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Michael Shanks Visits Eureka and Returns to the Stargate

Michael Shanks

For those who missed Michael Shanks battling a ginormous man-eating serpent last weekend in MegaSnake, Sci Fi's latest cheese-filled movie, not to worry. The actor who played Stargate SG-1's hunky brainiac Daniel Jackson for a decade is now paying a visit to the genius town Eureka on Sept. 25 (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET, Sci Fi). TVGuide.com caught the Canadian actor at the tail end of his vacation "playing dad” to his three kids, and invited him to share with us tidbits about that gig, the upcoming SG-1 DVD movies, and more. TVGuide.com: Both you and your wife, SG-1 colleague Lexa Doig, have Eureka gigs. Hers is the wee read more

You expected Vala to resist the...

You expected Vala to resist the urge to play goddess? I already considered her one, but I have a thing for irrepressible brunettes with a blonde streak. Alas, her devotees weren't so forgiving once Vala owned up to how she used them, and hell hath no fury like worshippers left impoverished. Although Vala was possessed by the Goa'uld Kotesh (not Koresh, eh?) when she first made this outrageous claim, Vala opted to maintain the illusion after returning to her senses, since she's an adulation junkie. For this, her former followers decided to execute her, but Mitchell convinced them to give her a fair trial before punishing her. Daniel seized the dais, determined to persuade the jury that Vala willingly exposed herself to expose the Ori as false gods. Sadly, even Vala didn't buy that story. Without missing a beat, the ghostly Prior showed up (Vala recognized him as the one who "tried to burn us to death…twice") to deliver his usual spiel — accept the Ori blah read more

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