife Holly Robinson Peete is the mom of a star wide receiver in ABC's Football Wives.• Mae Whitman (Thief) is The Bionic Woman's younger sister. Just think of the cool hand-me-downs!• Heroes' Tawny Cypress has joined Fox's K-Ville, as has John Carroll Lynch (Close to Home).• Fox has ordered a half-hour sudser about blue-collar families, from Idol creator Simon Fuller.• Kurt Fuller (Desperate Housewives) is the title femme's boss in ABC's See Jayne Run.• T... read more

Heroes, 24, Class: A Busy Monday

For months, the thing about Heroes that bothered me most was Milo Ventimiglia’s hair: specifically, that dreaded dangling forelock Peter Petrelli kept playing with, as if in thrall to a fetish. I’ve long wanted the boy to get a haircut. But not like this!Quite the horrifying climax to the March cliff-hanger (no new episodes until April 23), as Sylar pinned that dupe Mohinder to the ceiling while slicing into Peter Petrelli’s skull to see why Peter ticks like Sylar, only less murderously. Blood drops from Peter’s forehead onto the floor, followed by that hank of hair. I cringed, then I cheered. Well done.The episode was a crackerjack thrill ride with one reversal after another. Simone rising from the dead? Shut up! It’s really Candice, the slinky shape-shifter! Mrs. Bennet betraying her hubby, in cahoots with The Company? Shut up! It’s really Candice, the slinky shape-shifter! What fun.By the way, I love how the writers have evolved HRG from sinister man... read more

Where has Holly Ellenbogen ...

Question: Where has Holly Ellenbogen (Lucy Punch) from The Class gone? I'm assuming it's a permanent thing since she no longer appears in the opening theme.
Answer: I'm frankly amazed no one brought it up before now. Holly has been erased from the opening class lineup like she never even existed. Even to someone like me, who found her the weakest and most shrilly unfunny member of the ensemble, that was pretty harsh. Simply put, the character wasn't working, it was getting harder to find a way to justify including her in story lines, and the producers justifiably dropped her ... read more

The Class Drops a Mate

We have breaking news about, and not from, Holly Ellenbogen: A CBS spokesperson confirms that Lucy Punch, who played The Class' high-strung news anchor, is leaving the series. In a statement released to, the freshman sitcom's executive producers explain, "Due to creative changes, Lucy Punch is no longer a cast member. She is a superb actress and did a fabulous job. We hope to work with her again in the near future."I guess this is what Jason Ritter meant when he told me they were "reworking some things" with Punch's character, though Holly's "colorful" hubby, played by Sam Harris, will apparently stick around. read more

January 8, 2007: The Three Amigos

Happy New Year to all the fans of The Class. Are the critics finally getting to me? All I've heard since the start of the show was the word "uneven." Up until this episode, I thought the show was friggin' hilarious. But with this one, I too thought it was "uneven." There were many funny moments. In fact, more funny moments in this episode than According to Jim has had in its entire run. But there were also many jokes that just fell completely flat. To me, this was a case of: How many jokes can we cram into 22 minutes?Maybe my thoughts are changing because I hate Palmer. Jaime King isn't bad to look at, but her character is annoying. Honestly, I'm not that familiar with the career of King to know whether this is bad acting or a poorly developed character. But either way, I'm with Kat on this one — Palmer needs to bite the dust. Or maybe my thoughts are changing because I hate Fern. True, she brings comic relief to everyone around her, like Nicole and Duncan with their line: "Oh,... read more

December 4, 2006: We Meet Fern (Again)

This week, we took a trip back to the early days, aka a few weeks ago, to see how it all began. Having a repeat wasn't all bad news for me. I mean, I love music and the Billboard Music Awards are on tonight (T to the A to the S-T-E-Y), and my Eagles are getting beat up right now (check out the Monday Night Football blog here), so I'll accept it. But I still don't like a repeat this soon. (And it might be the second repeat, I can't remember.) I understand the reasons, but this show was just hitting its stride. Now they flash back to an episode that was made before it really started getting funny. Repeating this, however, gives me a good chance to see how those first few episodes hold up now that I love the show. Was it as funny as the newest ones? No. But it still got quite a few laughs from me the second time around. The host talking to Richie at the restaurant is still my favorite scene of the episode: "I hope you die a slow, painful death, you miserable piece of crap. Carl will be... read more

November 27, 2006: Save Richie, Save the World

Aww, poor Richie. Wait, I started last week like that, too. Seems like I could do that every week now. I think that even though technically Jason Ritter would get top billing in the show, Jesse Tyler Ferguson has hilariously become the one to watch. I'm drawn to the character because he's not perfect. There's a little bit of Richie in all of us — except for the running-people-over and smashing-into-stores thing. He's found the love of his life, and everything he's doing is making it more complicated to be with her. But we've had two interventions now. First, Lina basically saved him from overdosing on pills and now she's saved him from — well, sitting in a convenience store. I'm hoping that every four episodes or so, Lina isn't going to have to save him from something else, but maybe that's the route the producers should take. Some of the funniest moments:— Holly broadcasts that Richie is in the car and has "erratic behavior," and the shot goes back to him frantically... read more

November 13, 2006: Who's Lina Warbler?

For our first jaunt into the blogging world of The Class, let's play a little game. It's called, "Where they were, where they are now, and what I think" or WTWWTANAWIT for short. Sorry, it's a work in progress. Seriously though, since we're jumping in the middle, we'll do a quick recap. And then I'll tell you where I'm at, so you can get a feel where I'm coming from. Where they were:Ethan Hass (Jason Ritter)and Kat Warbler (Lizzy Caplan) have become good buddies. They hang together a lot, and you just know sooner or later they are going to kiss. But right now, she likes pushing him to his limit. Where they are now: Kat apparently likes pictures of body parts that are unattached, or simply gross. She shows Richie a picture of a buttock which he rightfully points out "you rarely see them out alone." Ethan finally told his date that he wasn't Dan Slutsky. And he still thought he'd get to keep her! Ha. What I think:Ethan is growing on me. I didn't liked the character at the start, but s... read more

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