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Dissecting Alcatraz's Mysteries: Hauser and Lucy's Past Revealed

Sam Neill

Forbidden romance at a prison never looked so sweet.

In this week's episode of Alcatraz we learned that Hauser (Sam Neill) and Lucy (Parminder Nagra), known then as Lucille, did know each other prior to the great disappearance of 1963. Hauser previously worked for the SFPD prior to his time on the island, transporting prisoners to Alcatraz. 

Hauser delivered the newest occupant to Alcatraz: Paxton Petty, a war vet tried for bombing the city. Lucille initially turned down Hauser's offer of a ride back to the mainland, but Paxton's case brought them together. She showed up at his station so he could ask her out to dinner, and that's where he likely made the promise to his new friend to find out where Paxton's fourth and final bomb was planted. Their past relationship is just one of the new mysteries that Alcatraz introduced this week. Let's take a look at the others: read more

Exclusive Leverage Video: Nate Comes Face-to-Face with His Nemesis!

Timothy Hutton

Someone's been keeping tabs on Leverage's Nate Ford (Timothy Hutton) all season. In Sunday's episode, that man will reveal himself, and we have your exclusive first look!

Exclusive: Leverage recruits Saving Grace's Leon Rippy for recurring role

Guest star Leon Rippy (Deadwood, Saving Grace) returns as professional investor Jack Lattimer in Sunday's "The Boiler Room Job" (10/9c, TNT). His Warren Buffet-type character has figured out the Leverage team's game, and he has begun lining his own pockets by taking advantage of the companies Nate's team destroys... read more

Leverage: How Will Nate and Sophie's Hookup Affect the Team?

Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman

Leverage executive producer Dean Devlin says Season 4 is all about consequences, and few events are likely to have more fallout than the hookup between Nate and Sophie in the Season 3 finale.

Summer TV: Get scoop on your favorite returning shows

Devlin says the writers considered the "Moonlighting Curse" before agreeing to pair up Nate (Timothy Hutton) and Sophie (Gina Bellman). "It was a big, well-talked-out decision and we were very nervous about the idea," Devlin tells TVGuide.com. "Every season, we've tried to end the season as though it's our last. So we thought if last season was our last, we wanted them to be together. But we also threw in a big "Whoops!" at the end when they realize they're in bed together."

And that "whoops" will drive the early part of Season 4, as Nate and Sophie try to keep the secret from the rest of the team. In the season premiere ... read more

Exclusive: Leverage Recruits Saving Grace's Leon Rippy for Recurring Role

Leverage, Leon Rippy

Saving Grace's guardian angel is trading in his wings for something more villainous: Leon Rippy has been cast as a recurring nemesis on the upcoming fourth season of Leverage, TVGuide.com has learned.

Check out photos of the Leverage cast

Rippy will pay a mysterious Warren Buffett-type named Mr. Latimer. As we previously reported, Latimer begins spying on Nate (Timothy Hutton) and the rest of his gang of thieves with selfish intentions. Once Latimer figures out the Leverage team's game, he begins lining his own pockets by taking advantage of the companies Nate's team brings down.

Rippy's character is expected to appear in at least five episodes... read more

Saving Grace: Get Ready for Grace's Final Showdown with God

Holly Hunter, Saving Grace

At the beginning of Saving Grace's final season, Grace Hanadarko's secret is out.

TNT sets premiere date for Saving Grace's final season

For three seasons, the heavy-drinking and promiscuous Grace (Holly Hunter) has been under the watchful eye of her "last-chance" angel, Earl (Leon Rippy), who wants Grace to give her life over to God. After surviving a 12-story fall without a scratch in the Season 3 finale, Grace has her share of questions, including one she must ask herself: Does my life have a divine purpose? read more

Guardian Angel Rippy Is Full of Grace

Leon Rippy

It's not easy Saving Grace (tonight, 10 pm/ET, TNT). Just ask Leon Rippy, who plays Earl, the put-upon guardian angel of Holly Hunter's troubled detective. We spoke with the gregarious South Carolina native, now on hiatus after tonight's midseason finale, who discussed the hit drama's spiritual bent and the fate of his previous series, Deadwood. TV Guide: Do you believe in angels?Leon Rippy: I always have. We stepped out to L.A. in faith and still live by it. My wife has a wonderful parking prayer that opens up a parking space when need be. [Laughs]TV Guide: Why has the show struck a chord?Rippy: If you pass by any bar in the country, there are half a dozen Graces inside. Many are feeling they're past redemption, and if yo read more

Big Names Bold Roles Hot Shows Glenn Close does Damages while Holly Hunter finds her Saving Gra

Patty Hewes loves red meat. "I'm thinking steak," declares the glamorously ruthless litigator, played to the cunning Cruella De Lawyer hilt by Glenn Close in FX's twisted new legal thriller Damages. When told her naive young protégée is also a carnivore, Patty approves: "Atta girl." Meaty roles like Patty Hewes — and Saving Grace's Grace Hanadarko, a booze-swilling Oklahoma detective on the fast track to self-destruction — have brought dazzling stars with the Tony and Oscar cred of Close and Holly Hunter to cable. Not HBO, but high-end basic cable. Their characters, rich in layers and scene-stealing opportunity, are more rewarding than the sorts of roles most actresses of their generat read more

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