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Dina Lohan On Lindsay's Canceled Interview
02:16 — After Lindsay Lohan bailed on a 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters, Dina Lohan had her own interview with ET's Christina McLarty and explained why h (more…)
Kid's Finale Interview
01:45 — Sunny, Lindsay, and Biingo talk about their experience.
Lindsay Lohan Community Service Ruled Bogus!!
01:41 — Lilo is back in the probation saddle again after a judge threw out a bunch of her community service hours, some of which, she claimed she was serving (more…)
How to Layer Jewelry Like the Stars
01:25 — E! Style Collective style expert Lindsay Albanese shares the fashion formula to stacking accessories. Watch her style tips now!
Monologue: Lindsay Lohan Is Visited by Her Future Self
03:39 — Lindsay Lohan returns to host SNL and is visited by her future self who's traveled back in time to warn her about the poor decisions she'll make.
Lindsay Vonn Opens Up About ‘Starting Over’
02:13 — The Olympic skier talks to TODAY’s Natalie Morales about her life after a ski crash that required reconstructive knee surgery, and the impact of her b (more…)
Lindsay Lohan Is Suffering from a Horrible Scary Virus
01:51 — Or she just made that up to cover the fact that she still hasn’t completed her community service. We’re not sure.
Lindsay Lohan: There’s Not Enough Time to Finish My Community Service!
01:41 — Lilo’s got a lot of excuses as to why her community service won’t be finished by this Wednesday, but could she still go to jail?
Lindsay Scores $10,000 for Charity!
01:37 — But she may have had an ulterior motive.
Lindsey Graham: Trump Won’t Get My New Number
01:59 — Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsay Graham talks with Andrea Mitchell about Donald Trump’s attacks on him on the campaign trail.
#CrossoverWeek: Night 1 Cliffhanger
02:39 — After she makes a devastating discovery that links her long-lost brother to a new case, Lindsay reaches out to Rollins from New York's SVU.
Lindsay Vonn Talks About Record 62nd Win
03:53 — On Sunday, the alpine skier earned her 62nd World Cup victory, tying a 35-year-old record. From Italy she tells TODAY about her remarkable comeback fr (more…)
Lindsay Lohan Is Hanging Out With… Kris Jenner?!
01:05 — Yes Lilo posted a photo to Instagram of her and Kris Jenner hanging out and captioned it family time but what is Kris doing hanging out with Lindsay?
Get Ready for Lindsay Lohan Poor Decision #73829
01:41 — And this time it involves the N word.
KLG: Lindsay Vonn Perfectly Described Her ‘Love’ of Golf
02:00 — Kathie Lee and Hoda chat about Lindsay Vonn’s response to Seth Meyer’s asking how much she enjoys watching boyfriend Tiger Woods play golf. The share (more…)
Lindsay Lohan Dons a Little Black Dress for Community Service
00:48 — Kathie Lee and Hoda chat about Lindsay Lohan’s quest to complete 125 hours of community service before the date dictated by a judge. She was gardening (more…)
‘Giant Life’ Star: We Stick Out in a Crowd!
04:33 — Lindsay Hayward and Colleen Smith from the TLC series “My Giant Life” chat with Kathie Lee, Hoda and Regis about the reality show that follows four wo (more…)
BTS: Charlie and LiLo Shoot 'Anger Management'
02:18 — ET's Rob Marciano gained access to the set of Anger Management where Lindsay Lohan was guest starring on Charlie Sheen's cable comedy.
YouTube’s Car Star Fulfills Ailing Little Boy’s Dream
04:43 — Six-year-old Andrew Kees developed a love of cars while watching Kyle Lindsey’s car reviews on YouTube after being diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. (more…)
Lindsay Lohan’s Vacationing in Greece
01:34 — But where the hell is her butt?!!
Meet Lindsay Lohan's Legal Guardian Angel
02:00 — Shawn Chapman Holley has risen from an L.A. County public defender to become one of the most popular celebrity attorneys in Hollywood, representing th (more…)
Is Charlie Sheen Lindsay Lohan's Mentor?
03:58 — Lately, wherever Charlie Sheen goes there are expectations that Lindsay Lohan isn't far behind. A stretch of reality for sure, but it was certainly th (more…)
Lindsay Lohan Thinks Shaking People’s Hands Is Community Service!
01:32 — But her fate now lies in the hands of … Judge Dick Stone!
Lindsay: I Didn’t Do Blow With My Mom!
01:42 — Lindsay and Dina Lohan are suing Fox News Channel … after a panelist claimed they did cocaine together!
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