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May 30, 2007: The Retreat

I almost missed the second episode! I was so confused — and that’s saying something — look who I work for! I thought it was just going to be a repeat of the pilot episode, but we got lucky. Jay and Tyler were on for two full hours. And I’m glad they repeated the pilot, because my memory needed to be refreshed.If ABC cancels this show, my heart will be broken. So far, it has me skipping beats. I am not just saying that because I write this blog. I mean it — this show is really entertaining. So much happened in the second episode. Most of the important information came from the flashbacks. I knew Carlton Fog (William Sadler) was not a good person. He seemed like a jerk from the start and his creepy-bald friend proved me right. But the flashbacks are what really worry me. Will Traveler (Aaron Stanford) knew him. He referred to him as “Carlton” instead of simply saying “Tyler’s Dad” or “Mr. Fog”. And he had supposedly never m... read more

May 10, 2007: "You've Got to See the World Before You Can Change It"

I really liked this show. And lately, television and I have not been getting along. Just last week I decided to break up with Grey’s Anatomy. This was a big step for me, because Grey’s and I have been together since the beginning. But I’ve decided to move on… and I’d like you to meet my new love interest: Traveler. Every time I try to explain this show to my friends and family I find myself calling it “The Traveler,” but nope! It’s just Traveler.My infatuation for Traveler began the moment Jay spoke the words, “My father died, because someone in the government betrayed him. That didn’t make me hate my country — it made me want to fix it.” That line took my breath away and I instantly fell in love with the lead character Jay Burchell (the oh-so-cute Matthew Bomer). I know he’s got a trusting and sympathetic girlfriend, Kim (Pascale Hutton), but a girl can dream.I barely noticed "Will Traveler" (Aaron Stanford). I do... read more


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hostel's Jay Hernandez has joined the ABC ensemble soap Six Degrees (the pilot of which is being directed by film vet Tim Blake Nelson); Final Destination hottie Ali Larter and Hayden Panettiere have been cast on NBC's Heroes; and onetime big-screen Superman contender Matt Bomer, Logan Marshall-Green and Aaron Stanford have scored the leads in ABC's Traveler. read more

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