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Will Hurricane Howie Hit Big Brother?

CBS' Big Brother 7: All-Stars is about to begin, and the 20 potential housemates are out campaigning like crazy — perhaps none more so than "Hurricane" Howie Gordon. The self-proclaimed Jedi and former weatherman who breezed through the first half of Big Brother 6 desperately wants a chance to blow away audiences with his humor once again. Today is the last day that fans can vote at CBS.com for their favorites. (The viewers' top six will be combined with the producers' favorite six, and the chosen dozen will enter the house on July 6.) Before casting your baread more

Revenge of the Amazing Race Nerds?

She's his "hottie boombody with the naughty pilates" and he's her own personal music man. Meet Lori and Dave, aka the lovable nerds from Kansas who smooched their way around the world — but didn't get to embrace victory — on CBS' The Amazing Race (Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET). TVGuide.com: So it wasn't your day in Siracusa.Lori: No, it was not, but we ran a really good leg.Dave: We just didn't get there fast enough. TVGuide.com: A lot of teams got lost in Italy. How'd you do?Dave: We weren't that lost. Lori: We were just exhausted and had a hard time staying awake. We switched drivers three times on our way to Catania, so that put us behind. And it was such a short leg that there was no way for us to catch up. TVGuide.com: Dave, you seemed a little bitread more

I nearly wept with relief when...

I nearly wept with relief when House returned Tuesday night (March 28) after a several-week absence. I hadn't yet recovered from sitting through one of the most miserable hours of American Idol — sorry, it was the worst hour I can remember. Is this century going to be the death of music as we know it? Horrid songs, rotten arrangements, and even the few singers I've liked were dull-to-dreadful.


Then House roared into gear with a gripping mystery leavened by some Odd Couple humor as House and Wilson (temporarily homeless thanks to his wrecked marriage) became roommates. Very Oscar and Felix, as House lay sleepless while Wilson clipped his toenails (off camera, thankfully) and blow-dried his hair. But read more


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Amazing Race 9 You could argue...

Amazing Race 9You could argue that Eric and Jeremy and B.J. and Tyler are having fun because they're winning, but I think they're actually winning because they're having fun. Doing silly things like walking onto the mat backwards, flirting with the locals and having wheelchair obstacle-course races makes them relaxed and more capable of making decisions and following directions. Meanwhile, if Lake would just stop ordering Michelle around and cursing about the other teams, they might stop making dumb mistakes. Fran is my new hero for telling Lake to "Please, step back" at the ticket counter. Maybe the agents in Munich also hated the nasty dentist, since they so readily told everyone but them about the faster connection read more

Amazing Race 9 If we did some...

Amazing Race 9If we did some sort of analysis of all the Races' results, which would turn out to be the biggest factor in determining winners and losers: uncooperative airline-ticket agents, taxi drivers' senses of direction or contestants' ability to read a map? In this leg of the race, it really looked like the former two would be the undoing of someone, between the cabdrivers who couldn't find the trolley park and the two separate Russian ticket agents who refused to issue tickets just seconds after another team had bought some. But things nearly evened out again at the Mercedes-Benz test track. Who else was disappointed that the racers themselves didn't have to drive on it? I guess even Jerry Bruckheimer doesn't have that kind of insurance. Interest read more

The Amazing Race Tonight's episode...

The Amazing RaceTonight's episode was brought to you by Acme Climbing Ropes. Why else would they be rappelling down a building and climbing up a waterfall in the same day? Also, what's up with these mornings when everyone is assigned different start times but then the place doesn't open until after everyone gets there? It's a cheap way to squeeze some suspense out of another cab ride. I'm glad they got out of São Paolo early on. Last week's helicopter ride was pretty, but it sure doesn't have much else in the way of telegenic tourist attractions. I'm guessing that the partnership of Eric and Jeremy and BJ and Tyler will last as long as they stay at the front of the pack, but the minute they're in jeopardy, it's history. Eric and Jeremy read more

The Amazing Race Whew! Two hours...

The Amazing Race Whew! Two hours and 11 teams to discuss in my first crack at covering TAR — I think I need a bit of that Race fuel hippie boys B.J. and Tyler were running on. It's time to erase the awful memory of the way-less-than-Amazing family edition and fasten our seatbelts. And in the spirit of Sunday's Oscars, I'm going to hand out some awards here. The aforementioned shaggy duo get Best Narrators for naming "Barbie and Ken" (Monica and Joseph) and the "Double D's," for actually learning a few Portuguese phrases, and for coming up with the best metaphor for their pit-stop anxiety: "clawing at our teeth." They just barely beat out leg-wrestling "Glamazons" Lisa and Joni. I can't tell those two apart read more


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