'Shahs Of Sunset': 'Boring' Lilly Ghalichi Fired From Upcoming Season
TMZ has learned, one of the 'Shahs of Sunset' has been 86'd for being terminally uninteresting -- Lilly Ghalichi will no longer appear on the show.Sou (more…)
Shahs Of Sunset's Lilly Ghalichi Engaged To Entrepreneur Dhar Mann--But Will She Keep The Ring?
Surprise! Lilly Ghalichi is getting married after all! The Shahs of Sunset star had some fun on April Fools' Day by sharing a collage of pictures (more…)
Lilly Ghalichi Talks Eyelash Line 'Lilly Lashes'
'Shahs of Sunset' star Lilly Ghalichi stops by to talk about her line of eyelashes, appropriately named Lilly Lashes. Watch the video to find out wher (more…)
Living with Asa's Parents
02:57 — S4/EP3:
The Worst Celebrity Birthday Surprise Ever!
01:31 — Lilly Ghalichi from “Shahs of Sunset” gets a Rolls Royce from her fiancé. But if he wanted it to be a surprise, maybe he shouldn’t have wrapped it in (more…)
Expensive Possessions
02:06 — S2/EP11:
Reza and MJ had Sex!
00:59 — S2/EP3:
How to Annoy a Shah
01:02 — S3/EP15:
Parties and Pressure
01:29 — S1/EP1:
Lilly is Rollin'!
01:33 — S2/EP11:
Champagne Fight
02:17 — S1/EP3:
Knives and Dying Alone
00:32 — S2/EP3:
MJ Calls GG Low Class
01:28 — S3/EP15:
Mike Kidnapped Jesus?
00:52 — S3/EP6:
MJ Robbed a Bank?
01:44 — S2/EP12:
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