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Lindsay Lohan to Put the Pop Back in "Pop Tart"?

Lindsay Lohan by Steve Granitz/

With the film deals if not herself drying up, Lindsay Lohan may turn to her [Counting in head] fourth love — music — to keep herself busy. Sources tell the New York Daily News that LiLo has informed Universal Music execs that she is ready to make good on the third disc she owes them. (Her first two forays sold 1.6 million and a semi-respectable 600,000 copies, respectively.) Despite and perhaps because of her newfound notoriety, Lohan's label may welcome the overture. As one insider notes in the News, "She doesn't need a big band — you just give her some songs and session musicians — and god knows she has the name recognition."Related: Britney, Paris and Lindsay?! Celeb Apprentice Woos Unholy Trinity read more

Britney, Paris and Lindsay?! Celeb Apprentice Woos Unholy Trinity

Paris Hilton by Chris Weeks/

The edition of The Apprentice that most of us had already written off could shape up to be must-see TV if Donald Trump can close deals with the tabloids' unholy trinity. The Hair tells the New York Post's Page Six, "We're negotiating right now" to have Britney Spears on the series' upcoming celebrity edition, and that Paris Hilton "wants to be on, and we're thinking about it, but I don't know if we're going to do it." And getting a call from the Donald this week will be Lindsay Lohan, whom he affectionately dubs "another [bleep]ing mess."Other names being floated around for the show include Carmen Electra (of course), Joan Rivers, Naomi Judd, George Foreman, Apprentice 1 villainess Omarosa, Kimora Lee Simmons, Pete Rose (who I hear is already taking action on the outcome), Danica Patrick, Tony Hawk and Jeff Gordon. read more

Tracy Morgan: "I Want to Reach Out to Lindsay Lohan"

Tracy Morgan by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo

30 Rock star Tracy Morgan is reveling in his own post-DUI sobriety so much, he wants to share his new focus with fellow drinker-and-driver Lindsay Lohan. Following a Thursday sentencing for his Nov. 28 arrest, Morgan said he has been speaking to high-school kids about the dangers of DUI, and their reactions "helped me want to stop drinking," the Daily News quotes him as saying. "I feel great in my sobriety, and I want to reach out to young people like Lindsay Lohan and let them know there are people that care."Translated: LiLo's "comeback" will now be in the form of a 30 Rock guest gig. read more

Could Lindsay Lohan's Career Be Saved by Porn?

How's that for a headline?Real quick, because I gotta jet. But I had the thought that Lindsay Lohan's "comeback vehicle," once she dries out and whatnot, could be the Jenna Jameson biopic that has been getting shopped around to assorted starlets. (For the uninitiated, Ms. Jameson is an adult film star and author of How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale, on which the film in question is based.) Scarlett Johansson has said no to the gig, as has apparently Jessica Simpson, but there is buzz that the project could prove to be Oscar fodder for the right actress (and, obviously, with an especially capable production team).Because let's face it — a lot of people have written LiLo off, arguing that she has crossed a line, partied too hard and been involved in too many infractions to be taken seriously anymore. Or at least for now.This Jameson bio, meanwhile, will likely be indie fare, so what if Lindsay came in under the radar, acted the bejesus out of the thing — g... read more

Pre-DUIs Lohan Said She Would Never Drive Drunk

Lindsay Lohan by Jamie McCarthy/

This is nearly as ironic as good ol' "Personalities on Parade" saying that LiLo was committed to getting clean, in a story that ran mere days after her second DUI. (Gotta hate that long lead-time.) In an interview with the September Elle given before her first DUI scrape, Lindsay Lohan said it's "scary" living under the ever-watchful eye of a media "looking for me to, like, trip, so they can be like, 'Lindsay's wasted and driving drunk.' "I'm much more responsible than that," the starlet fronted. "I would not do that." (To be fair, she may have meant "...only once.")Lohan is now reportedly holed up in Utah's Cirque Lodge rehab facility, though her rep tells Us magazine that to confirm that buzz "would be counterproductive to the medical treatment she's receiving." As would be passing off two garage-door remotes and a strap of Velcro as a SCRAM bracelet. read more

Britney and Lindsay Parodied in Song

Shop Boyz box art courtesy Republic

Which is hard, because, of course, technically, Spears and Lohan are already singers who are parodies. The Swedish group I'm from Barcelona has released a single called "Britney" that asks, quite reasonably, "Why did we care if good old Britney wants to shave her head?" And the Morning Zoo at 98.5 FM in Vegas has turned Shop Boyz hit "Party Like a RockStar" into "Party Like a Lohan," with digs like "a pocket full of blow and a point one two." read more

Like Daughter, Like Mother: Dina Lohan Gets Served

Dina and Lindsay Lohan by Jamie McCarthy/

Lindsay Lohan's Mommie Dearest is being sued — and not for screwing up her daughter, believe it or not. Vegas tycoon Antonio Almeida claims that she failed to repay $400,000 he lent her to fund her little moneymaker's singing career. Reportedly, when the loan was made four years ago, Lindz started recording with Gloria Estefan's husband, Emilio, then bailed on their sessions when she got a deal with Casablanca. Some things never change.Thursday's Today's News was written by Ben Katner. read more

Dumb and Dumber: LiLo Puts the Blame on Her Own Alleged Kidnap Victim

Lindsay Lohan by Chris Weeks/

According to, Lindsay's latest drunk-driving escapade began at a party to which she invited her assistant's boyfriend and three of his pals. The assistant was apparently fighting with her boyfriend, which sparked a fight between her and Lindz, which prompted the flunky to quit on La Lohan, which totally pissed her off. So when the assistant split, Lohan, the guys say, took the boyfriend's place in the driver's seat of the GMC Denali they were waiting in and took them for a thrill ride they never asked to go on. When the police finally intervened, they say she told them, "The black kid was driving." Lord have mercy. No, seriously. Mercy. — Ben KatnerRelated: Martin Sheen's advice for Lohan's parents. read more

Martin Sheen: Lindsay Lohan's Folks Must Fight for Her

Martin Sheen by Jesse Grant/

Martin Sheen speaks from experience when he weighs in on Bobby cast mate Lindsay Lohan's imploding life and career. "The bottom line is you have to get through the entourages that surround these celebrities who are spinning out of control," he tells TV's Extra. "[These entourages] don't want to let it go, this is their meal ticket."Indeed, when Sheen's son Charlie was battling addictions of his own, Papa Sheen says, "I literally disarmed [his entourage]. Some of them had guns, literally."Sheen's directive to Lohan's folks? "You get in there and fight for life. You get between her and the grave and you say, 'I won’t allow it.'" (After you get done crawling the nightclubs, that is, Dina.) read more

Lindsay Lohan Proclaims, "I Am Innocent," as Filmmakers Sour on Her Career

Lindsay Lohan by Jamie McCarthy/

The evening after being arrested on DUI and cocaine-possession charges, Lindsay Lohan proclaimed, "I am innocent" in an e-mail to Access Hollywood. "I did not do drugs, they're not mine," she writes, referring to the coke found on her person at the time of the arrest. "I appreciate everyone giving me my privacy."OK.Filmmakers, meanwhile, are weighing in on how this latest scrape with the law will impact the starlet's already compromised career. James Robinson, the Georgia Rules producer who famously penned an open letter chastising LiLo for her on-set behavior, tells TV's Extra, "I truly am troubled that this young girl, who has spent her whole life being an actress, would be at this juncture... self-destructive. I hate to see her throw her life away." "The sad thing is at one point she had talent," an L.A.-based producer tells Variety. The exec points blame at "the people around her for not telling her the one thing she needs to hear: 'Go away! Go away for a year [to London or any ... read more

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