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Scandal Spoiler: Did That Really Just Happen?! Find Out What's Next


[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursday's episode of Scandal. Read at your own risk!]

The investigation into who really sent the damaging sex tape to the White House finally came to a head in Thursday night's episode of Scandal... read more

Scandal Flashback: Was Fitz and Olivia's Relationship More Than a Torrid Affair?


Scandal is going back in time!

On Thursday's episode, the ABC drama will flash back to the presidential primary race where future President Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia (Kerry Washington) first met. For those who think Oliva and Fitz's stolen glances and forbidden romance ...
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Scandal: Grey's Anatomy's Kate Burton Makes Her Debut as the VP

Kate Burton and Tony Goldwyn

The vice president will finally be introduced in Thursday's episode of Scandal — and she's the polar opposite of President Fitz (Tony Goldwyn).

"She's kind of like a combo physically between Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi, but when she opens her mouth she's pure Michele Bachmann," says Kate Burton, who plays Sally Langston, the Tea Party conservative who was once Fitz's enemy. (She sounds peachy!) Burton is all too familiar with playing a strong female matriarch, having portrayed Ellis Grey on Grey's Anatomy, a role that surely came in handy when taking on the VP of the United States.

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Scandal Scoop: Cyrus Is About to Wage War on Pope & Associates


The bulldog of the White House is about to be set loose on Scandal.

While Olivia (Kerry Washington) is dealing with the implications of Amanda's pregnancy — apparently with the president's baby — Chief of Staff Cyrus (Jeff Perry) is preparing for war, and not against an enemy of the state. Amanda Tanner (Liza Weil), Olivia Pope and her associates are actually the folks in his crosshairs... read more

Scandal Scoop: Will Quinn's Relationship with Gideon Get Her Into Trouble?

Katie Lowes, Scandal

Scandal's resident new girl may seem innocent enough, but Quinn Perkins is about to go down an ethically questionable path when she gets too close to snooping reporter Gideon.

In his quest to break what he hopes to be a career-boosting story, Gideon (Brendan Hines) digs into the catalyst for why Amanda Tanner (Liza Weil) tried to kill herself shortly after quitting her job at the White House (apparently she had an affair with the president). Professional fixer Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) takes on her case, knowing personally what a charmer President Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) can be. But when Gideon starts getting too close to the story, Pope tasks Quinn (Katie Lowes) to find out what he knows — and that can only lead to bad places.

Scandal Scoop: How ethical is professional fixer Olivia Pope? turned to Lowes to get the scoop on what's ahead for Quinn, including her questionable relationship with Gideon and how it will get both of them into trouble... read more

Why Scandal Isn't Just Another Grey's Anatomy


Just because Scandal comes from executive producers Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers, doesn't mean it's another Grey's Anatomy.

"The only reason... read more

Grey's Anatomy's Kate Burton Heads to Scandal

Kate Burton

Grey's Anatomy alum Kate Burton will appear on Shonda Rhimes upcoming series Scandal, has learned.

Burton, who played the mother of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), will portray Vice President Sally Hewitt on the ABC drama... read more

February 13, 2007: I Want You to Want Me

If you managed to catch the preview for this episode — and I’m not sure you could have missed it since it aired every half-hour for a week straight — you knew the end was coming. “You’re the man I want to want!” wails Lorelai in the promo. So when she finally choked out those sad words in the episode, they kinda lost their kick-to-the-stomach-effect. Which was a shame, because the familiarity practically robbed us of her honesty. It’s as if the lines were delivered by a woman on truth serum, admitting to one horrible thing after another: “I still have feelings for Luke.” “I jumped.” “I’ve always thought of you as a possibility” (BTW: Chris, “possibility” is another word for “backup.” Ouch.) And then the Big Line. Chris took it well, actually. Who wants to hear that someone wants to love you, but you know, they just can’t muster up the feelings? Interesting: Chris is a selfish jerk, but som... read more

October 31: 2006: Two Morrow

Normally, I love to write about reruns, especially my favorite show. There’s sitting back all comfy on the couch, knowing what’s going to happen next, but keeping an eye out for some of the things I might have missed. (This is GG, after all, and no mater how devoted you are, something great was going to zoom right past you.) It’s fun catching those fly-by slys or finally understanding one of Michel’s bizarre jokes. (Am I the only one who sometimes has a hard time understanding his over-the-top French accent. Good thing for closed captioning!)But this was a repeat of “The Long Morrow,” the season premiere, and the first ep written by new show runner David Rosenthal. The first time it aired, there was no sitting cushy, there were no snacks and there was certainly no talking out loud. Not even during commercials. I was watching this ep the way Rory reads Camus under a tree on campus -- with complete concentration and absolutely no distractions. Do you reme... read more

October 10, 2006: There's a Million Ways to Cotillion

Alright, is everyone calm? If not, take a deep breath. Another. One more. Are you all OK after that final scene? Good. So let’s be rational for a few minutes. We knew it was coming. We knew Chris would tell Lorelai he loved her, that she was the one, that their night together felt right, that he’d wait forever until she realized they were meant to be. (Yes, she was wearing a white gown and holding flowers. And he was dressed in what looked like a tie-less tux. But let’s not digress.) It happened. Said. Done. Wait, you’re probably saying. Why are we breezing right past this? Because it wasn’t the most important part of the ep. Not by a long shot. We’ll get back to that later.It happened at the kitchen table, as things usually do in the Gilmore home. The identity crisis. It was pretty close to the whole “who-am-I-where-am-I-going” Tony Soprano moment, but over boxes of Pop-Tarts, not a crazy uncle and a really gross gunshot wound. How long have ... read more

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