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Lisa Reads Matt's Texts
Briana and Matt’s marriage is under fire once again as Lisa reads the inappropriate text messages that Matt sent to her in this clip from the Season 6 (more…)
Baby Dies In Hot Car While Mom Gets Hair Done: Cops
01:08 — A beautiful baby girl dies after police say her mother left her alone in a hot car while she got her hair done. Dijanelle Fowler, 25, faces charges in (more…)
18-Year-Old Adopted After Years in Foster Care: 'They Always Called Me Their Son
01:57 — Calling Tex and Renee Petersen 'mom' and 'dad' has changed 18-year-old Carson's life. The foster child from California was in and out of the system fo (more…)
Watch Adults Allegedly Use Kids to Steal In Two Different Scenarios
01:19 — Adults are allegedly using their kids to steal, and it's on camera. New Orleans police say one video shows a man with a baby swipe someone's wallet in (more…)
Kittens Saved From Container Minutes Before Dying on 100-Degree Day
00:54 — Nine cute, cuddly kittens nearly died after being trapped inside a container for more than an hour as temperatures outside exceeded 100 degrees. A loc (more…)
Former Brides Rescue Future Brides From Dress Distress in Alfred Angelo Closure
01:37 — Recent brides are closing their wallets and opening their hearts to give away their wedding dresses. Valerie Do was initially selling her $3,500 gown (more…)
Watch Baby Delivered In Uber
01:13 — Frantic moments in the backseat of an Uber as a mother gives birth. Driver Raymond Telles honked his way through a Los Angeles suburb to get to the ho (more…)
'Pregnant' Woman Shot at Her Gender Reveal Party Lied About Having a Baby: Cops
01:04 — Ohio police investigating a fatal shooting at a gender reveal party have revealed the woman was never pregnant. Police say Cheyanne Willis was shot in (more…)
Alien: Isolation Interview with Lead Artist - Floor Report - E3 2014
04:04 — At E3 2014, Lisa interviews Jude Bond, the lead artist for Alien: Isolation. Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews - (more…)
E3: 2014 - Ashly Burch aka Tiny Tina
02:57 — Lisa Foiles catches up with Tiny Tina voice actor Ashly Burch. Follow Borderlands 2 at! Official (more…)
Guess Who? Jeff or Lisa
03:55 — Jeff and special guest Lisa Whelchel played a fun game called "Guess Who." Check out the video to play along for yourself!
World Autism Awareness Day
03:45 — Lisa Goring, VP of Family Services at Autism Speaks, discusses World Autism Awareness Day and their Light It Up Blue campaign.
Watch Aspiring Pro Skateboarder Born Without Legs
01:08 — Nothing is stopping a legless skateboarder's dream of going pro. Vinicios Sardi of Brazil was born with a birth defect that prevented his legs from fu (more…)
Amazing Race Edition: Lisa and Eric
14:58 — Host Ross Mathews interviews the first losing team from "The Amazing Race" Lisa and Eric. See what these two unlucky losers have to say about never ma (more…)
Why Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Has Spun Wild Conspiracy Theories
02:32 — INSIDE EDITION spoke with Lisa Miller of New York Magazine about the conspiracy theories surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airline (more…)
Lisa and Jeff's Trivia Showdown
07:47 — Lisa Whelchel is competing on the current season of 'Survivor' and is the ultimate super-fan, having watched every season since the show premiered twe (more…)
Ugly Celeb Splits: Lisa Marie Presley Wants Full Custody and Iggy Azalea Puts Nick Young on Blast
00:50 — While June usually brings many weddings, these celebrities are going their separate ways.
Teen Suicide Rates Double?!
03:43 — A new federal report released says that suicide rates among U.S. middle school students has DOUBLED from 2007-2014. Psychologist Dr. Lisa Strohman joi (more…)
How fighting with your teen impacts development
04:47 — If you find yourself sparring with your teen, psychologist Lisa Damour says don't panic. That's because fighting can be an important part of your chil (more…)
9-Year-Old Boy Travels Country Delivering Donuts to Cops
01:53 — It's a bird, it's a plane, it's donut boy! Tyler Carach, 9, is on an epic quest this summer, stopping at almost every donut shop you can imagine for (more…)
Three Ambush Adventurers Return!
11:38 — Remember Charlene, Terry, and Lisa? A few weeks ago, Jeff challenged these three makeup-loving ladies with a special Ambush Adventure: to take off the (more…)
On the Couch with Lisa Whelchel
09:25 — We have Jeff, we have great questions from the audience, and we have a fantastic panel: Lisa Whelchel, from 'Survivor: Philippines' and 'The Facts of (more…)
Easy Sparkling Party Punch – How To
02:41 — Hosting a holiday party can be a lot of fun; getting stuck making drinks the whole night at that party can be a real drag. In this video, Lisa Lavery (more…)
Workplace happiness: Neither open-plan offices or shorter hours help
03:25 — A new study in the Journal of Environmental Pyscohology finds that open-plan offices without cubicles and shorter hours doesn't always make workers ha (more…)
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