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Miley Cyrus: AMA 2013 Red Carpet
01:30 — Miley Cyrus: AMA 2013 Red Carpet
Rihanna Wins Soul RnB Female Artist
00:31 — Rihanna accepts the award for Soul-RnB Female artist.
Rihanna Acceptance Speech
04:12 — Rihanna's acceptance speech for the Icon Award.
Taylor Swift's Acceptance Speech: Artist of the Year
00:44 — Taylor Swift's acceptance speech after winning Artist of the Year.
Leona Lewis On Christina Grimmie's Attack: 'I've Had That Experience'
01:11 — The singer recalls getting attacked by a fan at a book signing. Grimmie was killed over the weekend after her show.
EXCLUSIVE: Leona Lewis on Christina Grimmie's Attack: 'I've Had That Experience'
01:12 — The singer recalls getting attacked by a fan at a book signing. Grimmie was killed over the weekend after her show.
Legends - Jack Joseph Puig
04:01 — Jack Joseph Puig discusses his prolific career in the music industry, as a multi-GRAMMY Award winning Engineer / Producer. Tune into The 54th Annual (more…)
Leona Lewis's Acting Debut
Leona Lewis and Hannah Arterton premiere their musical comedy, 'Walking on Sunshine,' in London. Co-stars Giulio Berruti and Greg Wise joke about the (more…)
Leona: Cowell Label Split Was 'Amicable'
Leona Lewis says her split from Simon Cowell's record label after seven years was 'amicable'.
Leona Lewis Goes It Alone
'Bleeding Love' star Leona Lewis returns from the wilderness with a new sound and a new record label, leaving mentor Simon Cowell behi
Mariah Carey Ends Up Crazy Late For The World Music Awards & Screws Up EVERYONE'S Schedule!
Mariah Carey, you may be a certified diva but being late to an award show is a HUGE no-no! The songstress was set to unveil her newest album, 'Me. I A (more…)
The Latest Celebrity Gossip
Hear all the latest celebrity news and gossip about Cameron Diaz, Leona Lewis and others.
Charity Single for Haiti
Behind the scenes footage from Simon Cowell's star-studded re-make of R.E.M.'s 'Everybody Hurts' featuring Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle and more.
Mark Ronson Spends Seventh Week at Number 1 on UK Music Charts
'Uptown Funk', the Mark Ronson track which features US singer Bruno Mars, has secured a seventh week at the top of the UK Singles Chart. According to (more…)
Leona Lewis Leaves Simon Cowell's Record Label
Leona Lewis has left Simon Cowells record label Syco to join their rival Island Records.
Final Fantasy XIII International Trailer
Brand new English footage set to Leona Lewis' title track for the Final Fantasy XIII game.
SNTV - Paris Hilton does it in heels in today's celeb gossip
All the latest news from Hollywood including why Paris Hilton's community service in heels, Leona Lewis gets ready to shack up with her new love and D (more…)
Leona Lewis Aims to Inspire with 'I Am'
Leona Lewis returns with a new label and inspiring anthems in 'I Am.'
Fetty Wap's New Prodigy Is a 13-Year-Old
Liam Lis may be the second coming of Justin Bieber. The small, well-coiffed boy from New York is only 13 years old, but he € s already worked wit (more…)
Clive Davis: "I'm Doing Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis"
Waiting for his car in front of Madeo, music industry legend Clive Davis reveals he hasn't heard Michael Jackson's latest song, and that he's 'working (more…)
The Talk - Leona Lewis On Meeting Stevie Nicks And Her New Album, 'I Am'
02:50 — Leona Lewis visits "The Talk" to discuss her new album, "I Am." The singer, who got her start on the UK's "The X Factor," says, "It's always so amazin (more…)
Celebrity Noses: Emmy Edition
04:46 — After failed attempts to try a new comedy bit, James shifts his focus to the celebrity noses of the 2015 Emmys before camera issues derail him again.
Why Is Airbnb So Popular?
03:48 — James tries to figure out why Airbnb is such a popular service after seeing a story where a house sitter listed a home on Airbnb while the owners were (more…)
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