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Drs. Rx: Who Needs More Sleep: Men or Women?
01:31 — The Doctors reveal which sex needs more sleep at night. The answer might surprise you.
Weightlifter Hurls during Deadlift
02:41 — The Doctors are joined by Brianna who successfully deadlifted 347 pounds but not without losing her lunch.
Passing Gas or Saying ‘I Love You?’
03:30 — The Doctors discuss a recent survey which asked people when they felt comfortable farting in front of their partners…and when they felt comfortable sa (more…)
Meet the Man That Went from Bullied to Buff
02:56 — Meet Austin who lost over half his body weight. And see what surprises The Doctors have in store for him.
Country Singer JT Hodges Shares About His Healthy Lifestyle
03:30 — JT joins The Doctors to talk about working out on the road and what motivates him to keep eating healthy and feeling good.
Pregnancy Phobia!?
04:07 — Melinda joins The Doctors to discuss her tokophobia, or fear of pregnancy and childbirth. Even though she’s pregnant herself, the sight of a pregnant (more…)
Get Fit on a Fake Pony?
04:07 — “Real Housewife” Heather Dubrow joins The Doctors to discuss a new toy that may actually have some spurring health benefits.
The Wonder Breast Lift!
03:50 — After losing over 100 pounds, Arena had insecurity and embarrassment about her breasts. She met with plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and underwent a (more…)
Gun That Looks Like a Phone?
05:03 — The Doctors are joined by gun inventor Kirk Kjellberg to discuss the “Ideal Conceal,” a new gun that looks like a smartphone when not in use. But coul (more…)
Drs. Rx: Worried About Extra Pounds? Break Up With Sugar!
01:52 — The Doctors share a delicious dessert recipe that won’t make you miss sugar at all.
Endometriosis Nightmare Is Over?
05:05 — You may remember Julia who came to The Doctors with paralyzing pain from endometriosis. Watch as gynecologist Dr. Samer Seckin performs surgery on Jul (more…)
News in 2:00
02:08 — Get the latest health news you can use with “The Doctors” News in 2:00!
Sarah Jessica Parker Shares about Her Son’s Life-Threatening Allergy
05:36 — Actress Sarah Jessica Parker opens up about her son James Wilkie’s life-threatening allergy, and the terrifying day that he went into anaphylactic sho (more…)
Brand Name Drug Controversy!
02:58 — The Doctors discuss a recent study that found doctors who accepted money - or even a meal - from a drug or device maker, prescribed a higher percent o (more…)
Live Happy!
03:30 — Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser talks about contributing to a new book, “Live Happy,” and shares tips on how to find more happiness in your life - from g (more…)
Doctors’ Staffer Visits Dr. Pimple Popper!
03:47 — The Doctors social media producer visits dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee – aka “Dr. Pimple Popper” – to have a lipoma removed.
Exclusive: FDA Supplement Truth
05:33 — Director of the FDA office of Criminal Investigations George Karavetsos joins The Doctors to discuss how big of a problem tainted supplements really a (more…)
Exclusive: FDA on How to Avoid Harmful Supplements
03:06 — Director of the FDA office of Criminal Investigations George Karavetsos joins The Doctors to discuss how to avoid tainted and potentially harmful supp (more…)
Drs. Rx: Did you Know Vitamin C Might Prevent This?
01:44 — The Doctors share the results of a new study about the powers of this nutrient.
Actress Robin Givens Undergoes a Live Ultrasound Breast Exam
05:16 — Surgical breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk performs a live ultrasound on actress Robin Givens as a way to check for breast cancer. To see a clip from (more…)
Exclusive: Did Baby Die From Alleged Parental Neglect?
03:45 — Did 19-month-old baby Ezekiel die because of his parents’ alleged distrust of western medicine? The Doctors are joined by Tony Stephen, Ezekiel’s gran (more…)
Woman Seeks Diagnosis for Mysterious Freckle Pattern
03:46 — For years, doctors have been baffled as to why 30-year-old Samantha gets freckles on only one side of her body. Will plastic surgeon Andrew Ordon and (more…)
Is Public Shaming Getting Out of Control?
03:56 — The rise of social media has spawned the often cruel trend of online public shaming. From celebrities, to mothers, and even teens, people from across (more…)
The Girl Who Can’t Smile
04:47 — Meet Kalli, a young girl with partial facial paralysis that inhibits her ability to smile. Find out what caused the paralysis and if anything can be d (more…)
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