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I'm trying to decide what was...

I'm trying to decide what was crazier – the scantily clad Gabrielle seducing Adrian Pasdar just to see if he'd take the bait and then rejecting him or Susan tearfully running into the street wearing a wedding dress as Mike breaks up with her in front of all her neighbors. Desperate housewives, indeed. When Susan's mother first had the wedding dress on, I couldn't help but think of Cinderella. Lesley Ann Warren will always be Cinderella to me. It was hilarious when she thought Mike was there to pop the question to Susan. Wrong question. Of course it had to be Paul Young who told Mike that Susan gave Zach money to leave town. Loved the scene where all the neighbors were outside freaking out because Paul was back and the police were there. Best line was Edie's: "I win — I made out with him." Pretty sad that it took a $900 suit to make Lynette a better marketing exec, but I liked when she bought her hubby golf clubs with carbon-fiber shafts just so he read more

Desperate Mom Can't Resist Men

If you saw Sunday's Desperate Housewives, you know Lesley Ann Warren is a major handful as Susan's mother, Sophie. As the wacky actress told TVGuide.com last week, she's got five episodes' worth of trouble to get into. Care to know what's in store for the remaining four? Just read on. Otherwise, stop now, because there's some serious spoilage ahead... In her next episode, Sophie gets sweet on the ice-cream man when his truck comes rolling down Wisteria Lane. "Then I pick up two guys at a club and bring them home — one for me and one for Susan," Warren laughs. "Of course, I [am] drunk at the time." Come May 1, Bob Newhart returns as Morty, Sophie's ex who owns the pancake house. Yes, he's back, even though she left him — and bit him! "There is an exciting surprise coming from Ne read more

Teri Hatcher's Desperate Mom

Actress Lesley Ann Warren joins Desperate Housewives on Sunday (9 pm/ET on ABC) as Susan's mom, Sophie Bremmer. It's perfect casting since Warren, 58, and Teri Hatcher, 40, look like they really could be mother and daughter. Their striking resemblance will be alluded to in each of Warren's five episodes this season. "In the script," she delightedly tells TVGuide.com, "they are always saying to Susan, 'She is too young to be your mother.'

"Sophie is wild," Warren continues. "I get to be inappropriately sexy, drinking, vulnerable and volatile. Sophie has been married four times, is a hopeless romantic — and a loving mother, but she can't get it right, just like most of us."

Spoiler alert! If you don't want to know any more about Sophie's scandalous stay on Wisteria Lane, read no further. This week, Sophie moves in with S read more

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