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Donn T Performs "I Recognize"
04:35 — "Artists Of Tomorrow" nominee Donn T performs her song "I Recognize" from her latest album "Flight Of The Donn T".
Leona Lewis's Acting Debut
Leona Lewis and Hannah Arterton premiere their musical comedy, 'Walking on Sunshine,' in London. Co-stars Giulio Berruti and Greg Wise joke about the (more…)
Leona: Cowell Label Split Was 'Amicable'
Leona Lewis says her split from Simon Cowell's record label after seven years was 'amicable'.
Leona Lewis Goes It Alone
'Bleeding Love' star Leona Lewis returns from the wilderness with a new sound and a new record label, leaving mentor Simon Cowell behi
Mariah Carey Ends Up Crazy Late For The World Music Awards & Screws Up EVERYONE'S Schedule!
Mariah Carey, you may be a certified diva but being late to an award show is a HUGE no-no! The songstress was set to unveil her newest album, 'Me. I A (more…)
The Latest Celebrity Gossip
Hear all the latest celebrity news and gossip about Cameron Diaz, Leona Lewis and others.
Charity Single for Haiti
Behind the scenes footage from Simon Cowell's star-studded re-make of R.E.M.'s 'Everybody Hurts' featuring Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle and more.
Mark Ronson Spends Seventh Week at Number 1 on UK Music Charts
'Uptown Funk', the Mark Ronson track which features US singer Bruno Mars, has secured a seventh week at the top of the UK Singles Chart. According to (more…)
Leona Lewis Leaves Simon Cowell's Record Label
Leona Lewis has left Simon Cowells record label Syco to join their rival Island Records.
Final Fantasy XIII International Trailer
Brand new English footage set to Leona Lewis' title track for the Final Fantasy XIII game.
SNTV - Paris Hilton does it in heels in today's celeb gossip
All the latest news from Hollywood including why Paris Hilton's community service in heels, Leona Lewis gets ready to shack up with her new love and D (more…)
Leona Lewis Aims to Inspire with 'I Am'
Leona Lewis returns with a new label and inspiring anthems in 'I Am.'
Donald Trump Faces Protesters at Most Recent Rally
03:59 — ABC News' Tom Llamas and Jon Karl track the latest news on the 2016 presidential campaign trail.
Daily Fantasy Team Sites Considered Gambling by Critics
03:00 — The single-day fantasy leagues offer players a chance to win big money on pro sports, which critics say should be regulated.
Dylan O'Brien Talks About His New Film
02:25 — The "Maze Runner" star drops by to chat with ABC News' Ginger Zee about the highly anticipated sequel.
FBI 'Disrupted' ISIS-Inspired Teen's Alleged Plan to Attack Pope
01:59 — New details emerge about the alleged plot on the pontiff stopped by federal agents.
Ariana Grande Debuts Her New Passion Project
04:22 — The pop superstar may be in the middle of her world tour, but she also is launching a new fragrance called "Ari."
Flight Makes Emergency Landing Due to Allegedly Unruly Passenger
01:35 — Video appears to show part of the incident that resulted in a woman being restrained and escorted off the plane.
Kim Cattrall Says She's a Mom Despite Not Bearing Kids
03:25 — The "Sex in the City" star argues that she's a mother in so many other ways.
Hungary Declares State of Emergency, Closes Borders to Refugees
01:47 — Tensions are starting to increase at the border where hundreds of thousands are trying to cross into the European Union.
Chrissie Hynde Blames Herself for Being Sexually Assaulted
03:25 — In her new book, the Pretenders singer opens up about being sexually assaulted and why she blames herself.
Nearly 600 Homes Destroyed in California Wildfires, More at Risk
03:02 — Thousands of residents forced to evacuate their homes as firefighters continue to battle the raging flames.
Acute Pain You Shouldn't Ignore
04:15 — Millions of people end up in the E.R. with seemingly minor sports-related injuries that sometimes can be more serious.
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