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Tuesday TV in Review: A Thrill Ride Down ABC's River, Justified, Southland

Joe Anderson

If the notion of getting "Lost in the Amazon" and finding yourself in a weekly horror movie has any appeal, then by all means set your compass for ABC's The River, the most exciting thing to happen to TV's midseason since, well, Monday's premiere of Smash on NBC. If Smash is a show-stopper, The River is a terrifying heart-stopper, a cleverly cinematic supernatural adventure that takes us on a wild ride into an exotic heart of darkness. (It opens with back-to-back episodes Tuesday at 9/8c, and the second hour is even scarier than the first.)
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ER Ding dong, the witch is dead....

ERDing dong, the witch is dead. Well, not dead, just fired. What a way for Eve to go — by pouring urine on the offensive Santa: "Ho ho ho — you piece of crap!" I'm contemplating having that line played on my outgoing voice-mail message for the holidays — just that line, followed by a beep. Kidding. I did enjoy the "You can't fire Eve on Christmas Eve!" line. Tonight's episode was nicely holiday themed and had several happy endings. How wonderful for the little girl who was accidentally shot to make it after they thought she was a goner. Shows you just how important positive mental energy is, and it was perfect to force the shooters to watch the girl being operated on. So cool to see cast members of canceled shows appear on ER, like Lisa Gay Hamilton from The Practice an read more

Any special episodes of ER ...

Question: Any special episodes of ER coming up?

Answer: Big poops! There's a huge plane-crash episode planned for Nov. 17 that'll feature tennis ace Serena Williams as a woman caught in the wreckage on the ground. November/December will also spotlight guest turns by former teen idol C. Thomas Howell (Nov. 10) and The Practice's Lisa Gay Hamilton (Dec. 8). But the really big news is that Rescue Me spitfire Callie Thorne — she plays Denis Leary's psycho stalker Sheila — has landed the pivotal role of John Leguizamo's sexed-up ex. Her first episode airs Dec. 8 and, well, I may have to start watching ER again!

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Did Diane Farr sign on to ...

Question: Did Diane Farr sign on to Numbers before or after she shot the season finale of Rescue Me? Is her character written off at the end of this season, or will her disappearance be explained at the beginning of next season? David E. Kelley is notorious for writing out characters between seasons with no explantion (Lara Flynn Boyle, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Taye Diggs, to name a few). Now that ABC held onto the last five episodes of Boston Legal and they will run into Season 2, will he explain the absence of Tara and Lori? Answer: Without wanting to get too deep into the why and how so as not to have any surprises ruined for me or you, it's fair to say that Diane Farr knew she was taking a new gig before production wrapped on Rescue Me this season, so her character's fate will be resolved on or by the Sept. 13 finale. With Boston Legal, there was some retooling of the episodes left over from last season to incorporate some of the show's new characters as well as to lay the groundwork for ... read more

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