Big Brother: All-Stars Preview!

Big Brother 7: All-Stars host Julie Chen

Voyeur alert! CBS' Big Brother — that wildly addictive, Orwellian peep show — will launch its seventh season tonight at 8 pm/ET with Big Brother 7: All-Stars, featuring 12 of the show's most popular houseguests. During the kickoff, host Julie Chen will introduce the 20 semifinalists, then unveil which six were picked by fan votes and which six were chosen by executive producers Allison Grodner and Arnold Shapiro. The winner collects half a million bucks — but not bef read more

I'm worried about Big ...

Will Kirby, Big Brother

Question: I'm worried about Big Brother: All-Stars. Half of the proposed candidates are unintelligent goofs just added to the list for their good looks or idiotic behavior. I'm hoping that people will choose to vote for some of the interesting, competitive and intelligent (albeit devious) players from the past (i.e., Will, James, Kaysar, Danielle, Janelle). Any chance you can post this, so that I can get your readers on my side and start a revolution for a reality show that doesn't have to rely on the village idiots for its success? Do you think this is even possible? Answer: Consider it done, for what it's worth. But really, how do you distinguish the idiots on this ridiculous show? (For the record, you're not exactly barking up the tree of a Big Brother fan. Kind of the contrary.) I can think of few phrases more oxymoronic than "Big Brother: All-Stars." What a pathetic collection of narcissistic never-were has-beens. But taking it at face value, my main puzzlement is why the show ... read more

Will Hurricane Howie Hit Big Brother?

Will Howie Gordon make the Big Brother 7: All-Stars cut?

CBS' Big Brother 7: All-Stars is about to begin, and the 20 potential housemates are out campaigning like crazy — perhaps none more so than "Hurricane" Howie Gordon. The self-proclaimed Jedi and former weatherman who breezed through the first half of Big Brother 6 desperately wants a chance to blow away audiences with his humor once again. Today is the last day that fans can vote at for their favorites. (The viewers' top six will be combined with the producers' favorite six, and the chosen dozen will enter the house on July 6.) Before casting your ba read more

Your Veronica Mars Questions Answered!

Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni, Veronica Mars

With the much-anticipated season finale of UPN's Veronica Mars  upon us (tonight at 9 pm/ET), many fans are still trying to recover from the shocking not-guilty verdict delivered at Aaron Echolls' trial in last week's episode. Meanwhile other readers are already looking ahead to a potential third season. In his latest exclusive Q&A, Mars creator Rob Thomas provides plenty of insight about recent happenings and answers readers' burning questions about Veronica's future. Question: First, I trust you. Second, please tell me the whole STD thing will make sense after seeing the finale. I'm torn between whether Duncan slept with Kendall or Aaron paid the doctor.... Do tell! — Holli read more

Harmony hottie Eric Martsolf has...

Harmony hottie Eric Martsolf has taken a week off work at Passions to help wife Lisa with their newborn twin sons. For a first look at Eric and Lisa's babies, click here!

During Eric's break, the NBC sudser temporarily recast his front-burner character, Ethan Winthrop. Look for Port Charles grad Rib Hillis — he played Dr. Jake Marshak — to step in as Ethan for four episodes starting on May 25.

"I love coming back to daytime TV," Hillis tells "There's nothing like it. Ethan is an interesting guy to play. But I didn't kiss anyone or take off my shirt once!"

Bummer. FYI: Those who wanna see more of Rib should pick up the May issue of Out magazine. The 35-year-old male read more

Passions hottie Eric Martsolf...

Passions hottie Eric Martsolf and wife Lisa welcomed fraternal-twin sons on Friday. They are Chase Evan, who weighs in at 5 pounds, 6 ounces, and Mason Alan, a slightly bigger bundle of joy at 6 pounds, 5 ounces. Gotta love those soapy baby names! read more

American Idol I have to agree...

American IdolI have to agree with Simon Cowell: Any of "that lot" could have been in the bottom three, as this performance night was one of the worst in the history of the show. Before we got to the big buh-bye, the wannabes headed off to the premiere of Ice Age 2. Seems like the perfect activity for Kevin "Chicken Little" Covais, but he missed it by a week. Then it was time for a photo shoot, where Lisa called them one "big, happy family." Well, not for long. Shakira and Wyclef brought out the intense energy — I swear, Shakira's hips moved more during the first 10 seconds of the song than Bucky, Lisa, Ace, Kellie and Chris' whole bodies have during the entire competition. Wyc read more

America's Next Top Model Tonight's...

America's Next Top ModelTonight's modeling lesson is on irony. For example: At first Nnenna's boyfriend's demand to know if she'd been flirting with other guys was rather funny, considering that she's been surrounded by nothing but women, gay men and Nigel (and I bet Tyra and her lawyers keep a close watch on him, lest he get in any Paula Abdulish mess). Oh, how ironic that it's already time for the hot-male-model episode! And suddenly, the sweet, intellectual chemist goes all wild and makes out with her model on the set. "He totally pitched a tent when they were in Africa," Joanie, my favorite narrator, remarked. Good for you, Nnenna. That mustachioed BF in Houston looks a little beneath you, and he seems to know it. Irony No. 2: Janice Dickinson, whose plastic surgery quite limits her facial expressi read more

American Idol George Huff was...

Hugh Laurie, House

American IdolGeorge Huff was in the house, but these off-key performances probably removed the smile from his face for the first time ever. I did actually enjoy Taylor and was freaked out to be in agreement with Paula Abdul — Taylor is really great when he just stands there and sings. Mandisa wasn't at her best, but vocally she was still miles above the others. Yes, Simon Cowell, we know the "song isn't for you." If it were, it would be called "Damn You," not "Praise You." Paris definitely had the "attitude" part of "Work It Out" down, and she managed a decent vocal while doing the patented Beyoncé booty dance. Bucky was OK — though the band drowned him out a bit, he picked a good song read more

Will wonders never cease? This...

Will wonders never cease? This week, two of the least deserving contestants in recent reality-TV history got the boot: the obnoxious, repellent, incompetent Brent on The Apprentice and the chirpy, twerpy Kevin on American Idol. They should never have made it on these shows in the first place. But since we usually can't depend on common sense to reign on shows like these, it's worth cheering when it happens. (It would have been a swell hat trick if the woefully insecure, gratingly unworthy Gina had been eliminated from America's Next Top Model this week as well, after her runway freak-out over the glittery cockroach accessories. But there's always next week.)

And now w read more

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