Mon Aug 3 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Franco finds Nina in a compromising position; Morgan confides in Sonny; Laura makes a decision on what to do regarding Nik and Liz's secret.

Tue Aug 4 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Kiki makes a shocking discovery; Nathan shares his concerns with Nina about her being framed; Carly confronts Denise.

Wed Aug 5 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Sonny calls a meeting; Carly is suspicious of Morgan; Madeline worries Franco will sabotage her plan.

Thu Aug 6 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Franco turns to Obrecht for guidance; Nina seeks help from Ric; Jake divulges important news to Liz; Sam has a confrontation.

Fri Aug 7 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Nik confirms Liz's suspicions; Sam and Jake discuss Liz's trustworthiness; Sonny and Carly confront Morgan; Denise drops a bombshell; Franco confides in Obrecht.

Mon Aug 10 2:00pm
Tue Aug 11 2:00pm
Tue Aug 11 3:30pm
FriendsThe One Where the Stripper Cries(Season 10, Episode 11) TBS

Danny DeVito pops in as the girls' worst idea for spicing up Phoebe's bachelorette party; Ross and Chandler recall their college days after running into a mutual love at their reunion and Joey ruins a man's chances of winning big on a game show.

Wed Aug 12 2:00pm
Thu Aug 13 2:00pm
Fri Aug 14 2:00pm
Mon Aug 17 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

The classic Gloria Monty soap charting the trials of Port Charles' medical center. Even daytime naysayers tuned in to see the celebrated nuptials of supercouple Luke and Laura, who scored covers of both Time and Newsweek during the same month. Over time, t (more…)