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Bill Engvall: Still Afraid of Snakes?
02:46 — Did life strategist Gary Coxe use his unique methods to cure comedian Bill Engvall’s fear of snakes?
“Spray” Makes Men Last Longer In Bed?
02:22 — A new male spray soon to hit drugstores claims that it can actually make men last longer in bed. The Doctors decide to put it to the test!
Cure Phobias in an Hour?
04:15 — Comedian Bill Engvall opens up about his fear of snakes. Life Strategist Gary Coxe is going to try and cure Bill’s phobia of snakes in just an hour. C (more…)
Healthier “Morning Rush” Meals!
03:52 — Are you forgetting breakfast in your rush to get out the door? Lisa Lillien, author of Clean and Hungry, joins The Doctors to show just how easy break (more…)
Derek Theler’s Struggle with Diabetes
04:46 — Freeform’s Baby Daddy star Derek Theler joins The Doctors to discuss how he thrives with diabetes.
A New Low for Anthony Weiner
05:39 — Anthony Weiner has lost his wife, career and might even lose his son because of his past sexual deviances. And now he’s in the spotlight again, hittin (more…)
Trump on Health Care for Criminals!
05:09 — New York and New Jersey bombing suspect Admad Khan Rahami was arrested Monday after a gun battle with police. Trump made comments about the great qual (more…)
News in 2:00
02:08 — Get the latest health news you can use with “The Doctors”’ News in 2:00!
Club Foot Nightmare!
02:29 — One woman’s childhood diagnosis is still causing her pain 40 years later. After several surgeries as a kid, she was able to live a normal life. But sh (more…)
“Food Baby” Was Actually A Tumor!
03:37 — You know when you eat a big meal and your belly sticks out? Well, what if that “food baby” was actually a tumor? Here’s what you need to look out for.
The Booty That Broke the Internet
05:49 — The Doctors welcome Raylynn to the show who has received a lot of attention for her 70-inch bottom.
Is there Hope for Woman Struggling with Club Feet?
03:09 — Kelli, who struggles with club feet, joins The Doctors with podiatric surgeon Dr. Ali Khosroabadi to discuss what can be done to help her walk pain fr (more…)
Mom’s Punishment: Cruel or Creative?
04:35 — One mom’s punishment went viral after she picked up all the stuff on her children’s bedroom floors and put it in bags, which they could buy back for $ (more…)
Meet 8-Year-Old Fashion Model
03:32 — Meet Ava, a young albino model who recently walked the red carpet with Beyoncé, and who works hard to raise awareness for albinism.
Pore Extractions
02:41 — The Doctors discuss a video of pore extractions, and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon weighs in on the safety of this technique.
Spike in Child Abductions?
03:51 — It seems like we’ve been hearing more and more stories of attempted child kidnappings in broad daylight. The Doctors decided to conduct their own expe (more…)
Weight Talks With Daughter Dangerous?
05:02 — Could talking to your kid about their weight cause some heavy issues later in life? A new study shows mother’s comments on their daughter’s weight can (more…)
Parents Fined for Their Bullying Kids?!
03:26 — A town in Wisconsin is fining parents for their children’s bullying. Parents can pay up to $680 dollars for their child’s bad behavior.
Drs Investigate: Zika Scams?!
03:31 — The Doctors investigated many products on the market claiming to keep people safe from Zika, from gadgets to jewelry. The truth is they may offer no Z (more…)
Surprises for Dog Attack Survivor
03:11 — 11-year-old Ahniah still has pain and scars from her brutal attack. Check out the surprises that The Doctors have in store for her.
Digital Heroin?
03:10 — Pretty much every kid has some sort of digital device, but did you know they could have a drug-like effect on your kid?
Picture Perfect Pout
04:03 — Check out how celebrities get that picture perfect pout.
Man with Artificial Heart Starts Heartwarming Non-Profit
02:24 — Fitness model Andrew Jones started the non-profit Hearts at Large from his hospital bed to help people get through the challenges of waiting for a tra (more…)
Food Anatomy!
03:17 — What does food anatomy mean? Well, some foods actually resemble the organs they are good for!
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