Lew Ayres Celebrity Watchlist

Battle For The Planet Of The Apes - Official Trailer
02:31 — Ten years after conquering the Earth, ape leader Caesar wants the ruling apes and enslaved humans to live in peace. But warring factions of apes led b (more…)
The Kiss - Official Trailer
00:30 — Irene Guarry gives an infatuated young man an innocent kiss, a gesture that leads to jealousy, death and an explosive murder trial. A bit much for a s (more…)
Highway To Heaven: The Right Thing Trailer
01:33 — A man places his recently widowed father in a nursing home. Johnathan inspires the grandson to get his grandpa back on his feet, and finally make trav (more…)
Maisie Was A Lady - Official Trailer
02:07 — Look who's rubbing elbows with the New York upper crust. It's sometime showgirl and carny sideshow attraction Maisie Ravier (Ann Sothern, playing the (more…)
Battlestar Galactica - Official Trailer
02:13 — After the destruction of the twelve human colonies, the last major fighter carrier leads a makeshift refugee fleet in a search for Earth.
All Quiet On The Western Front - Official Trailer
00:19 — Classic Erich Maria Remarque anti-war epic about a German youth who eagerly fights for his country during World War I, but gradually becomes disenchan (more…)
The Doorway To Hell - Official Trailer
02:45 — Mob boss Louie Ricarno is leaving "the game," quitting the beer-running rackets and settling down in Florida to write his memoirs and live the good li (more…)
Dark Mirror - Official Trailer
01:29 — Lisa Vidal of ER and Star Trek delivers a startling performance as Deborah Martin, a former photographer turned stay-at-home mom who moves her family (more…)
Advise And Consent - Official Trailer
04:44 — Gripping, classic Washington drama dealing with the power plays that erupt when a controversial politician is nominated for Secretary of State. Direct (more…)
Johnny Belinda - Official Trailer
02:37 — Jane Wyman ("Magnificent Obsession," "The Yearling," TV's "Falcon Crest") won an Academy Award for her moving portrayal of a deaf mute who lives in a (more…)
Damien: Omen II - Official Trailer
02:56 — Richard (William Holden) and Ann Thorn (Lee Grant) have taken their 13-year-old nephew, Damien (Jonathan Scott-Taylor), into their Chicago home follow (more…)
Donovan's Brain - Official Trailer
01:36 — A scientist finds himself taking orders from the pickled brain of a ruthless millionaire. An unlikely premise, no question, but this melodramatic shoc (more…)
00:57 — Johnny Case (Cary Grant), a free-thinking financier, has finally found the girl of his dreams -- Julia Seton (Doris Nolan), the spoiled daughter of a (more…)
(Movie Clip) Are You Loyal?
Robert Leffingwell (Henry Fonda) is a nominee for Secretary of State before a committee headed by Senator Anderson (Don Murray) and bedeviled by Senat (more…)
(Movie Clip) Cockpit Of Angry Emotion
Director Otto Preminger's view of the U.S. Senate in session, senators Munson (Walter Pidgeon), Knox (Edward Andrews), colorful Cooley (Charles Laught (more…)
(Movie Clip) Dolly and the Senator
Senator Munson (Walter Pidgeon) visits the widow Dolly Harrison (Gene Tierney, in her comeback role) after a Washington party in Otto Preminger's Advi (more…)
(Movie Clip) I'm Sorry Mr. President...
The President (Franchot Tone) presses Senator Anderson (Don Murray) to support his nominee, with help from Senator Munson (Walter Pidgeon) in Advise a (more…)
(Movie Clip) Widowers And Bachelors
Senators Munson (Walter Pidgeon) and Danta (Paul Ford) check in to make sure the president (Franchot Tone) is serious about his nominee for Secretary (more…)
(Movie Clip) Senator Anderson
Homosexuality is never mentioned as Senator Anderson (Don Murray) visits a contact named Manuel (Larry Tucker) and a club called 602, hoping to preven (more…)
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