Dawn Kreizer-Drozjock and Tammi Borchard Pitch Yamis and Dawni to the 'Shark Tank' Cast
02:41 — Dawn and Tammi pitch Yamis and Dawni to the "Shark Tank" cast.
Shark Tank's Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran Present Misto Box and Grace and Lace On 'The View'
05:01 — Shark Tank's Mark and Barbara present entrepreneurs and products.
The 'Shark Tank' Cast Presents Love Pop, Bantam Bagels and the Natural Grip On 'The View'
04:31 — Shark Tank stars present Love Pop, Bantam Bagels and The Natural Grip.
There's No Crying in Business
00:43 — Barbara Corcoran says women have to cry privately.
Sneak Peek: Jimmy Kimmel Returns!
01:06 — Jimmy and Guillermo are back for a second chance.
Sneak Peak: High-Tech Backpacks
01:02 — High-tech backpacks fail to impress The Sharks.
A Yummy Ice Cream Invention
01:11 — A tasty way to improve the ice cream experience.
Adult Camp
01:46 — Will the Sharks invest in a sleep-away camp for adults?
Guest Shark Chris Sacca Is Not Impressed
00:32 — "I can't tell whether you're pitching, or asking for therapy."
Kevin O'Leary Hates This Idea
01:41 — He calls it "a dog" -- and has some other choice words for it.
Chill Out
01:21 — Robert Herjavec cools down.
Sneak Peek: Trobo's Plea
01:28 — The creators of Trobo make an emotional plea to Robert.
Guest Shark Troy Carter Makes an Offer
00:52 — Troy Carter has learned a few things from Kevin O'Leary.
It's a Bad Idea
00:43 — "Take this behind the barn and shoot it."
Sneak Peek: Warm Beer Sucks!
00:56 — Don't be a victim of warm beer exposure.
Self- Zapping Wristbands
02:01 — Will the Sharks zap down the wristband idea?
Holiday Funukkah
01:08 — Will Mensch on the Bench put the funukkah in Hanukkah? See if the Sharks think it can in this scene from this week's episode of Shark Tank.
Sneak Peek: Kevin O'Leary Forbids a Deal
00:49 — Mr. Wonderful forbids ANY Shark from making an offer.
Alternative Honey
01:03 — The Sharks debate a unique honey substitute.
Sharks Test Out Leaux Racing Trikes
01:13 — Watch Robert Herjavec wipe out!
Doubts About BearTek
01:38 — Are smart gloves a smart idea?
Make Something Happen
01:12 — An ambitious inventor shares his story with the Sharks.
A Toilet Bowl Night Light
01:01 — It's a way to do your business in a whole new light!
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