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All My Children's Michael E. Knight Reflects on Soap's Cancellation and the Return of Dixie

Michael E. Knight

He's the most famous and beloved rascal in all of soap history. But there's so much more to Michael E. Knight. As Tad (the former "Cad") Martin of ABC's All My Children — a role he won back in 1982 — the three-time Emmy winning Knight has emerged over the years as a consummate and deeply admired actor, equally gifted at comedy and tragedy, as well as a insightful statesman whose POV on the soap scene is both wise and heartfelt. TV Guide Magazine lunched with the actor to get his take on Tad's reunion with Dixie (Cady McClain), airing August 8... read more

Eric Marstolf Steps Into the Smallville Spotlight as Booster Gold

Eric Martsolf

He's "the greatest hero you've never heard of." Unless you're a fan of DC Comics mythos, you probably aren't familiar with Booster Gold, a secondary character whose popularity is mainly confined to fanboy (and girl) circles. But after this week's episode of Smallville, non-comics fans are likely to be joining the Gold rush. Played with charming enthusiasm by guest star Eric Martsolf, Booster Gold is a fame-seeking pretty boy who seems as interested in publicity and corporate sponsorships as he is fighting crime. His mysterious arrival in Metropolis coincides with Clark (Tom Welling) struggling to adopt a more mild-mannered personality when not on superhero duty. TV Guide Magazine talked to Martsolf — currently steaming up afternoon TV as boozy, screwed up Brady Black on the NBC soap Days of Our Lives — about... read more

After a Pit Stop in Smallville, Lindsay Hartley Heads to All My Children

Lindsay Hartley

Lindsay Hartley was dumped by Days of Our Lives and her character, ex-undercover agent Arianna Hernandez, died last week from a hit and run. But shed no tears for this gal! She's moving from Salem to Pine Valley — with a stop along the way to battle Clark Kent. Starting December 8, Hartley will be seen on All My Children as ... read more

Teri Hatcher Joins Smallville

Teri Hatcher

Lois & Clark's original Lois Lane is heading for Smallville.

Teri Hatcher has been cast as ... read more

Scoop! has learned...

Scoop! has learned that Passions is seeking a twentysomething actor to play Tom, who is described as an "intense, ambitious" young executive with "a devilish streak." This go-getting character will pursue Theresa (Lindsay Hartley) in the boardroom and the bedroom. read more

Scoop! Passions has finally replaced...

Scoop! Passions has finally replaced Jesse Metcalfe, the Desperate Housewives idol who launched his soapy career as Harmony hunk Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald. The contract role has gone to Florida native Adrian Bellani.

The NBC sudser has also recast Harmony heirhead Nicholas Foxworthy Crane. Justin Hartley — the real-life hubby of Lindsay Hartley (Theresa) — last airs Feb. 10. Arizona boy Mark Cameron Wystrach debuts as NuFox on Feb. 14.

Which of these gorgeous soap rookies is cutest? It's tough to say. See their photos and cast your vote in's Soaps Poll! read more

In today's installment of Passions,...

Eric Martsolf, Liza Huber and Lindsay Hartley, Passions

In today's installment of Passions, the perpetually shirtless Ethan (Eric Martsolf) awakens from his coma just in time for Christmas. Although Theresa's (Lindsay Hartley) prayers are answered, the lovelorn vixen won't stay happy for long. As this story line unfolds, Ethan and Gwen (Liza Huber) will make plans to relocate to India for a fresh, Theresa-free start in life! recently dropped by the Passions set to watch Hartley, Huber and Martsolf don gorgeous Indian costumes and perform a sexy (yet hilarious) choreographed dance number right out of a Bollywood movie. The talented trio demonstrated the "push and pull" of their soapy love triangle quite literally! You'll see it all for yourself in Gwen's daydream sequence that airs on Jan. 27. Take it from me, this is Passions' best production number since Edna, Beth and Charlie danced that read more

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