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Pilot News: Everwood Alum, Others Join Shonda Rhimes Show

Jason George, Sarah Drew

Three more actors are heading Inside the Box, the ABC pilot penned by Richard Robbins and exec-produced by Grey's Anatomy's Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers.

Set at a Washington network news bureau and revolving around Caroline, an ambitious female reporter, Inside the Box will feature Everwood alum (and recent Private Practice guest star) Sarah Drew as ... read more

Pilot News: Battlestar's Helfer Tries Shrink Rap

Tricia Helfer in Burn Notice by Dan Littlejohn/USA Network Photo

As part of her holding deal with Fox, Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) has landed the female lead in Inseparable, a drama pilot from Shaun Cassidy (Invasion) and revolving around a partially paralyzed forensic psychiatrist (Lloyd Owen) with a Jekyll-and-Hyde-type split personality. (His alter ego is a master criminal, and one not at all paralyzed, I would guess. Not that the partially paralyzed cannot serve as capable crooks; I just imagine it would impair the traditionally desired "quick getaway." But I digress.)Per the Reporter, Helfer — whom I actually just spied while screening the most excellent Burn Notice season premiere — will play a shrink who evaluates suspects for the police — and thus, probably on more than one occasion, casts a curious eye on Owen's antihero. — Matt MitovichRelated:• Exclusive: Battlestar's Helfer Gives Notice • Fox Says: Tricia Helfer Has (Battle)star Quality! read more

Viva Is Dead; Long Live the Race!

Lloyd Owen in Viva Laughlin by Robert Voets/CBS

Since almost no one watched the second and final episode of CBS’ misbegotten quasi-musical mess Viva Laughlin, let me share with you a headline that appeared at the start of Sunday’s episode: “Viva Craps Out.” I kid you not. (The headline was referring to the fictional casino, not the show. But really. Did they already know this was coming?)And then there was this bit of dialogue, as casino owner Ripley Holden (Lloyd Owen) surveys his customer-free casino (prophetic, that) and asks his mousy accountant, “How long can we hold out?” The answer: “A week, tops.”Viva Laughlin didn’t even last a week. Episode 1 crashed and burned Thursday with a plum CSI lead-in, and Episode 2 (which was of even considerably worse quality than the pilot) caused nary a ripple Sunday night. With the ever-fatal combo of lousy ratings and blistering reviews, CBS made the only logical move and canned it. After a CSI repeat this Sunday, The Amazing Race will return o... read more

Comings & Goings: Mad Men, Viva Laughlin

Jon Hamm in Mad Men courtesy AMC

You could get vertigo tonight, scaling the heights of the finale of Mad Men on AMC, and then plumbing the depths of the tone-deaf misfire that is Viva Laughlin, premiering on CBS in the plum slot after CSI before moving to Sundays. There, only those with the most morbid curiosity to watch a show’s slow yet hopefully quick death are likely to follow (unless every critic I know is totally off the mark).First, a salute to the best and most fascinating new show to arrive on TV this year (and I’m even including my quirky new treasure Pushing Daisies in that equation). Mad Men, so hypnotic in its look and style as it recreates a classic movie-worthy image of 1960 Manhattan, is a period piece that says volumes about today, or about any era in which salary and status is tied to self-worth and where people construct a false reality to sell themselves on the American dream.Don Draper (instant star Jon Hamm) would seem to have it all. Besides the movie-star looks, he enjoys upward mo... read more

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