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Who's Joining Arrested Development?

Terry Crews, Isla Fisher

Two more new faces are joining the Bluths for the upcoming Netflix season of Arrested Development.

Isla Fisher and Terry Crews will guest-star on the fourth season of the dysfunctional family comedy, reports. There's no word on who they will be playing, but they've already started shooting their scenes, according to the site.

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Keck's Exclusives: Liza Minnelli Gets Arrested!

Liza Minnelli

Guess who just got Arrested? The wonderfully kooky Liza Minnelli has landed in L.A. to shoot scenes for Netflix's limited revival of the equally kooky 2003-06 Fox sitcom, Arrested Development.

Minnelli will reprise her role as Lucille Austero, a character ...
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Straight Girl's Queer Crisis!

The 21-year-old bachelorette at the heart of Fox's latest dating romp, Playing It Straight, better fine-tune her gaydar if she wants to meet Mr. Right Orientation. On Friday's premiere, Jackie gave the boot to two guys she suspected were gay but who were actually straight. (Somewhere, Liza Minnelli is feeling her pain.) TV Guide Online rang up the perky Wisconsin coed — and suspected Jennifer Love Hewitt clone — to see whether her queer eye could pass our inspection. TV Guide Online: How was the show initially presented to you?Jackie: They told me it was going to be a dating show with a big twist. TVGO: What did you think it might be?Jackie: Honestly, I thought it might have been that some of the guys were gay. TVGO: Really?Jackie: Yeah. They said i read more

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