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Top Videos: Leonardo DiCaprio Dances at Coachella, Amy Schumer Parodies Aaron Sorkin

Amy Schumer and Josh Charles

This week, a bunch of kids learned what a Walkman is, and the worst Wheel of Fortune contestant ever blew not one, not two, but three puzzles on the game show. Amy Schumer and Josh Charles made a video that poked fun at Aaron Sorkin tropes, and Oreo staged a marketing campaign that challenged chefs around the country to "hack" everyone's favorite cookie. Oh, and Leonardo DiCaprio (maybe) showed off some interesting dance moves at the Coachella music festival in California. Check out those clips and more in our weekly roundup of the best online videos:

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Exclusive Video: Get Ready for "Fredsident's Day" with Fred: The Show

Lucas Cruikshank as Fred Figglehorn

Nickelodeon is turning President's Day into Fredsident's Day with the premiere of their new series, Fred: The Show.

The 11-minute episodes star Lucas Cruikshank as Fred Figglehorn, a 6-year-old character that 18-year-old Cruikshank first made popular on his YouTube channel. On Monday's premiere two-parter, Fred's neighbors confront him after seeing him destroy their property. In the first part, Fred tries to declare his innocence and in the second, he discovers his nemesis Kevin (Jake Weary) is responsible.

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Nickelodeon Announces Fred: The Show, Big Time Rush Movie Premiere

Lucas Cruikshank

Nickelodeon has ordered two projects starring YouTube star Lucas Cruikshank, the network announced today.

Fred: The Show is an 11-minute live-action series based off of Cruikshank's 6-year-old character Fred Figgglehorn. Cruikshank, 18, previously starred in the network's original movies Fred: The Movie and Fred: Night of the Living Fred. The show was given a 21-episode order and is set to premiere in early 2012.  

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Fred: The Movie: YouTube Star Lucas Cruikshank on Growing His Tyrannical 6-Year-Old

Lucas Cruikshank

Lucas Cruikshank says there's a lot more to his alter ego Fred Figglehorn than screaming temper tantrums.

"Well... if you can get past the voice," Cruikshank says.

For the unfamiliar, Fred is a tyrannical 6-year-old video blogger with the voice of Alvin the Chipmunk and the body of a teen. He's also one of YouTube's biggest stars.

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