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It's Time for a Family Meeting
Season 2 Episode 3 Preview: As tensions mount between Britney and Marcus, Cyrene pleads for everyone to hash it out.
Releasing the Wrong Doves
Season 1 Episode 8 Show Highlight: There was one little snafu at Benji and Shanira s wedding
Ep 3: Making Amens
Times are changing and some of the Tankard clan begins the process of moving out. With mixed emotions, Ben and Jewel plan to move forward with the nex (more…)
Ben Gets a Closet Makeover
Season 2 Episode 6 Preview: Cyrene Tankard is doing for Ben Tankard what Kanye did for Kim.
Jewel's Tips for Becoming a Millionaire
Season 2 Exclusive: Want to live like a Tankard? Jewel has three tips for doing it.
Cooking Up Nothing with The Tankards
Season 1 Exclusive: Jewel Tankard attempts home cooking. Hilarity ensues.
Fountain of Couth
Season 1 Exclusive: What made you put a big fountain right here? asks Kandi Burruss.
Ep 5: Lock It Up
Trying to deal with the impending empty nest at the Tankard Palace, Jewel s redecorating project takes an unexpected turn. When the growing heat betwe (more…)
Britney Opens Up About Her Painful Past
Season 2 Episode 3 Show Highlight: Britney Tankard finally tells Cyrene why she isn't as close to Marcus.
Ep 2: Pregnant Pause
As the family recovers from an explosive fourth of July, the Tankards head back home to Murfreesboro. Once home, Ben s oldest son Marcus is approachin (more…)
Rich is Definitely Better
Season 1 Preview: God wants the Tankards to be rich and the Tankards are happy to be rich.
Thicker Than Water: Meet the Tankards
Season 1 Episode 1 Preview: They re like the Brady Bunch, but different.
Is that Kool-Aid or Lipstick?
Season 1 Episode 1 Preview: Cyrene Tankard returns from prom wearing a red mustache.
Brooklyn Puts an End to the Fighting
Season 2 Episode 8 Preview: Brooklyn Tankard decides to play mediator when Jewel, Junice, and Junetta can t stop arguing.
It’s Miracle Time
Season 1 Episode 2 Show Highlight: Ben presents Jewel with two big-ticket gifts.
No One Checks Jewel Tankard, Except Kandi Burruss
Season 1 Episode 5 Preview: Kandi suggests that Jewel may only think she s able to control the relationship between Cyrene and her little friend Jos (more…)
How Could Brooklyn Afford an Escalade?
Season 1 Episode 3 Show Highlight: The Tankard kids are dubious about how Brooklyn could afford to replace the car she totaled.
Tankard Toyland
Season 1 Exclusive: Behold Ben Tankard s yellow motorcycles, monster trucks, airplanes.
Ep 3: Southern Discomfort
Ben and Jewel grow suspicious when Brooklyn crashes the family car. Jewel has troubles of her own after Junice reveals certain family secrets. Sibling (more…)
Jewel Breaks Down
Season 1 Episode 7 Show Highlight: Ben offers Jewel a shoulder to cry on when she loses it over the situation with her sister.
The Family That Prays Together...
Season 2 Exclusive: The Tankards aren't afraid to call on God.
The Tankards Sit Down for a Reconciliation
Season 2 Episode 4 Preview: Britney Tankard gets the opportunity to tell her dad how the past is still affecting her today.
Tour the Tankard Fleet
Season 2 Exclusive: God has blessed the Tankard family with plenty of big, beautiful automobiles.
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