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China's Crafty Response to Pro-Democracy Protests
00:57 — The Chinese government attempts to diffuse violence at pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong by gluing down sidewalk bricks.
President Obama's Transgender Bathroom Backlash
08:08 — Trevor unpacks President Obama's mandate that public schools allow trans children to use the restroom of their gender identity.
Bernie Sanders Supporters at Odds With the Democratic Party
05:31 — After Nevada's contentious Democratic convention, Roy Wood Jr. and Eliza Cossio examine the tension between Bernie Sanders supporters and his politica (more…)
Arianna Huffington: It's About More Than Getting S**t Done in "The Sleep Revolution"
05:21 — Arianna Huffington argues that lack of sleep hinders decision-making in her book "The Sleep Revolution" and points to politicians who may need more re (more…)
Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly Face Off
07:37 — After months of squabbling in the media, presidential hopeful Donald Trump and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly face off in a surprisingly subdued intervie (more…)
Jason Sudeikis: The Plight of the "Angry Birds"
04:06 — Jason Sudeikis reflects on the video game star-turned-leading fowl he portrays in "The Angry Birds Movie."
Virginia Politician Forgets to Close Out of His Porn
01:33 — Virginia Congressional candidate Mike Webb forgets to close the porn tabs on his Web browser before posting a screenshot of his computer desktop.
Canada's Refugee Invasion Pt. 1
05:21 — Hasan Minhaj learns about Canadian citizens taking in Syrian refugees despite U.S. fears of ISIS members in North America.
SCOTUS Avoids a Ruling On a Contraception Case
07:15 — Still awaiting a Senate hearing on President Obama's justice nominee Merrick Garland, the Supreme Court sends a crucial contraception case back down t (more…)
Super Depressing Deep Dive: The Origins of America's Lead Poisoning Crisis
04:52 — Larry presents an animated breakdown of the aggressive role that corporations played in the tragic history of lead poisoning in the U.S.
Kim Kardashian: Secret Agent Woman
01:28 — Officials in Iran have accused Kim Kardashian of being a spy who posts nude selfies on Instagram in an attempt to corrupt the youth.
America's First Penis Transplant & Missing CIA Torture Report
09:02 — Doctors in Boston perform a groundbreaking penis transplant, and the CIA's internal watchdog feigns innocence after deleting its only copy of the Sena (more…)
Dahlia Lithwick: Merrick Garland and SCOTUS's Uncertain Future
05:55 — Slate writer Dahlia Lithwick weighs in on whether the Senate will confirm Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court and explains why the deadlock hurts bot (more…)
Panel: Hillary Clinton Announces Her Husband's White House Role
06:38 — Lewis Black, Jordan Carlos and Grace Parra react to Hillary Clinton's pledge to enlist her husband Bill to repair America's economy if she becomes pre (more…)
The GOP (Begrudgingly) Gets Behind Donald Trump
04:23 — As RNC Chairman Reince Priebus tries to unite the GOP behind presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump, Roy Wood Jr. defends the candidate against (more…)
Donald Trump Set His Sights On the Latino Vote
04:03 — Eliza Cossio explains how presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump can win the Latino vote in the general election.
Donald Trump's PR Problems
04:39 — Audio recordings surface of Donald Trump pretending to be his own fake publicist, and the New York Times prints a story about the presidential hopeful (more…)
Anthony Anderson: "Black-ish" and the Preeminent Voice of African American Families
06:59 — Anthony Anderson reflects on a documentary he produced about Trevor's standup career in South Africa and discusses how his show "Black-ish" depicts Af (more…)
London Elects Its First Muslim Mayor
01:49 — London elects Sadiq Kahn as its first Muslim mayor, and even Donald Trump wants to meet the history-making legislator.
Donald Trump to Thank for Increase in Latino Citizenship
05:24 — Jordan Klepper finds out why Donald Trump's presidential campaign has increased the number of Latino immigrants seeking naturalization status.
B.J. Novak: Creating a Positive Online Community With the List App
05:01 — B.J. Novak talks about The List App, a social media app he co-created for users to share and comment on lists, including Snoop Dogg's Top Five Essenti (more…)
#WeakDonald Trump Won't Release His Tax Returns
07:17 — Citing one excuse after another, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has yet to release his tax returns.
Nate Silver: Crunching the Numbers On the Presidential Election
06:30 — Data journalist and founder of the FiveThirtyEight blog Nate Silver analyzes what kind of impact Donald Trump's presidential campaign has had on U.S. (more…)
The Queen Gets Catty
01:32 — England's Queen Elizabeth II comes under fire after calling out Chinese officials for being rude.
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