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Naomi Watts Is Expecting a Second Child

Naomi Watts by Julien Hekimian/

Power-thesp couple Naomi Watts and partner Liev Schreiber are expecting their second child.Us confirms that the pair, who are already parents to a son, Alexander, are adding one more to the brood (or more, if they take the Brangelina route). The couple met on the set of 2006's The Painted Veil, in which Watts played an unhappily married socialite in 1920s China, where Schreiber's dashing character romances her.Schreiber, meanwhile, will soon be a super-dad: The actor will join Taylor Kitsch and Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which he'll face off as Sabretooth. — Anna Dimond Related:• X-Men Marks the Spot for Friday Night Lights Hunk read more

Zac Efron Makes a Friend, and More Movie News

Matthew Perry will play the adult version of High School Musical heartthrob Zac Efron in 17, the Big riff in which a suddenly baby-faced father enrolls in the same school as his kids.... Liev Schreiber has joined Jude Law and Forest Whitaker in Repossession Mambo, about a credit union that cuts bodies instead of checks.... Jake Gyllenhaal has been cast in the lead in a Joe Namath. Well, he does have very nice legs. — Ben Katner read more

Movie News: Eva's New Learning, X-Men and More

Eva Longoria by Ron Tom/ABC

Eva Longoria and ex-flame Jason Biggs investigate allegations against an elementary-school principal (Rob Corddry) in the comedy Lower Learning.... Also per the Reporter, Angela Bassett and Noah Wyle have joined the Rod Lurie thriller Nothing But the Truth.... Crooner Chris Isaak is a sex- and alcohol-obsessed father in an adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' The Informers.... According to Variety, a May 1, 2009, release has been set for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman and perhaps also Liev Schreiber (as a young William Stryker).... After gaining 20 pounds and a beard for the role, Ryan Gosling has parted ways with Peter Jackson's take on The Lovely Bones, due to "creative differences." Mark Wahlberg steps in as the new Jack Salmon. read more

Carla Gugino Joins the Watchmen, More Movie News

Carla Gugino by Stephen Lovekin/

Carla Gugino is joining Zack Snyder's Watchmen, playing burlesque dancer turned costumed heroine Sally Jupiter.... Also per the Reporter, Jessica Alba, Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer and Romany Malco (Weeds) have a date with The Love Guru, Mike Myers' first original character since Austin Powers.... Colin Hanks is the male lead opposite Anna Faris in that Playboy bunny-becomes-sorority-house-mom comedy.... Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell are joining Daniel Craig in the WWII movie Defiance.... Per Variety, Andy Garcia, John Cleese and Alfred Molina are in the pink, as in The Pink Panther 2. read more

A Star Is Born: It's a Boy for King Kong's Girlfriend

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts by Jamie McCarthy/

Yesterday morning in Los Angeles Naomi Watts gave birth to her and Liev Schreiber's first child, son Alexander Peter. Everyone's doing fine, and the baby is said to have Mom's eyes and Dad's ego.The couple started dating in 2005 and news of the pregnancy was first announced by Schreiber himself this past February. read more

Love Notes: Naomi and Liev Mess with the Press

Expectant parents Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts are now denying a rumor they started themselves at Sunday night's Tony Awards, saying that they ran off and got hitched.... Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend's Wedding) has filed for divorce from Catherine Keener (Being John Malkovich), his wife of 17 years.... Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell and husband Keith Zubechevich welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Ashby Grace, on Monday, says People. read more

Tony Awards: Let's (Again) Put On a (Hostless) Show!

For the second year in a row, CBS' broadcast of the Tony Awards will be host-free, reports. Instead, a cavalcade of big-name actors will engage in awkward banter before bestowing the awards on June 10. Presenters include Liev Schreiber, David Hyde Pierce and Kevin Spacey, all of whom are currently gracing the Great White Way, as well as past Broadway babies like Vanessa Williams, Neil Patrick Harris, Rainn Wilson and William Petersen. Marg Helgenberger will be there, too. (We hear she attended a Broadway show once.) — Reporting by Raven Snook read more

You mentioned that you have ...

Question: You mentioned that you have recorded CSI this season. What have you thought of the miniature killer and the whole Liev Schreiber-as-Keppler arc? Answer: I love the miniature-model-making serial-killer story line. It's the sort of thing that elevates CSI above most other procedurals, and certainly is the sort of gripping, bizarre brainteaser I count on this show to deliver (and which I find lacking in the two spin-offs). I was intrigued by the Keppler story line and found it a reasonably effective way to sustain interest during the period when the show's star was taking a much-publicized (and no doubt well deserved) sabbatical. I'm a big fan of Schreiber. Anyone in the New York area this spring is advised to check him out on Broadway in Talk Radio, where his electrifying portrayal is 180 degrees different from his tightly wound work as the haunted Keppler. Killing him off seemed a bit abrupt and tidy, but otherwise, it was an interesting departure in what has been a relativel ... read more

Short Cuts: SNL, Keith Partridge, Hot Kisses and More!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus will host Saturday Night Live on March 17. Snow Patrol is musical guest.... A David Cassidy memoir in which the Partridge Family heartthrob recalls his drug use and wild romps and discusses his "oft-complimented endowment" will only be released in Britian, says the New York Daily News, as it doesn’t have a U.S. publisher.... ABC's World News with Charles Gibson was the top-rated evening newscast last week.... Naomi Watts and longtime beau Liev Schreiber are expecting their first child together. Yawn.... Sawyer smoochin' Kate? Alex macking on Addison? Cast your vote for TV's sexiest kiss in the new poll. read more

February 8, 2007: The Return of Grissom

It's time for everyone to disagree with me again. When my opinion about an episode sways drastically one way or the other, it usually means everyone will think the exact opposite. So here's your chance. This was the best episode of the season! If there were still any lingering questions about Keppler possibly showing up in a few episodes with Gil, they are all gone now. Last week, what I thought was a clear assumption that Keppler killed this "Amy" girl wasn't true at all. And thinking he killed the guy he thought raped her also turned out to be false. So I guess Mike really was trying to put his past behind him and move on. He was a cop that killed an innocent man, but in the end he actually didn’t seem that dirty compared to his buddy Frank. Man, Frank was really just going to hand the gun over so they could finger his buddy for the murder? That's crazy. And now, Mike is gone. A tough break since we finally saw some real emotion when he slammed the pimp's head into the table.... read more

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