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NBC/Universal's Golden Globes Party: Seen and Heard

Alison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney and Jillian Michaels are not only professional colleagues, but the host of The Biggest Loser told TV Guide Magazine how much the tough trainer has helped her personally. "Jillian's done a lot to inspire me, and she's given me so many great tips," said Sweeney. "I know how she comes across on TV, but I texted her the other day and was like... read more

VIDEO: The Office's Stanley Promises Super (Bowl) Laughs

He didn't say much, but what he did say sounds promising.

Speaking with TVGuide.com at the Golden Globes, Leslie David Baker sang the praises of the après-Super Bowl episode of NBC's The Office, airing Sunday, Feb. 1, and guest-starring Jack Black, Jessica Alba and Cloris Leachman. "You'll get to see some Office craziness," he told us. "You will laugh like you have never laughed before."

Watch our video with Baker to get his full review of the "super" episode — and his preview of what's ahead for Stanley and Michael — after the jump. read more

VIDEO: Will Phyllis Reveal Angela's Office Romance?

What will Phyllis do with the juicy information she stumbled upon in The Office's season finale? Will she hold it over Angela and Dwight's heads? Cast member Phyllis Smith weighs in on that big twist in this TCA press tour video. Plus: Leslie David Baker wonders if it's time for Stanley to call Michael on his incompetence once and for all. read more

Cheers: The Office's Stanley Steamed

Leslie David Baker by Chris Haston/NBC

Cheers to The Office for giving Leslie David Baker more comedic responsibility. The deadpan genius who plays long-suffering salesman Stanley Hudson usually enjoys the highest laughs-to-lines ratio on TV. (He doesn't even have to talk to earn a guffaw; his reaction shots speak sidesplitting volumes.) But after he dissed boss Michael Scott once too often — and followed it up with "Did I stutter?" — Stanley was subjected to a "fake firing." And that's when Baker, who's been doing a slow burn for four seasons, finally boiled over in his best scene ever. I don't know about Stanley, but Baker definitely deserves a promotion.• For a review of Robin Williams on Law & Order: SVU, check out the latest Cheers & Jeers vodcast. • Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on TVGuide.com or in TV Guide magazine! read more

The Office A to Z

A: Amy AdamsThe Oscar-nominated actress (Junebug) played Katy, aka the Hot Girl, who dated Jim Halpert (John Krasinski). But he unceremoniously dumped her during the…B: Booze CruiseIt became the night that Jim made the ill-advised decision to tell Michael Scott (Steve Carell) about his feelings for Pam (Jenna Fischer). Executive producer Greg Daniels calls the episode "our Scranton version of Jim Cameron’s Titanic."C: Crystal Club ColaThe soft drink that you see Dunder-Mifflin employees occasionally sip in the employee lunchroom is a real regional soda brand from eastern Pennsylvania.D: Diversity DayThe hilarious episode about sensitivity training was partly inspired by a sexual-harassment seminar the cast and production staff was required to go through once NBC hired them for the show.E: EdgarSteve Carell has played unctuous and annoying before as Edgar, Ellie’s ex-boyfriend on Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ short-lived sitcom Watching Ellie.F: "Fundle Bundle"The clip of ... read more

Blogging Along....

Kate Flannery, aka The Office's Meredith, here. Just a quick word this week. "The Coup" is showing this week and it is a rerun with some of the best Michael/Dwight scenes. I love the Dwight/Jan scenes. Melora Hardin (Jan) is so hilarious. She plays her comedy straight up. No mixer, no ice. Neat. Like a three-finger pour. Dry. I am thirsty.I am just coming down from the Golden Globes high. I returned my borrowed jewels and wiped the residual eyelash glue out my eyes. Being an actor is so insane. This week has been really fun. We have been shooting a very big episode this week that I can't speak about yet, but it involves love and cake. My costume was reminiscent of that NBC classic comedy, Golden Girls — you know, shoulder pads and gold thread. Meredith is as real as the woman behind the desk at your local DMV. Reality in fashion. That's The Office.The Office is getting bigger and better. Last week's episode put the ratings through the roof. The Office was the No. 1 sitcom last ... read more

The Office Oh dear, I'm beginning...

The OfficeOh dear, I'm beginning to sense a pattern: new episode, rerun, new episode, rerun. Just because you've promised us a summer run of Office "webisodes" doesn't mean you can toy with my heart this way, NBC. Shame on you! On the plus side, jumping into the ol' Dunder-Mifflin way-back machine does give us a chance to marvel at the mockery of a haircut Jim used to have — he looks like the long-lost tambourine player from Herman's Hermits. I also get a kick out of seeing how self-conscious everybody acts around the cameras at this early stage of the documentary; in particular, Pam seems extra-shy when Michael asks her to go through the motions of giving him his messages, but by the time Season 2 rolls around, she'll actually be in cahoots with the crew, us read more

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