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February 1, 2007: Meet Market

Miss me? Nah, didn't think so. You guys did such a great job with the recaps last week, I seriously thought about making myself busy again and just letting you write it up again. But I couldn't go another week without CSI. I kind of wish I did, though.Now, I told you last week that I would watch the episode over the weekend and then comment on it, and I didn't. So here's my comment. I watched the first 20 minutes, and then decided I'd much rather be playing Madden. Does that say enough? I couldn't rely on that option this week, though, so I toughed it out. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzHow's that for a recap of this week's episode? OK, I'm just kidding. I'll discuss it a little bit. I'm sure it will be split down the middle with people that liked it and those that didn't. But I have to admit, last week there were more comments about the episode being boring than I can remember in a long time. I can certainly picture many of those comments being cut and pasted into this week's commentary, too. The ... read more

I love your column, but I get ...

Question: I love your column, but I get the distinct impression that you don't like my favorite show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, because you very seldom write about it. Now I am perplexed. Where is Gary Dourdan? It seems to me that every episode that airs, he is on less and less. Why bring the new guy in to replace Grissom? Why not give more airtime to the regulars? Who can I ask this of, if not you? Answer: If I don't write much about CSI, it's a result of the fact that even the most popular of procedurals don't generate as much mail as more serialized dramas, cult shows, etc. I have always been a fan of the original CSI, and still am. As for Warrick: He's not going anywhere, but the reality is that he's part of an ensemble, and his fans are never going to be satisfied with his supporting status in many episodes. That said, I'm a bit puzzled as well, because when Grissom left, didn't he tell Warrick that he was the unsung hero of the CSI team or some such thing? You'd think that ... read more

Tonight's Preview: CSI vs. CSI?

Earlier this week, I heard someone in the office remark that Liev Schreiber, the temporary new guy on the CSI block, looks more like a skeevy killer than a crime-scene technician. Maybe so, but his inscrutable demeanor, his oddly fussy mannerisms (watch him at breakfast in tonight’s episode) and his unorthodox work practices make his character of Michael Keppler a fascinating new addition to the first and best show in the CSI franchise, as long as he lasts. (Won’t be for long, as William Petersen will return next month from his theatrical sabbatical.)Last week the empathetic, enigmatic Keppler seemed as much profiler as CSI, and in tonight’s episode, he continues to reveal psychological shadings unusual for this show-telling a colleague that he prefers to think like the killer rather than identify with the victim, which only clouds his judgment.Keppler’s judgment comes under scrutiny in this first-rate episode, co-written by series executive producer Carol Mendel... read more

In Praise of Dwight Schrute

Now there's a line I never imagined I'd find myself typing: "In Praise of Dwight Schrute." Before I explain further, can I just say: How awesome are Thursday nights this season?This week, I truly needed escapism (I have a number of friends who are directly affected by the Time Inc. cutbacks that were announced Thursday, a very sad development for a very battered business), so I opted to watch the ABC lineup in more or less real time, and was richly rewarded.First, Ugly Betty. Sheer delight. Couldn't be happier for its, and America Ferrera's, Golden Globe wins. In especially fine form this week: Becki Newton as Amanda, who's a scintillating hoot even when she's manipulated into planning treachery against Daniel or calling our Betty a "stumpy troll." I also love how Betty is introducing Daniel to the finer things in life, like slices (although that looked like a full pizza) at the corner parlor and, gulp, karaoke. Took the sour taste of this week's American Idol auditions right out of... read more

January 18, 2007: Gil Who?

No, no, no. I'm just kidding with the title of my blog. I wouldn't want to start a quarterback controversy here. Is the show better off without William Petersen? Is the fresh blood of Liev Schreiber a nice jolt of energy? Can no one ever match up with Gil Grissom? All very good questions, which I can let you decide. But let me share my thoughts. Hello, Mr. Mike Keppler. A nice dark, mysterious intro followed by him walking up to the body and touching it. Good start, buddy. And right there we begin a show filled with attitude, as Catherine chastises him for touching and explains how they do things in Vegas. Ain't no messing around in the Vegas crime lab. It wasn't just Cat, though. Almost everyone seemed a little on edge with the new guy in town. There was Sofia telling the Doc not to whistle as he cuts people open. Sara, jawing a bit with the slacker detective. Even Keppler was able to get in on it when Catherine asked him how he knew all the deaths were related, and he firmly said,... read more

Can Liev Schreiber Fill William Petersen's CSI Lab Coat?

Liev Schreiber, CSI

It's the sort of mystery that would make even Gil Grissom scratch his head. The lead actor in one of the most popular shows on television disappears mid-season and is willingly replaced by a Tony-winning hotshot who supposedly "doesn't do TV." Care to give an explanation, bub? "Would you believe it just sounded like a neat idea?" Liev Schreiber says, though he knows he has to do better than that. After all, CBS' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET) is among the longest-running, most obsessed-over prime-time dramas going, largely because of its beloved investigator in chief, played by William Petersen. You don't just do away with Grissom without raising a few million eyebrows. Call it a case o read more

CSI Plans for Grissom's "Liev" of Absence

This just in from CBS, and as first spilled here in the Ausiello Report by my barely able-to-control-himself buddy:"Tony Award-winning actor Liev Schreiber joins the cast of CSI in his first appearance in a broadcast television series, playing the recurring role of a seasoned CSI who has established a strong reputation in various police departments across the country before joining the veteran team at the Las Vegas Crime Lab.""I think he's one of the finest actors of his generation," exec producer Carol Mendelsohn says in the press release, noting that CSI first approached Schreiber early this summer. "It was a long shot — he really doesn't do television — but he was patient and I think amused, as we promised that we'd create a character he couldn't refuse to play. [We] got a wonderful, complex character as a result." Adds Schreiber: "I am a fan [of CSI], how could I say no?" Schreiber (The Manchurian Candidate, RKO 281) first appears in Episode 12, to air in January 2007. read more

Scoop! CSI Finds Grissom's "Replacement"

As I reported in this week's Ask Ausiello, CSI has tapped Tony winner Liev Schreiber to fill the temporary void left by William Petersen. Schreiber will play a seasoned CSI who joins the veteran team at the Las Vegas Crime Lab. He'll debut in Episode 12, slated to air in January.In other casting prattle, Desperate Housewives has found a new plaything for Eva Longoria. Sources confirm that Mark Deklin, most recently seen as Dr. Shaw on Fox's Justice, is joining the cast for at least three episodes as a love interest for Gabrielle. He first shows up on Nov. 26. read more

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