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Mon Oct 3 8:00am
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet Brown Meadows(Season 1, Episode 1) BET

A lively but surly fellow named LeRoy Brown (David Mann) attempts to open and operate a retirement home in this sitcom spun off from "Tyler Perry's House of Payne." First up: Brown gets help in his venture from a doctor (Lamman Rucker), the doc's nurse wif (more…)

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Mon Oct 3 8:30am
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet London and the Competition(Season 1, Episode 2) BET

Brown tries to fill a handyman position and settles on a fellow aspiring to become a lawyer. Meanwhile, Sasha decides to work as a nurse for Brown. Also arriving: an alluring but dim-bulbed heiress named London Sheraton (Arielle Vandenberg), who's at the h (more…)

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Mon Oct 3 9:00am
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Dependents and the Divas(Season 1, Episode 3) BET

When two troubled orphans arrive at the Brown home, Sasha and Will ponder whether to be their foster parents or not. Meanwhile, diva duo London Sheraton and Miss Daisy take part in a battle of wits when they appear on a local television program.

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Mon Oct 3 9:30am
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet My Family(Season 1, Episode 4) BET

Chaotic actions in the house prompt Brown to organize a surprise "family day" for the residents. Lo and behold, the sole family arrival is the Colonel's estranged daughter. Meanwhile, neighborhood frat boys perform a step show for the gang. And Will and Sa (more…)

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Mon Oct 3 10:00am
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet My Maker(Season 1, Episode 5) BET

Ms. Edna grows despondent in the wake of her friend's death, but it's a wonderful life when the gang stages a retrospective of her life to cheer her up. Elsewhere, Brown questions Jesus' sexual orientation.

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Mon Oct 3 10:30am
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Babies(Season 1, Episode 6) BET

Brianna's pregnant teen friend arrives. But when she goes into labor, Brown must deliver the baby all by himself. Elsewhere, Miss Daisy vanishes.

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Mon Oct 3 11:00am
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Dangerous and the Deadline(Season 1, Episode 7) BET

Sasha must confront her past when a former abusive boyfriend is released from prison and pays her a visit. And the pressure's on for Brown, who desperately searches for a lost winning raffle ticket for a cruise to the Bahamas.

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Mon Oct 3 11:30am
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Faithless and the Faithful(Season 1, Episode 8) BET

Brown tunes up when he enters a gospel-choir contest, one that he's lost to a flamboyant nemesis six years running. Elsewhere, Cora's longtime friend takes a walk on the wild side during a visit.

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Mon Oct 3 12:00pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Truth(Season 1, Episode 9) BET

The gang is concerned when a troubled Brianna receives a school suspension. Meanwhile, two aspiring fraternity members pull a prank on Brown, but not without consequences. And the boys' faculty adviser (Cameron Arnett) makes romantic moves on Cora.

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Mon Oct 3 12:30pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Future(Season 1, Episode 10) BET

Cora and Russell's romance continues to bloom, despite Brown's interference. Elsewhere, Brianna and Joaquin's onetime foster family agrees to adopt them, which upsets Sasha and Will.

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Mon Oct 3 1:00pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Parents & the Plant(Season 2, Episode 1) BET

Season 2 opens with Will and Sasha attempting to keep Brianna and Joaquin from being adopted. Elsewhere, Brown suspects that the neighborhood frat boys are growing pot, so he tries to smoke them out.

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Mon Oct 3 1:30pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Profits(Season 2, Episode 2) BET

Brown decides to levy fees for amenities at the house, only to stir up an open rebellion when he begins to abuse the policy. Elsewhere, Sasha is a candidate for a job that pays more than Will's position.

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Mon Oct 3 2:00pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Class(Season 2, Episode 3) BET

Cora lands a post as a substitute educator---but it's to teach the school's roughest, toughest pupils. And there's a passion for fashion when Brown and London square off in a fashion showdown.

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Mon Oct 3 2:30pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet Mommie Dearest(Season 2, Episode 4) BET

Brianna and Joaquin's mother (Tasha Smith) tenaciously works to gain custody of the children upon her return from prison. Elsewhere, Brown unwittingly ingests the Colonel's male-enhancement pills.

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Mon Oct 3 3:00pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Matchmaker(Season 2, Episode 5) BET

Brown secretly taps into an online dating service to arrange a date for Cora. Elsewhere, unforeseen developments occur when London and Jesus team up to prepare Miss Daisy for an audition.

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Mon Oct 3 3:30pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet Career Day(Season 2, Episode 6) BET

Will plans to attend "career day" at Brianna's school, but Brown must replace him after an emergency sidelines Will. In other news, Brown decides he needs a fashion makeover.

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Mon Oct 3 4:00pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Cousins(Season 2, Episode 7) BET

Sasha gets testy when she discovers compromising bachelor-party photos on Will's cell phone. Meanwhile, Brown investigates his family roots, only to discover he shares a connection with Miss Daisy.

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Mon Oct 3 4:30pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Body(Season 2, Episode 8) BET

A magazine writer plans to author an article on the house, and an excited Brown anticipates the reporter's arrival. But when Edna's paramour dies in her room, Brown rushes to hide the body from the columnist. Meanwhile, a drama springs up between Sasha and (more…)

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Mon Oct 3 5:00pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Mexican(Season 2, Episode 9) BET

Jesus hopes to impress his visiting father by having Brown and the gang pose as his servants. Meanwhile, London expects her dad's arrival, but he might not meet expectations. Erik Estrada guest stars.

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Mon Oct 3 5:30pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Entrepreneur(Season 2, Episode 10) BET

Will worries that he's not a good father, setting off dramas that affect the children. Meanwhile, Brown considers marketing the secret recipe to his zippy barbecue sauce. But there's a bitter aftertaste when he loses the recipe.

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Mon Oct 3 6:00pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Ex(Season 2, Episode 11) BET

Will's attractive and vivacious ex-flame arrives for a fund-raiser, triggering some jealousy in Sasha. Elsewhere, divas Edna and London team up to throw a Botox bash.

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Mon Oct 3 6:30pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the E.R.(Season 2, Episode 12) BET

When a convenience-store robbery leaves Brown shot---in the hind end, no less---he exploits the situation for his own gain. Meanwhile, a health scare motivates Edna to change her lusty behavior.

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Mon Oct 3 7:00pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Secret(Season 2, Episode 13) BET

Joaquin is thrown a curveball when dramas revolve around his baseball coach. Meanwhile, Cora pressures Brown to make out his will. Brown's only conclusion: She's out to kill him.

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Mon Oct 3 7:30pm
Tyler Perry's Meet the BrownsMeet the Intervention(Season 2, Episode 14) BET

The gang is game for an intervention when Brown falls victim to a lottery addiction. Elsewhere, a boy makes romantic moves on a flustered Brianna.

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