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Warehouse 13 Exclusive: First Look at Season 4.5!

Aaron Ashmore and Allison Scagliotti

Snag it, bag it, tag it... just don't miss it! Syfy's Eddie McClintock-Joanne Kelly chemistry extravaganza known as Warehouse 13 is coming back on Monday, April 29 (10/9c) to finish up its fourth season with a blast of mind-blowing action, and we've got your first look in this teaser trailer.

"We obviously have to deal — in a major way — with what Artie's been through and what happens to him, having killed Leena," executive producer Jack Kenny told us after last fall's mid-season cliffhanger, hinting at even more tragedies to come. "There are many other versions of mortality that we're going to deal with in the next 10 episodes." So let's all cross our fingers that season-premiere guest stars James Marsters, Lindsay Wagner, Kate Mulgrew, Roger Rees and Polly Walker and can help Pete, Myka and the rest of the team find a cure for that sweating sickness epidemic Petey accidentally unleashed before anymore Warehouse workers wind up adding to the body count.

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Syfy Renews Alphas


Syfy has renewed Alphas for a 13-episode second season.

The series, which stars David Strathairn, follows a team of superhuman investigators with extraordinary physical abilities. July's debut was Syfy's most-watched series premiere in two years.

Is Alphas on your Watchlist? Add it and your other favorites now and never miss an episode

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Keck’s Exclusives: Warehouse 13 Fills Its Stockrooms With Sci-Fi Faves For Season 3

Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly

Favorite sci-fi actors from Star Trek and Caprica will amp up the mystery and excitement on the third season of Syfy's Warehouse 13, returning with new episodes July 11. Star Trek Voyager's Jeri "Seven of Nine" Ryan debuts as a bride named Amanda on Aug. 1, while Kate "Captain Janeway" Mulgrew begins her four-episode run as Warehouse protector Jane in September. Both characters share a shocking connection to a series regular...
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Tia Carrere Returns to Warehouse 13

Tia Carrere

Tia Carrere will return to Warehouse 13 for Season 2, Syfy announced on Thursday.

The 43-year-old actress — who co-starred in the Wayne's World movies in the early '90s — will reprise her role as... read more

Keck's Exclusives: Olivia's Mother to Debut on Fringe

Frindge - Anna Torv

Fringe's third season will introduce Olivia's mother in a story arc that is expected to stretch three to four episodes. The character is described as loving, stable and sweet. She dotes on Olivia since her other daughter died at birth. Fringe has a history of casting actors with an established presence in the sci-fi world (Leonard Nimoy being the biggest), and I can't think of anyone better for this role than former Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner, who recently wrapped a part on the SyFy's Warehouse 13 (read my  exclusive first interview). Lindsay even bares a striking resemblance to Anna Torv, don't you think?

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Keck's Exclusives: Warehouse 13's Bionic Shipment

Lindsay Wagner

How's this for perfect casting? Syfy's Warehouse 13, centered around the U.S. government's secret stash of supernatural objects, has cast TV's original government-owned-and-operated superhero. Lindsay Wagner, who won an Emmy for playing The Bionic Woman's Jaime Sommers, pops up in the Aug. 17 episode as Dr. Vanessa Calder. "She's the official doctor for Warehouse agents. She is quite worldly ...
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New Heroes at NBC: Charming Chuck, Dark Bionic

Zachary Levi as Chuck by Chris Haston/NBC Photo

The network of Heroes is going hero-crazy this fall. But two of NBC's more buzzed-about new genre series couldn’t be more different: a dark and disturbing "reimagining" of '70s superhero series Bionic Woman and the laugh-out-loud action-comedy Chuck, about a computer nerd whose brain is accidentally wired with government secrets, catapulting him into the spy game. Both were presented in back-to-back sessions at the TCA critics' press tour Tuesday morning.Of course, much of the latest Bionic buzz has focused on this week’s announcement that the ever-controversial Isaiah Washington is joining the show for an early five-episode arc as a mystery man brought into the secret bio-science organization that turned Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan in a new twist on the old Lindsay Wagner role) into a part-machine superhuman. It’s a casting stunt that at least a few journalists in the room feel could backfire. Executive producer Jason Smilovic defended the casting stunt by saying, &... read more

I can't believe my buddy and ...

I'm just a love machine: bionic babe Wagner

Question: I can't believe my buddy and I are having this argument, but our excuse is it started after a few beers during a football game. We don't agree on exactly what was bionic in The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. Can you lay it out for us? They could both run fast and one had supereyesight, as I remember. And didn't he have superhearing, too? Thanks.

Answer: Why the shame, Charlie? Wear your fascination with the trivial proudly — it beats watching the game.

For the record, astronaut Steve Austin (Lee Majors), "a man barely alive" after his test plane went kerflooie in the March 1973 TV-movie that spawned the show, was made "better than he was before — better, stronger, faster" when he was given bionic legs, a new right arm and a left eye that allowed him to see g read more


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